Sunday, July 26, 2015

Loving the Littles

We've discovered our littles relationship a few years ago now. Like so many things in the lifestyle it continues and evolves...

And SpankCake has written about our adventures here: Flipping SpankCakes

A Littles Day Out Finding Build-a-Bear
We don't get to indulge in the littles play very often, even though it's such a core aspect of Lizzie's identity. I mean, we have our daily things: putting her to bed and tucking her in, reading her a Berenstain Bears book (okay, not every night), and her calling me "daddy" almost constantly. But Lizzie doesn't get to dress up and really be her little all that often.

Last weekend, SpankCake and Lizzie wanted a littles day. It was raining, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity since we couldn't do much else. Lizzie and SpankCake got ready to go. We got in the car and drove out to Build-a-Bear. The girls strolled through the shop deciding what bears they wanted and what outfits they were going to get. Lizzie was getting a bear for herself and we were going to make up a leather biker bear for Strange's birthday present. SpankCake was getting two bears, one to represent me and another to represent Lizzie so when she went to sleep at home she could sleep with us, even when we weren't there.

The girls got more than one interested glance at their outfits and a few compliments from the girls working in the shop. It was kind of funny to see the attention they were getting. Only one housefrau gave the girls and sour look. Let me just say: they took forever picking everything out and getting their bears stuffed (and no, that's not an euphemism).

We were going to see Inside Out after that, but it turns out everyone else decided to go to the movies, too, so we grabbed dinner, headed home and I gave both little girls much needed spankings. They hadn't been bad. I just felt like it.
It’s not yet been a year since we attended our first littles’ event - LittleSpace at Disneyland (which you can read about here). We haven’t had many other opportunities to really immerse ourselves in littles play outside of the house. So it was a unique experience to dress up with SpankCake and have Craig take us out for the afternoon.

I’m a masochist and a submissive as well, of course, but little space is an important aspect for me. For me, my little side has a close tie to my submissive side. Things like asking permission to do something, following a bedtime, and doing as I’m told play into both aspects. We incorporate many of those in our daily lives.

But going out was a very special treat. SpankCake had the wonderful idea to go to Build-a-Bear. And she helped me do my hair, which is always a struggle for me. I think I primarily identify a little younger than she does (neither of us are really set on a particular age), so it’s fun to have a sister’s help.

I’ve never been to Build-a-Bear before. Now I’m really not sure why I waited! We had such a wonderful time there. I got to pick out a bear and I named her Princess. We had a really wonderful time being out and being ourselves.

We also got more comments on our outfits than in any other outing in my life! There were comments and questions at Build-a-Bear, which wasn’t totally unexpected. We were totally immersed in our little space there. But we stopped at BevMo on the way home, and a lady in line complimented SpankCake and I on how nice we looked! So strange. But really such a wonderful time.


  1. How fun! Inside Out was a fantastic movie. Loved it. Bet you will too!!!! Blessings to you all!

    1. It was an awesome movie. One of my favorites this year and likely one of my favorite Pixar movies period. Thanks for the comment, Ally Angel.