Friday, March 17, 2017

Grabbing Ass

Our most common theme here, aside from the stories we tell about the evolving nature of our lifestyle relationship and those of people in the lifestyle around us, is how busy we are. It's repeated ad nauseum. Today's post (the first in some time, we're a bit embarrassed to say) focuses on the "in between" moments where can briefly enjoy our kink.

As we said in the intro, finding time to play and explore our kink is hard. Between January and March we didn't have a single weekend where we didn't have company or one or both of us were out of town. Hell, we didn't even celebrate Valentine's Day until last weekend because we were both in separate states on February 14.

So we grab time when we can to have some kinky fun. We've even managed to have some playtime with some trusted friends recently.
As we’ve said more than once, our lives have been a bit hectic of late. As a result, our play has been less structured and more “catch as catch can” - quite literally with a friend, as Craig mentions later. Too bad we didn’t get any pictures of that!

But for Craig and I, our play has been limited to a series of quick scenes tucked into our daily lives. Sometimes we need to celebrate the things we are able to do.
Lizzie was in the kitchen the other morning making my coffee before I left for work. This ritual, an important part of our D/s, involves her making the coffee and bringing it to me, presenting it on her knees and holding it up to me. She kisses the edge of the cup and says, "Here's your coffee, sir." I take it from her. We have complete eye contact. I take a sip. I then help her to her feet, kiss her on her lips and forehead, and tell her what a good girl she is. I will also compliment her on her fine coffee making skills.

On this one morning, she was naked, grinding coffee. I came in, dressed for work, and took to a hard hand spanking as she stood with her hands on the countertop.

Another day, I was in the bathroom and she was walking by, naked once again (are you seeing a pattern here?), and I took to swatting her bottom. No warm-up. Just a fast, hard spanking.

A few days earlier I pulled Lizzie across my lap and gave her a longer hand swatting.

Some friends from the lifestyle (and our best friends, not merely people we met at a dungeon or play party) were over for a weekend a few times. My good friend, another MDHL Brother, has "helped out" a number of times, strapping, caning, and swatting Lizzie. Last weekend, they had a full-on wrestle session, something I'm not inclined to do. The two were left with skinned elbows and knees.
So these stolen moments, these brief opportunistic chances to get a minute or two of play in, happen. Not frequently, but they happen. Not long, because it's difficult to coordinate. Further, I'm generally not in the right headspace when I come home from work--usually mentally wiped more than physically, but still.

I'm eager for a longer session where we can connect all on our own, but that's not happening anytime soon: I travel out of the country this weekend, the following weekend we have family visiting (the third visit of this sort this year), then I travel out of the country again a few days later. Our kinky friends come back the weekend after that (they aren't holding us back on enjoying our play, it's play of a different sort when we're with them) and then yet another out-of-town visitor is coming to stay. Immediately after that, we are off on vacation for a week, which leads us pretty much to the end of April.
You can see how the schedule goes for us. Thus the lack of posts. And the lack of play. Roll your eyes. Feel our pain. Whatever you do, Fellow Kinkster, is fine with us. We will post when we can and I'll grab ass when I get a chance. Given our dynamic, I don’t necessarily have any say in when we find time for the scenes. But I think it goes without saying that I enjoy every chance we get!