Friday, February 19, 2016

Happy V-Day!

We had a special Valentine's Day all our own. Here, we've written about it from each of our perspectives.

Valentine's Day. Some people despise it, call it commercial. Crass. Yes, it's that. But I'm also a hopeless romantic, so for me Valentine's Day is a day to go beyond the norm and really do something different. I take it as a creative challenge.

What I don't do is take Lizzie out to dinner at a nice restaurant on Valentine's Day. I stay away from that fucking mess of prix fixe menus, added two top tables, and long waits for a cold molten lava cake. We do that two nights before. ;-)

Valentine's Day is about doing something special and this year was no different.
This year was our best Valentine’s Day yet! Craig is hopelessly romantic in the best possible way. He had beautiful roses delivered to the house. And we celebrated with a special dinner out a few days before.

I knew that we were staying home for Valentine’s Day. And I knew Craig was planning to cook something special for dinner, because we had gone shopping for the ingredients together. This alone would have made for a wonderful day. Some of my favorite days are lazy days around the house with Craig. And I absolutely love cooking together. But what he had planned was far beyond my highest expectations.
The day began with a littles day, straight out of bed. Lizzie dressed appropriately and I made her a special littles breakfast on a special littles plate and a sippy cup. She colored her Outlanders coloring book while I made breakfast.

I put a princess plug in her bottom and made her keep it in for some time. She colored, had breakfast, then read until she couldn't really take the plug much longer. So I took her to the bathroom, removed the plug, and devised a reason to "punish" her. It was time to get my little girl clean!

I pulled out the enema equipment and discovered...the new hot water bottle we bought to replace the leaking one was incompatible with the hose, nozzle, etc. that we had. Argh! (Plan a scene. Yes. Right. Noted.) So we had a bulb douche type thing lying around, so I was able to salvage the scene by using that. Multiple times.

One of things we often do is make her hold her water, and to test that I'll vigorously finger fuck her or spank her (or both!) in an attempt to get her to fail. She has very good muscle control. That rarely happens (much to my chagrin).

Lots of spanking later, she cleaned up and it was time for lunch, which was a littles lunch complete with "tetris" tuna fish sandwich. I put her down for a nap after and in the afternoon, when she got up, it was time for Valentine's Day gifts and to get started on the V-Day dinner we were making at home in lieu of said crazed night out.
Craig told me the night before that we were going to have a Littles Day for Valentine’s Day. This is something we’ve been exploring over the last couple years. We’ve done scenes and gone on outings. But we hadn’t spent the majority of a day in this mode before. And just as I had hoped - I loved it!

I got dressed and Daddy made me a delicious breakfast. I colored and worked on my extreme dot-to-dot book (which might be my favorite thing ever, seriously) and read a book. It was a very nice way to spend a lazy morning while Craig worked.

Daddy surprised me by bringing out an experiment kit and doing a “project” with me. We mixed water and baking soda and citric acid and watched it fizz. The kit came with “magic color crystals” which made the water change colors as it changed from a base to an acid.

Then it was time for the scene Craig had planned. Or, as he admits, the scene he hadn’t exactly prepared. The new hot water bottle didn’t work with the enema tubes we have, so he had to figure that out. And we hadn’t been able to find good ginger when we were grocery shopping, so he had to skip that as well. (I’m not sure if I’m disappointed or relieved on that score.)

Even with those adjustments, we had a very nice scene. A little playful, a little “funishment”, a strong power-exchange, and lots of spanking - what could be better?
I read so many articles this year about "7 Ways to Buy Lingerie for Your Girl" or "Why Women Hate Lingerie for Valentine's Day". Yes, I get it. Men buy lingerie for men, not for women. We want to dress our women like our fantasies, particularly if that's not something that happens every day (if you're in a traditional marriage or relationship, say).

For us, we are far from traditional. Lizzie wants me to pick her outfits, wants to dress up for me and certainly wants to look sexy for me in whatever way I define that, so she was thrilled I picked out lingerie for her and had her model it for me. I love that girl.

I got Lizzie a beautiful vintage-looking torpedo bra and panties set, a girdle with garters, and some unrelated sexy panties. Doesn't she look amazing?
With the approach of Valentine’s Day comes several well-meaning advice articles. Craig and I had talked about several of these articles when he read them. It seemed to us that the theme this year was “don’t expect the lousy lingerie you buy your girl to get you into bed.” I’m sure these columns saved a few couples from a crotchless-panty-disappointment.

But like so much ordinary relationship advice, this didn’t resonate with us. I love being dressed up for Craig’s pleasure, whether that means classy, beautiful lingerie or skanky, slutty scraps of fabric. I love it when he picks out my dress for dinner or sends me to buy a dress to meet his specifications. I love giving him the power over such a fundamental thing - what I’m wearing or not wearing.

And he picked some amazing lingerie this year. :)
Our dinner took a little under four hours to prep and make, but it was a gourmet meal and worth every minute. We had a romantic and lovely three course meal at home.

I hope all of you, Fellow Kinksters, had as twisted, kinky, romantic, and fun Valentine's Day as we did.
We spent the rest of the evening making an incredible meal together. It took a rather long time, but it was time well spent. Craig and I work well in the kitchen together. And we enjoy every minute of it. Not to mention the amazing food we made! We finished with a creme brulee (which is my favorite dessert), as you can see.