Sunday, May 31, 2015

1,000 Strokes

Things have been a little stressed lately as we get ready for not one but two weddings. The first is our vanilla family wedding coming up in Michigan. The second—to be our legal marriage—will be in California at the clubhouse of the Monarchs, a brotherhood of dominant men that Craig belongs to, exactly one week later.

With all that stress building up from all the stuff that has to be done for our weddings, Lizzie has been a bit well, shall we say "uppity" lately. She asked last night in the car, "Could I have a tantrum, Daddy?" I looked at her strangely. "I know it wouldn't turn out well." "Not for you," I glowered.

When I dug into this, what she really meant, if she was actually the sort, was, "I need a good cry." But she's not like that. "You need to hard beating," I professed.

Today was the day. We were having a "day at home day" because we've been so busy with friends, errands and wedding plans. I decided we'd have a Hundreds Scene. I lined up the implements—eight in total. My plan was an even 1,000 strokes/strikes: 800 from the implements and 200 from my hand (100 for each cheek).
After dinner last night, I told Craig, “I wish I could throw a tantrum.”

Craig didn’t respond immediately, but he did look at me as though he’d never seen me before.

I’m a little. And we play that way sometimes; we have lovely “Little Mornings” and “Little Outings”. But I don’t think I’ve thrown a tantrum since I was biologically two-years old. By the time I turned three, I threw tantrums in the style of my significantly older siblings - slamming doors and proclaiming loftily that “no one understands me”.

I can’t imagine how I would throw a tantrum. But sometimes I think that a tantrum would relieve things when I have too many feelings. I wish I could throw myself on the floor and feel better for doing it.
I arranged the implements in a way that I felt would be a good composition for the scene, starting softer to warm her up then going to a dreaded strap to get her attention and jumpstart her subspace, then move into things I knew she could take a bit bitter and then slowly ramping up to a "finale" at 1,000 strokes.

And that's just what happened.

At the strap Lizzie starting crawling away from me and crying, but I manhandled her back into position and chastised her for trying to escape. After that, she got quiet, going deep as the pain progressed, each implement delivering their 100 hits.

After we finished, I held onto her. "Was that just what you needed?" I whispered into her ear as she burrowed her face into her pillow, biting her thumb. "Yes, Daddy," her muffled reply.
After I explained all this, Craig said, “What you need is a good beating.” I couldn’t do anything but agree.

I’m a pain slut, of course. So a good, hard beating is always a good thing. But sometimes it does something more than just scratch an itch. It lets me stop thinking for a little while. It lets me release the things that are bothering me. And it lets me stop thinking; it stops the thoughts chasing circles in my head.

But if it’s hard for me to ask for a spanking - and that alone is terribly hard for me to do - it’s impossible for me to ask Craig to beat me right out of my head. Maybe that’s why I want to throw a tantrum. I’d like some safe and easy way to tell Craig what I need. Because I doubt that actually throwing a tantrum would ease the feelings and thoughts inside of me.
I put her down for a nap and kissed her goodnight. "Thank you, Daddy." Quiet, earnestly.

It was just what she needed to soothe her nerves. Now, only two weeks until our first wedding.
Craig’s written a good description of the scene. As usual, I don’t have a solid memory of the events this afternoon. But the anxiety has quieted. I can write my vows and take care of the last minute details of our weddings. Thank you, Daddy.

Friday, May 22, 2015

The Caning for Comments Video is Here!

We are thrilled to finally post our Caning for Comments video. The comments, as we mentioned previously in our update, added up to 35. So enjoy the video.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

UPDATE! Comments for Caning

Well, comments close on our Comments for Caning tonight at midnight, Pacific Daylight Time. With 35 qualified comments she will be getting at least 35 strokes of my favorite cane.

Due to travel (we are going to move my son out of his dorm this weekend), followed by my son coming home, the first chance we will get to shoot this video and all 35 strokes will be Memorial Day weekend. (For all you Fellow Kinksters outside the U.S. that's the weekend of May 23.) We will shoot, edit and post it over that weekend.
At the time of this post, we have 35 comments on our last post. It’s been great to see all the comments from our readers. I really enjoy reading comments, though I’m not nearly as good about responding as Craig is about that.

We’re going to shoot the video over Memorial Day weekend. Mostly because that’s when our lovely videographer, SpankCake, is available to shoot for us. But this also gives my butt a chance to recover from our intense scene at Faction (that’s the cause of the bruises in the pictures).
We've only posted one other video on our blog, a silly, frivolous and, in my humble opinion, rather hilarious thing we call "Candy Scene." Check it out and see if you agree how funny it is.

I guarantee you with 35 solid strokes (no wimpy ones) there will be no laughing when we post the results from Comments for Caning. Thanks to everyone (especially Chross!) for making this so fun and a success. We appreciate you all participating and joining in the fun.
It’s not that I mind being spanked over bruises - quite the reverse, in fact. I’m rather a pain slut, as we’ve mentioned before. In fact, I think one of my favorite (most memorable?) canings was in London over some of the most intense bruises I’ve had. Knowing how I love to travel with an ouchy bottom, Craig and I had a very intense scene before our trip. That intense scene followed by a nine hour flight led to some interesting (and wonderful) results.

But I’m really looking forward to making this video. It’ll be our first attempt with someone other than Craig holding the camera! Thanks for adding your comments to the fun.