Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Happy Holidays: Craig Takes Over

Hi, all! Happy Holidays to you, Fellow Kinkster. As you've undoubtedly noticed, we haven't posted in a month and a half. Lizzie had finals that completely buried her because we she came with me on three separate week-long trips over the last semester plus went back to the midwest for a family medical issue—all of which put her substantially behind in the school work.

So for the time being, I'm taking over the blog. It's me, Craig. Every once in a while one of us takes and gives you a single—not two—point of view...and I'm all over it!

I know Lizzie has an amazing bottom. I noticed it the first time we played together that weekend at Shadow Lane so very long ago. Rod Stewart (showing my age) once sang, "Every Picture Tells a Story." So here are the stories that go with these delicious photos.

If you're a regular reader you know Lizzie and I travel a fair amount. One of her favorite things is to have a rather extreme scene the day before we fly anywhere so that when she sits on the plane she really feels it. Needless to say, I like this plan. Before heading out of town for Thanksgiving last week I chose to cane Lizzie with my absolutely favorite cane, dubbed Old Hickory. The results are obvious.

While in the midst of our Thanksgiving trip I decided to keep Lizzie's sore bottom sore a little longer. On many trips I take my travel cane, a short 14" cane that fits perfectly in our luggage. I hope you enjoy the ladders as much as I enjoyed making them.

Between Lizzie's classes, my work, my/our travel, and a seemingly unending cold that Lizzie's been suffering it's been difficult for us to play. So the other night I surprised Lizzie by pulling her across my lap for a little OTK. Alright, a lot of OTK. I'm very happy with how red her bottom is here and I also particularly like the angle and light on Lizzie.

So, gratuitous naughty photos and my blog take-over: done.