Saturday, May 28, 2016

Heid Doon Arse Up!

That's Scottish for "Get on with it!" What are we getting on with? Well, our honeymoon. So Black & Blue Blog will be offline for the next two weeks while we travel through Scotland and other European places.

In the mean time, we managed to snap a few saucy photos on our trip so far. Hope these tide you over until we return!

. We dressed up for dinner every night on our cruise. Here I am, wearing some retro lingerie that Craig selected for me.

Here's Lizzie getting ready to go out to dinner aboard ship after a very lovely hairbrush spanking. We couldn't do much more because of the noise.
. We had a balcony on our stateroom. I couldn't resist the opportunity to go out one afternoon so Craig could take this picture.
We managed to find time later in the cruise to pull off a strapping. It was the middle of the day (as you can see by the light) and we kept it to only 20 strokes, but it was still a nice little scene. .

Thursday, May 19, 2016

A Painful Reminder

Our relationship began on trips. We started casually playing at spanking parties around the country. We became play partners going to more and more parties. Then we fell in love and traveled together. When we began to travel together one of the things Lizzie loves, that I enjoy too, is to have a really hard scene before we travel. Read our two sides to learn more.

Lizzie wanted to "feel it" when we traveled. She wanted to be uncomfortable on the plane. She relishes it. Loves wiggling from the discomfort of her sore bottom.

Often, while flying, she will suddenly sit upright, get a big childish grin on her face, and lean over to peck me on the cheek. "What's that for?" I'll ask, surprised. "My bottom hurts, daddy."

I don't get this. But I'm not a masochist. But Lizzie loves it. The more messed up her bottom is before a trip the better. Once, we played at the local dungeon we used to frequent the night before a trip we were taking together to London. I just ran into the photos I took that night after the scene and in the days that followed as the redness turned to deep bruising. It has been a brutal, punishing scene.

Guess what? Lizzie loved the 11 hour flight the next day.

Over time, this has become a bit of a ritual. Flight coming up? Time to smack that bottom with hand, with cane, with strap. Then, the next day, the inevitable squirming in her seat followed by the peck on the cheek and the pronunciation: "My bottom hurts."
One of my favorite things about attending spanking parties was flying home on a sore bottom. Sure, I made great friends at parties and had amazing, memorable scenes. But flying home with a sore bottom? That was guaranteed with every party. I might describe it as the capstone of the party - a lasting reminder of every great adventure of the weekend.

When Craig and I started traveling together, that burning bottom came to mean even more to me. It was still a reminder of an incredible weekend. But while flying home from a party on a sore bottom allowed me to combine the good, the great, the mediocre, and even that bad, experiences into one pleasant sensation, flying home from a weekend with Craig was a culmination of every delightful moment we had shared.

Perhaps even more importantly, cherishing that sore bottom as I flew home helped to ease the pain of parting from Craig - something that got harder after each trip. It was affirmation of everything we enjoyed together. It was comfort and distraction from the separation to come. And, of course, I’m a pain slut - so there’s an element of pure pleasure in that pain.
We are finally taking our honeymoon, after 11 months of marriage. We're on a cruise right now as you read this (auto-posting is a great thing). Departing on our cruise from New York, we knew we had a five hour flight ahead of us before we left.

So what did we do? A little "discomfort preparation." Or maybe that's "squirm induction." Either way, I spanked, paddled, and strapped her bottom until it was warm enough to cook an egg on. And what happened when we flew the next day? The wiggle. The shifting of weight in her airline seat. The perky smile. The kiss. Followed by, what every time sounds like a surprising revelation: "My bottom hurts, daddy."

No shit.
Even now, when we travel together, I look forward to having a sore bottom to travel on. Each time, I can relive some pleasant memories, remembering the thrill of those first parties, or Brad’s final strapping at a party in Florida that left me “hovering” over my seat, or a deeply moving, intensely emotional scene from Craig before we flew to London that left me with bruises through the entire trip (you can see them here). It’s something I cherish in the moment and something I look forward to remembering in the future.

Plus, it helps keep me out of mischief during our travels. There are plenty of times when the tedium of travel might otherwise cause me to think a spanking sounded like a good idea. Wait. Who am I kidding? It’s hardly a deterrent. But it is, happily, a promise.

Saturday, May 7, 2016


In our last post, we talked about some of the little ways we live our dynamic every day. But this week, with only two days between visitors, we took the time for a hard, lengthy scene.

