Saturday, May 28, 2016

Heid Doon Arse Up!

That's Scottish for "Get on with it!" What are we getting on with? Well, our honeymoon. So Black & Blue Blog will be offline for the next two weeks while we travel through Scotland and other European places.

In the mean time, we managed to snap a few saucy photos on our trip so far. Hope these tide you over until we return!

. We dressed up for dinner every night on our cruise. Here I am, wearing some retro lingerie that Craig selected for me.

Here's Lizzie getting ready to go out to dinner aboard ship after a very lovely hairbrush spanking. We couldn't do much more because of the noise.
. We had a balcony on our stateroom. I couldn't resist the opportunity to go out one afternoon so Craig could take this picture.
We managed to find time later in the cruise to pull off a strapping. It was the middle of the day (as you can see by the light) and we kept it to only 20 strokes, but it was still a nice little scene. .

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