Sunday, August 16, 2015

Picture Fiction

It's been a while since we wrote some fiction, so—as we like to do—we picked some photos of Lizzie and then each wrote a story to go along with the pics. Enjoy!

An Evening Surprise Suggestions
When she came back from lunch to the office she found flowers on her desk. He sent her flowers! At work! What a surprise. Some of the other girls in the office were looking at her as she admired them. It made her blush a little bit. There was the tiny white envelope with the florist name on it, but when she opened it there was no typical card inside. Instead, there was a note, folded neatly inside.

“Meet me at my place at 6 pm. Wear the black dress and the expensive black lingerie.” There was no signature but she knew who sent it.

When she arrived at his house, he was wearing a black t-shirt and black jeans and was barefoot. He looked at his watch. It was 5:58. “A hair early,” he teased. “You are being soooo ’50 Shades’ right now,” she teased back, rolling her eyes, but she looked really surprised when he took her to the bedroom and she saw the room covered in candles. “What’s this?”

“A little surprise. Something different from our typical spankings-and-dinner.” He had an evil glint in his eye that made her pussy tingle. “Come with me.” He led her to the bed and began to kiss her. As he kissed her he placed his hands on her shoulders and slowly moved down to her wrists, pulling them behind her. Without missing a beat, he eased her back onto the bed, turning her over and unzipping her dress. He gently pulled it off her, exposing her beautiful lingerie, and he ran his hand across the lace, tracing his fingers down the exposed flesh of her legs, the curve of her bottom, the small of her back.

He took an arm then and pulled it up to attach to the hidden restraints he had attached to the bedposts. She submitted without a sound or complaint. He repeated the process with her ankles. Spread eagle and restrained, he ran a fur mitt over her body, awakening her skin to the texture and sensation. Then he put on vampire gloves and began to gently touch her skin, pressing down ever so slightly so the tiny pins felt both surprising and at times like fire where she was most sensitive.

Her skin tingling from the stimulation, he retrieved a flogger with medium length suede falls and began to flog her back, her bottom and her legs. At first, she felt the texture as if another chapter in his sensation play, but has he swung the flogger with a greater intensity, it turned into a sort of massage. But has he struck her with it more and more—and she began to hear him breathing heavier either from the exertion or his own excitement, she wasn’t sure which—the massage turned to a thudding sort of full body beating. She began to slip away into the rhythm of the moment when he suddenly stopped and yanked the expensive lingerie off her prone body.
She ran to meet him at the door. He engulfed her in a tight hug, setting his briefcase on the floor.

“Do you know what I want to do tonight?” The words were whispered, his lips brushing her ear with the words.

“Mmmm?” She asked, her face buried in his neck.

His hand slid down her back to her bottom. He cupped one cheek and gave it a squeeze.

“A sound strapping, I think.” He punctuated the words with another squeeze of her bottom. Then he took a step back, his other hand roaming down the front of her body. He gave her breasts a squeeze as his hand slid over them, but his goal was further down. His hand slipped under the hem of her dress and back up her thigh.

“And I’ll finish here, of course.”

She moaned, a sound that indicated only the slightest distress combined with a stronger desire.

“Yes,” he leaned forward to whisper the word in her ear once again, teasing with the promise as well as the sensation.

He took her hand and led her to the bedroom to do just that. . . .

Nude, he began to paddle her bottom back and forth, again and again, until the pain became both exquisite and unbearable and she began to tense up as it ramped up and up. Just as she was about to cry out, he stopped, sensing her near her limit, and switched to a thin, carbon fiber cane. The sensation change from thuddy to whippy was surprising to her. This went on with various implements until she did cry, didcry out as her bottom reddened more and more. Once again, when she felt she couldn’t take any more, he stopped.

"Get on all fours," he said, unzipping his pants and releasing his hardened cock. "Yessir," she whispered, awaiting what she craved next.

Later, she stood in front of his full-length mirror and examined the marks on her bottom, a new, clean pair of luxurious panties on, and rubbed her bottom as she admired what he had done...and smiled.
“Get dressed and I’ll take you out to dinner,” he said, pulling her off the bed.

She clung to him when she got to her feet, too dizzy to stand on her own. After a moment, she murmured, “Thank you, sir.”

A few minutes later, he caught her standing in front of the mirror, dressed only in her underwear.

“You might want a bit more than that for dinner, love.”

She jumped, then turned to give him a sheepish look.

“Sorry. I’ll be ready in just a minute.”

“Take as long as you need.”