Lizzie is in her second year in fashion design and sewing classes at our local college. (As if two degrees aren’t enough!) She loves it and I love that she loves it. But as she gets near the end of the semester she begins to simultaneously ramp up her stress levels while also spiral into some kind of chaos frenzy.

I know it’s coming, so it’s manageable, and I know it has a quick end, so I try to amp up my help around the house (when she’s in school I try to do a lot more than when she’s not) and keep a watchful eye on her state of mind.

We’d talked about her stress, but I guess I didn’t realize exactly how bad it was until, one night between finals in one class and another, she sheepishly reported to me that she wanted “a hard scene that would push her.”

I realized, even though we’d had time for spankings and canings and the like, we hadn’t had a really long or intense scene in a while. So the next day, as I was heading home, I texted her: “Get out six implements you want me to use to push you.”

I like putting picking out implements onto her because it’s a bit of paradox play. After a few minutes I texted again: “Oh. Did I mention? This will be a Hundreds Scene.” If you are a regular to our blog, Fellow Kinkster, you’ll know that’s where I use each implement one hundred times. And there’s no short cuts or “gimmies”.
Last week, we had two overlapping sets of visitors. Next week, we will have another set of overlapping visitors. It’s a good thing we have two guest rooms, because we seem to be booking our house to the brim.

With only two days without visitors, and those days mid-week, it didn’t seem likely we would be able to get a chance to play. So I was thrilled when Craig agreed to my suggestion that we plan a scene.

He texted me as he was coming home from work, instructing me to pick out six implements that represented what I wanted from the scene. This is always difficult for me. The biggest problem is that I don’t always have a clear memory of how I feel about each implement. I tend to go into bottom space during our scenes and things get a bit confused there.

But when it comes to something like this, where I know he’s going to read something more into my selection, there’s an additional problem. I think our perspective on the implements might be completely opposite. (With good reason, I suppose, given that we are on opposite ends of them.)

So, it was with some trepidation that I approached the task of making this selection. I wanted a hard scene. Something that left marks and sensation for a bit, because I knew we wouldn’t get a chance to play again until our visitors left.
I got home and took Lizzie by the wrist to the bedroom and we began post haste. It’s interesting to note the implements she chose:

1. A long, thin, thick wood paddle (she doesn’t like this much)
2. A London Tanner paddle (very flappy leather)
3. A long handled hard wood “hairbrush” paddle (another one she doesn’t like)
4. “Old Hickory,” one of my favorite canes
5. A thick, long London Tanner strap (she loves this)
6. “The Finisher,” aleather paddle that often ends our scenes (she loves this one, too)

Three absolute dreaded implements and three she relishes having used on her. I could see how this would go.

I started with my hand to warm her up, but I escalated it quickly. That was the first one hundred. Moved through the first wood paddle and the leather paddle and onto the third hairbrush paddle. That was 400 hits of a hand or implement.

We moved to the bathroom where I bent Lizzie over for her strapping, which she delighted in, so I swung extra hard to make sure she didn’t delight too much. 500.

Back on the bed, we ended up with the thick leather paddle, Lizzie’s bottom bruised and marked with ladders from Old Hickory. Along the way she cried, was transported, and brought back, the stress dissolved in the elixir of her pain.

She made it through her second final without a hitch.
I picked out the wood paddle that I call “the naughty paddle”. It’s not just that I hate the paddle (I do), but there’s something about Craig using it that puts me in a particular “naughty girl” headspace, which I can really enjoy at times.

I also pulled out the “hairbrush” paddle - the spanking surface of this paddle isn’t much larger than a hairbrush (which I love), but the handle is significantly longer. This results in a sensation very different from a hairbrush. I don’t love this in the application, but I do enjoy the aftereffects.

I picked the custom leather paddle because I love it and because Craig likes to end our scenes with it.

I struggled to pick out a cane - I wanted one, but it’s these that I have the most trouble distinguishing between. Reading Craig’s side, I discovered I had picked one of his favorites. From the experience, I might agree that it’s one of my favorites as well (excepting when it’s used on my thighs, of course).

Needing two more implements to round out the six I had been directed to choose, I quickly selected two London Tanner items. These are favorites of mine, great for everything from warming up to adding serious intensity to a scene.

Once the scene started, of course, I couldn’t tell you which implements Craig used or the order he used them in. The scene ramped up quickly and took me exactly where I needed to go - out of my head, into the sensation, and away from the stress. Maybe it was the perfect combination of implements. But more likely, it was my perfect partner and his ability to read me and my needs better than I can do myself.