Friday, November 18, 2016

Love Our Lurkers! A Half a Million Thank Yous!

We have Bonnie at to thank for Love Our Lurkers Day, and Hermione at for taking it over. Every year we get a chance to thank you, our faithful readers, for hanging out, checking out our pics, and (hopefully) reading our words. This year marks the fourth anniversary of Black & Blue and, amazingly enough, our blog has reached 500,000 page views!

Here we are again. Seven years ago I said "thanks, lurkers!" for the first time on my original blog, Dark Musing. Man, a lot has happened since then, most notably the start of this blog that Lizzie and I have enjoyed making month after month for all of you.

As our intro states, we have had half a million page views. The counter clicked over to that number just a few days ago. We are always excited about the number of people that come and visit our site and are always fascinated by the statistics of where people are coming from, how long they stay, and what they read (or look at). (Yay, Google Analytics!)

But I'm a bit gobsmacked by the stat. 500,000 page views! Goodness, y'all. You're either eager to read our side-by-side views of the kink scene, our place in it, our experiences, and our D/s, or you simply love looking at Lizzie's smacked bottom. Either way, thanks.

Thanks to those of you who come for a few seconds just to perv on the latest bottom redness.

Thanks to you Fellow Kinksters who actually stay to read.

Thanks to few who actually comment.

But thanks most of all to our lurkers, who make up the majority of our traffic.

We strive to come up with original content—both in terms of our his/hers perspectives on things, but also in terms of new ideas for entertaining posts. We aren't a "diary blog" per-se. We consider our blog a "channel" and thus try to program it with stuff we know and hope you all will want to read and see.

So thanks! A half a million thanks to be exact!
We know that Lurkers make up the majority of our visitors. Of course, we’re thrilled that you’re here to take a look at our pictures and read the things we’ve written. And we’d love to hear from you - leave a comment or drop us a line by email or message on FetLife or Tumblr.

This year, “Love Our Lurkers” meets another milestone for us - half a million page views. Seeing such a statistic always leads me to Google Analytics, where I pour over the wealth of information provided and wonder about the people behind the numbers.

Google has added a feature that tracks the activity of individual users - while keeping them anonymous, of course. It’s fun to see the people who discover our blog and spend more than half an hour reading through old posts. It’s even more fun to see that some of those people return to read each time we post something new.

Seeing the number of people who stop in for less than 10 seconds on Thursday or Friday when we haven’t posted something new makes me feel bad. We’ve made a habit of posting on those days, so I’m sure they are coming back in hopes of finding something new. When we have a new post, they stay longer to read it. We do our best to keep up with posting, but it can be hard.

Thank you for stopping by - today and every other day. I hope you find something you’re looking for here: a fun picture, an interesting story, or the knowledge that there are other kinky folks out there.

And remember, we’d love to hear from you!