Sunday, July 26, 2015

Loving the Littles

We've discovered our littles relationship a few years ago now. Like so many things in the lifestyle it continues and evolves...

And SpankCake has written about our adventures here: Flipping SpankCakes

A Littles Day Out Finding Build-a-Bear
We don't get to indulge in the littles play very often, even though it's such a core aspect of Lizzie's identity. I mean, we have our daily things: putting her to bed and tucking her in, reading her a Berenstain Bears book (okay, not every night), and her calling me "daddy" almost constantly. But Lizzie doesn't get to dress up and really be her little all that often.

Last weekend, SpankCake and Lizzie wanted a littles day. It was raining, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity since we couldn't do much else. Lizzie and SpankCake got ready to go. We got in the car and drove out to Build-a-Bear. The girls strolled through the shop deciding what bears they wanted and what outfits they were going to get. Lizzie was getting a bear for herself and we were going to make up a leather biker bear for Strange's birthday present. SpankCake was getting two bears, one to represent me and another to represent Lizzie so when she went to sleep at home she could sleep with us, even when we weren't there.

The girls got more than one interested glance at their outfits and a few compliments from the girls working in the shop. It was kind of funny to see the attention they were getting. Only one housefrau gave the girls and sour look. Let me just say: they took forever picking everything out and getting their bears stuffed (and no, that's not an euphemism).

We were going to see Inside Out after that, but it turns out everyone else decided to go to the movies, too, so we grabbed dinner, headed home and I gave both little girls much needed spankings. They hadn't been bad. I just felt like it.
It’s not yet been a year since we attended our first littles’ event - LittleSpace at Disneyland (which you can read about here). We haven’t had many other opportunities to really immerse ourselves in littles play outside of the house. So it was a unique experience to dress up with SpankCake and have Craig take us out for the afternoon.

I’m a masochist and a submissive as well, of course, but little space is an important aspect for me. For me, my little side has a close tie to my submissive side. Things like asking permission to do something, following a bedtime, and doing as I’m told play into both aspects. We incorporate many of those in our daily lives.

But going out was a very special treat. SpankCake had the wonderful idea to go to Build-a-Bear. And she helped me do my hair, which is always a struggle for me. I think I primarily identify a little younger than she does (neither of us are really set on a particular age), so it’s fun to have a sister’s help.

I’ve never been to Build-a-Bear before. Now I’m really not sure why I waited! We had such a wonderful time there. I got to pick out a bear and I named her Princess. We had a really wonderful time being out and being ourselves.

We also got more comments on our outfits than in any other outing in my life! There were comments and questions at Build-a-Bear, which wasn’t totally unexpected. We were totally immersed in our little space there. But we stopped at BevMo on the way home, and a lady in line complimented SpankCake and I on how nice we looked! So strange. But really such a wonderful time.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Family, "Family", and the Farm

Once again, we can't make it two weeks in a row with our blog. Since our legal, lifestyle marriage on June 20 I went out of town to the east coast on business, came back for 36 hours, then left again, bringing my new bride in tow back with me to the east coast. No, it wasn't our honeymoon. That comes later. It was a 'working vacation" and Lizzie's first trip to New York City. After that, we went to her family farm to celebrate the Fourth of July.

Not only were we going to the farm for the Fourth of July, but SpankCake was joining us for the weekend. Recently we have not only been doing more and more with her but I have invited her to become a part of my House, making us a triad. It was awesome that she decided to pack a small bag and come hang out on the farm.

In the past, Lizzie's farm house is a place of respite. It's quiet, relaxing and isolated (the nearest neighbor is a mile away)—meaning it's perfect for play. We have enjoyed many a noisy scene over the years in that home and I thought it would be great to do so again with both SpankCake and Lizzie. But my plans were not to be.
The Fourth of July at the farm is always a big, hectic family event. The farm is isolated, but my farm house there is not. My parents and my older brother both have houses on the homestead. And my oldest sister is one of my closest neighbors - her house is just a mile and a half away.

My little brother (and family) spent the holiday weekend next door, at my parent’s house. And even though my other sister only came down on the Fourth, two of her kids are old enough to drive and the third was quick enough to catch a ride to the farm with us when we went to pick up SpankCake from the airport.
You see, the week before our legal, lifestyle marriage was our vanilla family marriage. You can read about that in our last post here. Unfortunately, what I didn't understand when we got married was that I also adopted about 30 new relatives. Now, none of them are new to me. I've hung out, drank, ate, vacationed with the lot of them for the past few years, but evidently the getting married thing meant only one thing: WE ARE ALL HANGING OUT WITH YOU...ALL THE TIME. Admittedly, I have a rather enormous immediate family. I would not, however, say that they all were hanging out with us all the time. The real problem was that there was never a time when no one wanted to hang out with us.

An even bigger problem: the entire under-18 set has not yet mastered the art of knocking, asking for an invitation to visit, or even asking for an invitation to spend the night. So that's special fun.
From the moment we arrived to the house we had company (and that didn't include SpankCake). The first night we had an uninvited sleepover. Same with the second night. People came and went without knocking. It's all fine—I love Lizzie's family, but the utter lack of privacy meant our plans of play and/or sex went out the window.

I worried SpankCake would be disappointed she had flown from LA to the midwest only to enjoy fireworks and home smoked BBQ and not the palm of my hand on her smooth bottom. But she admitted she had a blast getting to know Lizzie's family, seeing where Lizzie grew up and having a pyrotastic time shooting off about $1000 with of fireworks with the men.
But in the past, our trips to the farm for the Fourth have included a number of Craig’s kids (who were living at home with us at the time). The combination of coming from an empty nest at home and the inviting number of free beds at our house made this quite a shock for both of us.

Still, I was thrilled to have SpankCake join us at the farm for the weekend. I know everyone enjoyed meeting her and I hope she’ll be able to come for a longer visit next time. If we take a longer trip, the novelty of our visit might wear off enough to give us a few nights alone. Okay, realistically, we might manage one night of privacy. But we should be able to coordinate a solo trip on the fourwheelers, allowing us the opportunity to play outside - one of my favorite things to do.
Still, we managed to get a little time for some spanking in (unfortunately most of it after SpankCake had to return home at the end of the weekend). My favorite moments of the weekend?

• SpankCake setting off fireworks with the glee of an adolescent
• Giving Lizzie a Skeleton Hand in the car
• An amazing thunderstorm (we don't get interesting weather in LA)

It was a wonderful, relaxing weekend, but as my new kink family couldn't really find a way to enjoy ourselves because of my new vanilla family I guess we'll just have to plan another trip to the farm...
We didn’t get quite as much play this year. For more of our outdoor adventures on the farm, look back at this post. But we did find a couple opportunities to play after the holiday.

And, of course, it was wonderful to spend some time with my family and SpankCake. But I do hope we can plan another trip together soon. Perhaps to someplace without marauding nieces and nephews.