Thursday, December 17, 2015


As we careen into the Holiday Season both myself and Lizzie want to stop to say that with all the hectic gift shopping and cookie making and card signing and snow shoveling and wassail drinking and merry creating don't forget to once in a while slow down and remember what's important to you. Direct eye contact, a simple touch, a moment of submission, a quick OTK, a gentle caress—whatever you need to do to remind yourself of your relationship with your partner, lover, sub, slave, property, baby, daddy, master, dom, top, boyfriend or husband.

Oh. And back on that holiday strapping? It can be a wonderful gift, but please remember: don't wrap!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Kink in the Middle East

As reported a few posts and more than a month ago Lizzie went with Craig for a month out of the country. There, internet censorship kept us from posting our blog, but it didn't keep us from having a good time.

We didn't pack toys because we didn't want to have our suitcases opened and inspected at the airport, but we still managed to bring in a couple of "toys"--my belt (and Lizzie's favorite strapping implement) and a wood handled hairbrush that has yet to be used to brush hair. Our trip to the Middle East brought several restrictions. Internet censorship kept us from accessing our blog and many other sites we enjoy. Cultural expectations required adjustments to my typical wardrobe. And, as Craig mentioned, Customs prevented us from bringing many toys.
We still managed to play. There were many hand spankings OTK, some right proper strappings with my belt and more than a few spankings with the hair brush. We tried some pervertables from the kitchen as well, but none of those worked all that well.

Lizzie's bottom would get red and marked up and then we'd go out into the city amongst all the locals. I'd get a kick out of surreptitiously squeezing her sore bottom once in a while.
That doesn’t mean we had a vanilla trip by any stretch of the imagination. We had fairly secluded accommodations, so we were able to play frequently at “home”. Craig made good use of his hand, his belt, and my Kent hairbrush.

I was able to continue many aspects of my service from home. I made coffee for Craig every morning and brought it to him. Our rituals ground me and help reinforce our lifestyle.
On our last weekend there, we went to a beautiful resort out in the middle of the dunes. Each room was a bungalow with a private pool. I snapped a couple of photos of Lizzie skinny dipping.

Even though we were in a land of censorship and archaic rules about women, we managed to find time for some of our own "rules," making our extended stay quite a bit more pleasant.
One weekend, we went to an amazing resort. We had a bungalow with our own private infinity edge pool. We had so much fun playing in the water together. And I think Craig had even more fun art directing pictures of me in the pool. It was a beautiful setting to reconnect away from the constant activity of the city.

We had a wonderful adventure. I got to explore a new part of the world. And we got to enjoy it together, which is perhaps the best part.

Friday, December 4, 2015


We're back from our month-long out-of-country adventure with blocked and censored internet connectivity. During that time, we missed Love Our Lurkers, our thanks to you as created by Bonnie at Now that we're back and Thanksgiving is behind us it's time for each of us to thank you, Fellow Kinkster.

We know you're out there. Our readership numbers don't lie. Google Analytics literally can't lie. Hopefully you enjoy the pics we post, but come back to read what we have to say and share and our unique blog format, our side-by-side, his-n-hers perspectives.

For three years we've been sharing with you our fiction ("Flash Fucktion" and "Picture Fiction") our perspectives on the scene, on our experiences in it and our growth as a couple and as a Dominant/submissive couple who practice 24/7. And with almost a half a million visits to the site in those three years we know you're visiting.

But you aren't commenting, Fellow Kinkster and Lurker. Regardless, we hope you're coming because we continue to interest you.

Better late than never, thanks to you all who read, look and lurk. We appreciate your interest. It certainly makes what we do rewarding.
Google Analytics tells us quite a story about how you come to our blog. Maybe you've clicked a link on a fellow spanko's blog or another kinky blog. Maybe you typed a few words into a search engine and found us - and I do hope you found what you were looking for when you got here. Maybe you've got us bookmarked to come back every week.

We'd love to hear what brought you to our blog. And we'd love to hear what brings you back, if this isn't your first time.

But we appreciate you, whether you comment or not. We know you're there. And we hope you're enjoying what you read and see here.

Thanks for stopping by today. And please, leave us a comment. We'd love to hear from you!