Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Red Bottom Anniversary

Last weekend was our first wedding anniversary. We celebrated as one might expect—with extensive strappings!

(If you don't know about Red Bottom Weekends you can read about them here or here.)

Our anniversary arrived as quickly as the year had passed by. With a customary dinner out planned and a variety of little gifts to commemorate the date, I also had plans for bit of a surprise: an unofficial Red Bottom Weekend.

We started the weekend with a hand spanking, an OTK that Lizzie had been craving. Before long, we moved to my belt. I strapped her long and hard until she was red and sore. We set about to our regular weekend activities, but before too much time had passed I told her to go get a long, thick London Tanners strap. To her dismay, Lizzie went to bedroom to fetch it.

And I strapped her good. Her bottom was not only red and sore, it was getting bruised as well.

The strappings went on all Saturday and into the evening, until one strapping—her bottom so sore she could hardly take it—I decided to end it for the night.

Sunday continued much the same as Saturday. I think Lizzie really enjoyed this surprise anniversary gift. It wasn't exactly a Red Bottom Weekend, but it was certainly a Red Bottom Anniversary.
The year since our wedding has certainly flown by more quickly than I ever imagined. Of course, as we frequently mention here, we are ALWAYS busy. I imagine that has something to do with the way the time passes. But more importantly, I think, is that we are also enjoying every minute we spend together.

Craig gave me a fantastic surprise for our anniversary - a custom piece of art depicting a spanking that now hangs in our home. He came up with something that is the perfect balance of titillating and family-safe. I smile every time I see it hanging on the wall.

But along with the more usual gifts and dinners, Craig also gave me a very special weekend - a Red Bottom Weekend.

As our frequent readers will know, this is one of my favorite weekend activities (combining such a wonderful, wide range of spanking, smacking, fucking, paddling, and strapping). He hadn’t warned me in advance that this was his plan, but I was happy to enjoy such a special treat.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Picture Fiction

Today we offer our feature where we take photos and each write unique stories based on the pics.

"I've Got That Spanking Feeling" Bedtime Spanking
It began suddenly. He had never seen anything like it. She threw a full-on, four year old-style temper tantrum. Right at the dinner table.

"I don't want to eat peas!" she said, shoving her plate so hard it cascaded onto the floor, scattering meat and peas everywhere. There was a moment of silence where she looked at the floor wide-eyed. It was obvious to him that she had not planned on pushing the plate that hard. She looked at him. He glared at her with a fiery rage. The silence went on for a long, long time.

They weren't having a "little's" day, but she had pre-negotiated the tantrum. She had wanted to try one for some time--had, in fact, been thinking about one for longer. She didn't want to be disruptive. She didn't want to be a "bad girl." She just wanted to get out of control a bit.

She wanted to have a full-on, lie-face-down-on-the-floor-kicking-and-screaming tantrum. They agreed she could and decided the best way for it to work was for it to be a surprise.
Her bare feet made little noise on the floor as she made her way to the living room. Bracing her hands against the doorframe, she leaned forward slowly to look into the living room. He was sitting on the sofa, savoring his glass of scotch and watching one of the graphic, violent shows that gave her nightmares.

“Daddy?” she said quietly when he didn’t notice her sneaking into the room.

He paused the show and looked over at her. For a long moment, he simply stared, taking in her naked body and watching her shiver as the cool air came into contact with her skin warm from bed.

“What are you doing up, little one?”

She caught her lip between her teeth, considering her words, before saying, “I couldn’t sleep, Daddy.”

“You were all but asleep on the sofa here, before I tucked you in.”

She lifted her shoulders in a helpless shrug, “But I can’t sleep now!”
Clearly she hadn't meant for the plate to land on the floor. Red climbed up her face. But it fit the bill and had the desired effect. "What the hell is wrong with you?" he bellowed, red faced. "You're coming with me, young lady!"

And after that booming voice stopped echoing around the dining room, he grabbed her by the wrist so hard that she imagined she felt tendons collapsing against bone and he tore her from her chair. She slid, bare footed, on the peas, which was unfortunate. She banged her thigh against the corner of the dining room table. Also unfortunate.

He took her to the bedroom, grabbing her by the hair and shoving her head down onto the bed. He seethed in her ear: "You hold still, little one." She knew, mostly because of the plate, that not all of this was staged. She also knew to hold incredibly still.

He spanked her hard then. No warm up. This was no time for a warm up. Then he spanked her harder. She hadn't felt it this "harder" in a long time. He was worked up. "You need to learn how to mind your attitude. You're a bit too haughty for this house." He ramped up the spanking then. Yes--ramped up.

