Friday, May 19, 2017

Prepping for Sinposium

The Monarchs, the MDHL group I am proud to a member of, is hosting our next educational event, Sinposium, at Threshold in North Hollywood on May 27. The day-long event features a variety of demos, presentations, and interactive talks, including a presentation by yours truly. Tickets are available at HERE and additional information on the event can be found on FetLife.

Lizzie and I have been prepping for my presentation at Sinposium over the last few weeks. My talk is entitled "Silent Scenes" and is based on a few blog posts that have appeared right here on our blog. You can read those posts HERE and HERE.

Silent Scenes is what we called the scenes we used to have when we were living in a home with two of my children, a grandchild, and a boyfriend of one of my daughters. Finding a place to play and doing so to not raise suspicions required a lot of creativity and careful planning. Thus, Silent Scenes.
When we’ve attended events in the past, Craig and I have discussed the possibility of presenting. Such a thing comes naturally to Craig, but for me it causes more of a problem.

Once, early in my adventures in the spanking community, I was asked to participate in a spanking quiz game on stage. As we quickly reviewed our limits beforehand, I told my partner: “You can take down my panties and bare my bottom on stage in front of a couple hundred people, but you’d better not expect me to say anything.” This is still true -- I am shy, but I’m not modest.
To prep for the presentation we purchased a dB meter in order to record sound levels made by various implements. We arranged a wide range of impact implements in order to determine what level of sound they made, then used each one on Lizzie in a softer way and then again at full throttle. Each impact was recorded on the meter from the same distance.

As we began to go through the litany of implements and notate their decibel peaks on a form on my laptop, our research slowly began to become an scene in its own right. Lizzie began mewing and moaning as her bottom got redder and redder and marks began to show. We had only gotten through half the implements and there were plenty left to go.

By the time we were down the final few, Lizzie's bottom was baked and she was in her own headspace of sorts, even though our "scene" was constantly being interrupted with questions like "Did you write down the levels on that implement?" and "Did you reset the decibel max?"

Still, it was fun to go through all that and prep for our presentation and bonus points for that to turn into a scene unto itself.

Hopefully, if you're a Fellow Kinkster living in the Los Angeles area, you can join us for Sinposium. It will likely be not very quiet.
With that in mind, it’s quite fitting that our first presentation will be about Silent Scenes. After all, with that lead in, I don’t think anyone will be expecting me to say much during the presentation. And I do love acting as a demo bottom.

Before making the presentation, though, we had to do some research. Craig wanted to measure the volume of various implements from the same distance. So we used the very scientific method of having me hold the dB meter in approximately the same place during the various impacts.

It wasn’t our typical sort of lengthy impact scene. I don’t even know that it was a particularly hard scene, though Craig did use some nasty implements at full swing. But whether it was a hard impacts or the nature of the unusual headspace, our research took on the quality of a scene, albeit an unusual one for us. By the end, I was pretty well done in.

I can’t wait for the presentation! It may not be silent...but I might be.


  1. Wow! great research. If possible could you publish the results after the presentation. All in the name of Science of course

    1. Email me and I'll send you a PDF of the presentation after I give it next week.

  2. you ok????????????