Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Fellow Kinksters: If you're a regular reader of our blog you know I travel pretty frequently for work. For my next trip, I'm going to be gone for almost a month and bringing Lizzie in tow. Sounds nice, right? It is. We'll be together in an exciting foreign location. But this location is one well known for it's blocking of, uhem, questionable websites and national censorship.

Because of that, we won't be posting for the next four weeks. Now, if we were smart (and really, productive) we would have written a bunch of blogs and scheduled them to post automatically. But...uh...that never happened. But we'll be back! Just in time for Turkey Day!

In the mean time, here are a few gratuitous photos of Lizzie's well-beaten bottom for you to enjoy:

Monday, October 19, 2015

Secrets and Surprises

Before our wedding, Lizzie decided that she wanted to surprise Craig with a Boudoir Book. Here is the story of how she managed to surprise him, with a few of the pictures that he’s decided to share and his side of the story.

Pictures by The Clandestine Capture. You can find her on Fetlife - here, or on Tumblr - here.

Generally, Unsurprised Preparations
You know, I’m a hard person to surprise. First of all, I buy myself what I need, so gift-giving is a challenge. I realize this. So thoughtful, unexpected gifts are a true delight to me because I can appreciate how difficult I am. Trust me, I live with me every day.

Lizzie doesn’t know this and won’t know it until she reads my side of the blog, but I had planned on buying her a birthday gift of a boudior photo shoot. As any frequent visitor of our blog can tell, she’s an exhibitionist, so I knew such a gift would be greatly appreciated and she would love the fact that she was getting boudior photos for me.

I had researched many boudior photographers and studios around town, looking for something out of the ordinary and not all “glamor shots-y”. I found a few that were even kink friendly.

That was a few months back, before we began the wedding planning in haste.
Finding the perfect photographer was simple - a kinky friend of ours is a photographer. But finding time to talk about the project was the first challenge. Kink events are too hectic to allow long discussion and the opportunity for interruption is far too high.

Adding to this challenge, I report to Craig any time I leave the house. A quick text when I’m leaving, to let him know where I’m going. A text when I get there. A text when I leave that destination telling him where I’m going next. You can imagine the problems this might present.

I decided the easiest way to handle this issue was to meet the photographer for lunch after school one day, giving us the much needed opportunity to discuss what I wanted. I simply told Craig I was having lunch after class with her. I even used her name. I did not, however, identify her as our kinky friend or our photographer friend, hoping that he would assume that I had made a friend at school with the same first name.
Life Takes Over The Real Challenge
But with the weddings (yeah, that’s plural, if you’re not a frequent reader), things got a little hectic and a bit busy and the whole boudoir photography thing kinda slipped between the cracks. Which was fine, because I still had until September until Lizzie’s birthday.

So it comes time to our second wedding, the one we had at the Monarchs Clubhouse. You can read about it HERE. The day was hectic, as all weddings are, even though this was, in most respects, pretty laid back. Still, there was a lot to do.

The wedding took place without a hitch. It was, as you may have read, a really fantastic day and a very special ceremony for us.

Right after, before the reception got into full swing, Lizzie asked me to come to the the lounge. I could see she was nervous, which made no sense to me because the nervous bit was done—we were married! But out of no where she produced a gift.

“What’s this?” I pondered. Then I got worried. “I didn’t get her anything!” I thought, even as I was looking down at her engagement ring. I opened the small present and found a box. Slipping the lid off the box was a small, square, thick book that looked expensive. What could it be?

I opened the book. Inside were photos of Lizzie! Beautiful, artfully shot photos. Some in black and white. Some in color. Close-ups, skillfully framed shots. “Is this one of those Instagram books?” I asked, because I had just seen online how you could “hit print” on your Instagram photos and convert them into a photo book. Obviously, I was flummoxed and overwhelmed.

“No, it’s a story...look!” Lizzie urged. The photos played out like a day-in-the-life. (More like a day-in-the-life if you were a Playboy Playmate!) It was adorable. It was sexy. It was beautiful. It was stunning!