This went on for some time and at some point, she wasn't really sure when, he pulled off his belt and strapped her again and again and again until he was panting and out of breath and she had hot tears dripping onto the sheets of the bed.

"Now," he started, his voice trailing off. He grabbed her by the ear and dragged her to the corner. "Stand here. And don't you fucking move." He stormed out of the room and she heard, ever so faintly, the sound of silverware against a plate. He was finishing his dinner.

And, like how many of these stories end, a sly smile crept upon her lips.
“Maybe you’d sleep better with a red, hot bottom.”

She stood silent, giving the threat serious consideration. His laughter broke the silence. He moved to the middle of the sofa and beckoned her over. She settled easily and automatically on his lap, her bottom presented over his knees and her arms folded beneath her.

“Always so eager for a spanking,” he observed, even as he obliged her unspoken request. His hand smacked down on her waiting bottom. He spanked hard from the start, eliciting a few yelps from her.

“And so soon, you’re just as eager for it to end,” he mused aloud. But this unspoken desire would not be so quickly granted. He settled into a rhythm, smacking her bottom in one place several times before moving to another.

When he did stop, it was only to order her back to the bedroom. Once there, he directed her to bend over the end of the bed. After flipping on a light, he retrieved a paddle from the drawer where it was kept for just such an occasion.

He tapped it lightly against her bottom, giving her a clear indication of what was to come. He made a few adjustments to her position and his before taking a full swing.

She cried out with genuine distress at this, but he ignored her and applied several more swats to her red bottom. She pressed her face into the bed and struggled to hold her position.

When he finished, he slid the paddle onto the bed beside her. He helped her to her feet and pulled her into a hug. One of his hands slid down her back to squeeze her swollen bottom. He held her for a moment, waiting for her breathing to steady. Then he gave her a quick kiss on the forehead and said, “Back into bed with you, little one. And go to sleep this time!”

Friday, June 10, 2016

The Honeymoon is OVER!

We are back from our absolutely fantastic (and very late!) honeymoon to Europe. We've teased each other throughout the trip that once we get home "the honeymoon will be over." Here's our thoughts on that. This post may be a bit off topic for our blog, but we aren't against oversharing now and then.

Saying "the honeymoon is over" means to me that a person or couple just falls into complacency. Complacency is one of the sure signs of death for a relationship. You have to work at it. All the time.

And that doesn't mean that "working at it" means it has to be work. For us, it's not work at all. But how do we avoid complacency? Well, for one, we don't take one another for granted. In fact, I'd dare say, I think we go out of our way to let the other know just how much they are appreciated.
Teasing one another that “the honeymoon is over” has been a running joke for us for years, stemming from a friend’s comment when we started dating. Then we got married. And went on a wonderful, three week honeymoon.

On our trip, we realized that when we got home, our honeymoon would literally be over. But we knew that didn’t mean we had to lose even a bit of the energy and intensity of our relationship. And we decided that we could write about that this week.
To me, "the honeymoon is over" means the spark is faded, the shine is off the relationship, the limerence likely expired. Certainly, limerence--that new relationship energy--changes and morphs into something else over time, but whether we are just touching one another by holding hands or scooching together closer in bed so we are physically touching (we are not cuddle-while-sleeping types) or fucking, we are still always engaged, actively participating, eager to experience, and very much in love.

That "work" also means, for us anyway, to make sure we say "I love you" regularly, to acknowledge the contributions each of make to the relationship, to make sure the other always feels appreciated, to make sure romance remains a key component of our day-to-day experience, and so much more.

Without turning this post into a primer on relationships--because far from two divorced people to claim to be experts on the subject--we felt it important to share with all of you, Fellow Kinksters, how our honeymoon is far from over.
As Craig says, I’d never claim to be a relationship expert. But I do think that this joke, or the serious side of it, helps remind us that our relationship is worth the effort. In the early stages of a relationship, it’s easy to let the limerence take you through any problems. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it takes more to create the lasting relationship that you want.

So even though we’ve finished the trip, we are still enjoying every minute of our lives together. We’re always touching - in fact, as I write this, we’re sitting together on the sofa, cuddled together. We take the time to stay connected, making sure we engage in our lives together. And, of course, we’re still playing and exploring our kink.

Whatever stage of your relationship that you’re in, I certainly hope you’re making the most of it. And maybe, like us, you’ll decide that the honeymoon should never, ever be over.