Saturday, February 13, 2016

Danger: Orgasms May Be Hazardous To Your Health
The Story of O[uch]

We had a weekend together to relax and enjoy ourselves (a rarity). Craig thought it would be a good idea to plan a scene. Unfortunately, the scene didn't go as he had planned...

Lizzie loves orgasm denial. She's also an insatiable little slut. She'll happily nod agreement if I say this in a group of lifestyle friends, then she'll cling to me tightly to verify just who she's an "insatiable little slut" for. So I'm very lucky, needless to say. ;-)

I had been ruminating on a forced orgasm scene for some time, having not done one in a while. I had it all planned out in my head: put a princess plug into her first thing in the morning so she'd get hot and sensitive from it. After making and eating breakfast, while I did some work on my computer, she mentioned to me it was getting uncomfortable. I knew it was time to move on to the scene.

So I got everything ready: spreader bar, ankle cuffs, glass dildo, Hitachi, paddles of various sorts. Then I took Lizzie into the bedroom and got her spread and ready. I grabbed the bar and lifted her legs up, spanking her bare bottom again and again with the various paddles. I spanked her pussy as well, making sure it was nice and red and sensitive.
I don’t think we’ve explicitly written about orgasm control here before, but we play with it on a regular basis. I’m sure we’ve mentioned it in passing when we wrote about other scenes, but I wasn’t able to find anything to link to from our previous posts.

I love everything about it, from orgasm denial to forced orgasms. Orgasm control is an integral part of our D/s relationship. I don’t specifically remember when we started playing with this dynamic, but we’ve had some incredible scenes involving and revolving around it.

One of my favorite memories from early in our relationship was during one of my first visits to L.A. Craig came to my hotel room in the morning and found me still in bed. He crawled into bed with me, intending, I’m sure, to take advantage of my morning affection. When he discovered that I’d already taken my morning pleasure, he decided that a punishment was in order. He gave me a sound spanking, including one of my first pussy spankings, followed by some very hot sex. I was hooked.
Then, it was on to the forced orgasm part. I put the Hitachi to her and she came and came and came. I fucked her with the glass dildo, the pussy spanking making everything heightened and more sensitive. Using the dildo, I denied her orgasm then. She'd get close, beg me to cum and and I'd say no, pulling out the dildo. Then I'd use it again. After the third time, she was on edge, so I switched the dildo out for the Hitachi again.

I applied the wand to her pussy and she was ready to explode. She begged and cried requesting to cum. I growled "No!" again and again. Finally, I pressed the wand into her. She works so hard to follow orders, particularly when it comes to orgasm denial. Her face grew red, she lifted off the bed like she was doing one long power crunch...and then BAM!

Lizzie fell back onto the pillow, grabbing her head. "It hurts!" I nearly panicked. What had happened? What was going on?

She was writhing in pain (not the good kind) and holding her head. I stopped everything and began to assess. She wasn't having a seizure or anything like that. Quickly I came to the conclusion: she had strained so much with the blood rushing to her face to attempt to control her orgasm she gave herself a massive, instant headache. Worse, that straining pulled muscles in her neck when she rose up to fight the urge.

This was most unexpected. We've had many orgasm control scenes in the past and nothing like this had happened before. Now, four days later, with Advil, a heating pad, hot baths, and limited motion she is still very sore and can't really move her head.

It'd be funny to crack a joke about it, but knowing how much she hurts and how much discomfort she's been in to the point it's disrupted sleep it's no laughing matter. So this ends up being a cautionary tale: be careful when you're doing something like this. It's not just about power exchange, control, and sex. It's also about sometimes experiencing an unexpected "scene kill" and dealing with it.

Next time, I'll have a very watchful eye on Lizzie to make sure when she is straining under the command to not orgasm that she isn't overdoing it.
So when the scene began this weekend, I was excited by the direction it was going. I hate denial in the moment, of course, but I thought I knew how the scene would end - with me a dripping, satisfied, puddle. (See this post, for an example of my expectations.)




I’m not sure what did happen, though I know Craig has his theory. In the middle of our scene, I suddenly felt as though my head was, in fact, exploding.

I suffer from migraines, but they’ve been largely under control for the past six months. This felt like an instant, out-of-control migraine. I’ve never had one come on so suddenly or so intensely. In many ways, this was worse than a migraine. Perhaps worst of all, it was completely out of my experience. I didn’t know what was happening or what had gone wrong. I still don’t, really.

Craig stayed with me until the worst of it eased a bit, before he cleaned up from our scene. I’m very glad I was playing with someone I know and trust so much. He was able to calm me down and get me through it.

He’s also been incredible about taking care of the aftermath. Because while I still don’t know exactly what happened with my head, I know for certain that I pulled more muscles in that short moment than I’ve done doing any other activity (and I’ve done some stupid shit).

This scene ended rather dramatically. And not in the best way. Sometimes, I think it’s important to remember that things like this happen. Maybe it’s something less dramatic - you try something new that you thought you’d like and find out that it doesn’t quite push your buttons the right way. Or for whatever reason, the scene doesn’t end right. These things happen to everyone, I think. The important part is how everyone reacts afterwards. I know I’m incredibly lucky to have Craig. We’re able to talk about anything and work through things. And although he’s a “scary sadist”, he’s still a wonderfully caring and thoughtful person.

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