Thursday, September 3, 2015

"Treasure" Chest

We've had scenes before where we dug into the storage chest. This is the chest of the less-than-favorite implements—the wayward ones, the ones too big for my rolling bag, the ones we don't like or use, and the ones we plan on getting rid of at a kinky rummage sale some day.

I had planned for a rather intense scene on the weekend, something where I could push Lizzie a bit. We were leaving the next day on a flight out of the country and I know how much she relishes and cherishes it when her bottom is so sore and she can't get out of the seated situation. can imagine where my head was at.

I placed Lizzie on the bed and opened the chest. "What are you doing?" she asked. "Opening the treasure chest!" The chest is divided into three layers of stacking storage boxes, so I began with the top layer which held mostly wood paddles, rubbery paddles and rods and other assorted implements.

The scene began typically enough...I warmed her bottom with my hand, then moved on to the implements, which I'd pull out two or three at a time. The top layer alone featured some 15 implements or so, each used on Lizzie a few dozen times before moving on.

"Now I know why these implements are in the chest," Lizzie muttered at one point. One particular implement—I don't even know what it's called it's so odd—is really hard to handle and control and thus I found it wrapping into her naughty bits more than once. I tossed it aside in frustration. "This is no 'treasure' chest," Lizzie announced.
Craig told me we were going to do a “Treasure Chest” scene. Knowing that he referred to the cedar chest in our bedroom that organizes a variety of toys, I joked that perhaps he meant a “Pleasure Chest” scene. I couldn’t have been further from the mark.

When I moved out to California, I outfitted the cedar chest with plastic bins to organize our toys. Under the six bins, two lengths of wood keep the bins above a long space for our longer toys - such as canes and floggers. In theory, the bins organize our toys into different groups. But in practice, I'm not sure what's going on in there.

But even now that we are empty nesters, the reality is that we still have a majority of our heavy scenes when we’re out at play parties. So Craig’s preferred set of implements is stored in his travel bag - a big roll-along bag that we take to parties. That means the chest is a collection of forgotten and all but discarded toys.

Craig started the scene by restraining my wrists and ankles with rope to our bed. This didn’t last the entire scene. Early on, the stress of the position was too much for my previous injured shoulder. He released hand when I told him of the problem. A bit later, the adjusted position started to put a ton of pressure on my other elbow, so he did away with the restraints entirely. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to take any pictures while I was restrained.
But the scene moved onto the second layer, which, lucky for Lizzie, is mostly restraints, ropes and other things not so easily applied to back or leg or bottom. So layer two went rather quickly. Layer three is a long compartment along the bottom of the chest and is where all the auxiliary, ancillary and unloved canes have gone.

I took to smacking, whacking and all around caning Lizzie's red, marked (and bleeding!) bottom. But Lizzie wasn't having it. It was too much. And it wasn't that the whacking was too much, it was more the odd outcast implements were too much. There's a reason why many of those implements are in the chest. I thought it would be sadistic to torture her with them.

And it was.

But it was time to stop. I tossed the ragtag lexan, bent wood and rubber canes aside and held a weeping Lizzie in my arms, letting her know that she was a good girl, that she was very brave and that she had taken a lot of 'punishment' at my desire to open up that dreadful "treasure" chest.

Next time—which will be soon at Shadow Lane—I'll return to the rolling bag of favorite, beloved and gently worn implements that make us both very, very happy.
I can’t remember all the complaints I have about the implements in that chest. But I can assure you that it is neither a “Treasure” Chest nor a “Pleasure” Chest at this point. It’s not that the implements themselves are necessarily bad. I think it’s a matter of how we typically play and the things we like to do. Most of these items don’t fit with that.

Although I disliked the implements used, it was still a great scene. Craig struck the right balance of intensity, torture, and consideration. And, of course, it did make our international flight the next day so much more fun!

Even so, I'm really looking forward to our trip to Shadowlane with the traveling bag of toys that we enjoy. I know we will have plenty of opportunities to play. And I know we will have left all of these non-preferred toys at home!

But the scene did remind me that we really need to go through our toys. Maybe I can convince Craig to sit down and reorganize everything soon. We can do a give-away for our readers or something. Help a girl out - help me convince him? :)

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