Saturday, September 24, 2016

Red Bottom Birthday

It was Craig's birthday last weekend and so he decided it was going to be Red Bottom Weekend. Not his bottom! Don't be crazy!

For the last two months I have been in and out of town and when I was home we were either gone on our own weekend getaway or we've had stuff to do or friends over, so we haven't had much time to ourselves.

Even on my birthday weekend we were supposed to have some friends over for dinner, but at the last minute one of them got sick (doesn't everyone always get sick around back-to-school?), so we ended up on our own for the weekend. So yay.

So I announced to Lizzie we were going to have a Red Bottom Weekend. If you're wondering what that is, you can read about them on our blog HERE and HERE, with a handbook HERE. Lizzie said, "It's your birthday, I think I'm the one who wins on a Red Bottom Weekend." I looked at her and said, "But that's what I want." And we did.
With school starting after the crazy summer we’ve enjoyed, I didn’t get a chance to plan anything spectacular for Craig’s birthday. (If you’re looking for birthday surprise ideas for your kinky lover, take a look back at the time I wrapped myself up as a gift - HERE; or the time I made myself into a cheese and charcuterie platter - HERE.)

Instead, I asked Craig what he wanted to do for his birthday weekend. He promptly announced that he wanted to have a Red Bottom Weekend. I was startled because this sounds more like something I might desire for my birthday. But no, Craig was determined that he wanted to have a Red Bottom Weekend for his birthday. We had a few errands that couldn’t be escaped, but we managed to have a Red Bottom Weekend around those activities.
Red Bottom Birthday Weekend began Saturday morning. I spanked Lizzie long and hard, making sure her bottom was a lovely rouge. From that point forward, I would tell Lizzie to pull her shorts down about every 15 minutes to see just how red or pink her bottom was. All day Saturday I would discover it wasn't pink at all, so the inspection would turn into another spanking, paddling, hairbrush spanking, or strapping.

Sunday (my actual birthday) continued the red bottoming. At some point, I switched fully to strapping and by midday her bottom was pink or red nearly every time I checked, and by the time it got dark Sunday evening she was "ouching" and "oohing" every time she shifted in her seat or got up or sat down. Needless to say, I was satisfied.

It turned into the perfect birthday, getting Lizzie bent over or over my knee numerous times in two days. And, without a doubt, I know Lizzie loved it, too.
As you can see from the pictures, Craig used several different implements over the weekend. Craig brought home a paddle when he took a trip to Hawaii, which is featured in the first set of pictures. I’m not sure I would ever describe a literal paddle as a pervertable, but this one certainly wasn’t designed for the kind of impact play we typically engage in. That makes it an odd toy - we don’t want to break our decorations and it isn’t really the ideal shape.

He also used a hairbrush in my “favorite” position - diaper position. That’s a love-hate favorite, for sure. Everything hurts so much in that position, but obviously, that’s why I love it! (But don’t tell Craig!)

We had a great weekend. And if I can give Craig what he wants while getting what I want, well, that’s even better. Of course, I think I may have just described why we work so well together - our wants and needs are so well matched.