Lizzie, by her own admission, doesn’t photograph well. She always is a bit stiff and awkward if she sees the camera. I’ve worked with her on this and she’s improved dramatically. If you’re “friends” of ours on our vanilla Facebook you can see that for yourself.
After some discussion, we decided that it would be best to take pictures at the house. This would be a natural environment for me, where I feel comfortable. And I would have all my clothing and costumes available.

TheClandestine came to visit one afternoon, to discuss more options and survey the locations to take pictures. This is when we encountered the real problem that is the “Internet of Things” that makes up my home.

The challenge starts at the front door. Our doorbell is equipped with a camera and alerts both Craig and I when the doorbell is engaged. We can watch video of the person standing outside the door, on our phones, from anyplace in the world.

I had to ask TheClandestine to text me when she arrived so I could meet her in the street. Before we raced past the doorbell camera, I warned her that we also have a DropCam in the house. We were in the middle of the deck construction project at the house, so the camera was currently aimed outside, at the deck. (Having workmen on the deck, with our large windows to the deck from several rooms, was another special challenge.)

But the camera was a new toy, which Craig liked to check in on during the day when he had a free moment. He had recently seen my reflection in the window as I passed and texted to ask what I was doing flitting back and forth so often. Another day, he turned on the microphone and asked what show I was watching because he couldn’t tell from the sound of it. So I knew that he was watching frequently, and at least occasionally listening as well.

We gave the camera a wide berth each time TheClandestine came to take pictures. I turned on music in the house, to cover the sound of our footsteps and quiet discussions. We took the long way through the house to avoid having our reflections show in the window.

We took ordinary, expected precautions as well. TheClandestine would walk through the house after each shoot to make sure she had gathered all her equipment and any signs that she’d been in the house. I tucked away the outfits we had used for the pictures.
Agog The Reveal
But there was none of that here. She seemed at ease. At times, candid—like the photographer caught her in a private joke. The smiles weren’t forced, the expressions not stiff. These beautiful pictures captured Lizzie in a way I had never seen before and it was amazing.

Most amazingly, I didn’t have a single fucking clue. Not even a tiny inkling. She had pulled a HUGE one over on me. I didn’t know she was being photographed IN OUR OWN HOME. I was utterly oblivious.

Which was fantastic.

I was surprised, thrilled, overjoyed and touched. The book was beautiful, so skillfully and artfully shot, so well put together and printed. I was in tears. Then I showed it to everyone within reach.

What an incredible gift.

TheClandestine has always been a nice person I’ve enjoyed chatting with and I had assumed she was a talent: I’d seen her with a camera before. But this? This was too much. Is it strange I adore TheClandestine because her incredible talent and creativity created such an incredible thing? But Lizzie...oh, that’s the topper. She totally snuck that book under all my radars. And for that, she has my utter and constant admiration tenfold. Damn, I love that girl.
I saw the book the night before the wedding. TheClandestine brought it to my bachelorette party with the girls. But she took it back with her, as I couldn’t be sure that I could keep it a secret and get it to the ceremony. I was more than thrilled with the results. She had managed to capture me in so many wonderful and unexpected ways. I’m not terribly comfortable in front of the camera, but you’d never know that from the pictures.

As it happened, TheClandestine shot our wedding as well. Even as she took pictures of me getting ready for the wedding, I wasn’t certain when I would present the book to Craig. Her partner ended up keeping the book on hand during the ceremony so I would be able to get it with a moment’s notice.

After the ceremony, we retreated to the dressing room to sign the wedding certificate. TheClandestine was along to take pictures. We exchanged a look and she got the book. After we finished signing the necessary paperwork, I surprised Craig with the book. As an added bonus, TheClandestine was able to take photos of his reaction.

I really could not be more pleased with the results of this effort. And see? I can still keep a secret! And even manage a surprise!