Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Caning for Comments

We've decided to make a video for an upcoming blog entry. Here's how it's going to go down:

Comments for Caning is a little like your 401(k) where your employer has a matching fund. Or when you donate to Public Television and someone has put up a matching pledge. Well, we're doing that. Sorta.

We are going to make a caning video. I'm going to cane Lizzie, if you couldn't guess. The number of strokes I give her of the cane will solely be based on the number of comments we receive on this particular post by May 7.

If we get three comments then it'll be a rather short (and rather boring) video. If we get three hundred—well, that's going to be slightly longer and rather, uh, interesting to say the least. There is only one rule to this: you can make multiple comments but each must be distinct and different thoughts. So no cut and paste!

This is not a cry for attention. This is about mixing things up and trying something new and attempting to interact with our viewers/readers. So go ahead...comment away. You'll see the results of your interaction soon!
A dear friend of ours, SpankCake, asked if we had considered posting videos on our blog. We have the one - here. Craig filmed that video while engaging in the action. But she offered to help us film additional videos, which is an exciting and fun idea.

As I was thinking about what we might film, I thought about doing a scene based on the comments people posted on our blog.

So, Craig is going to give me one stroke with a cane for every comment on this post before May 7.

Of course, I want every stroke I can get. If you love our blog, let us know! If there’s something you’d like us to write about, let us know!

You could tell us which post or type of post is your favorite. You could tell us what you would like to read or see more of on our blog. Or you could just let us know you’re reading.

Or if you just want Craig to smack me, let him know that too. I'm sure he would be more than happy to oblige.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Another Day, Another Play Date

We had another playdate with SpankCake the other night. We love having her over. She's so thoughtful and fun and is a foodie and loves good cocktails, like us.

Some talk, a couple cocktails and our own homemade pizzas out of the way, I told the girls to head into the bedroom and lie face down on the bed. Soon, their beautiful bottoms were exposed and we began to play. I love side-by-side scenes (or two-fers or whatever you want to call it) because they can be fun, silly, intense...lots of different things depending on the dynamic.

I warmed up the girls a bit, bringing out one implement after another, using them on one girl and then the other. Sometimes, as inspiration hit or the music had a good beat, I'd just go back and forth between the two, like one amazing four-cheek'd organism.

I switched between leather paddles, straps, canes, crops...getting more and more intense as we went. Like the last time we played, Lizzie and SpankCake held hands, like they were in fear of their lives. Adorable. Both would get ramped up with whatever I was doing—nearly levitating off the bed at times as it became more intense, tensing up, moaning. Very rewarding, that.

At some point my sadist kicked in and I hit top space, where I go somewhere else entirely and just experience the scene.

After, we cuddled together on the bed, each girl snugging into me for aftercare. It was late (for a weeknight) and I was anxious that SpankCake still had to get home. I knew she had an early start the next morning, so I wanted to be responsible and have her on her way, but I also knew she needed the aftercare and I didn't want to seem uncaring by "kicking her out." In the end, I figured, "she's an adult" (not always the most pragmatic thought) but I pressed my point when it got truly late indeed.

Lizzie had made homemade salted caramel pudding and I had rushed the girls into the bedroom after we finished dinner, so we came back out to enjoy a quick dessert before SpankCake went on her way and Lizzie and I headed to bed. I stayed up until SpankCake got home and sent me a text she had made it back safely.

Both Lizzie and I really enjoyed our playdate with SpankCake. It's fun to switch up the dynamic and try different things when the opportunity arises. I think we'll have to do this again. Soon.
We had SpankCake over for dinner again this week. We had pizza night, which is something we love to do. I make pizza dough, we prep a ton of toppings, and everyone makes their own personal pizza. It’s fun and easy, and very social.

We enjoyed plenty of kinky discussion with our cocktails and pizza. I’m so happy when Craig is home and we can have friends visit.

Of course, we had a playdate with dinner, making it even more fun. Craig put both of us on the bed and brought out his travel bag, which is full of his favorite implements.

He went back and forth between the two of us. After a few minutes, I realized he was spanking me harder, but giving SpankCake more swats. I’m sure this made sense in some twisted male logic, but it didn’t make much sense to me. But when I pointed it out to Craig, he shifted his method.

I couldn’t say exactly which implements Craig used. (Can I ever? No. No, I can’t.) We had the Sonos playing background music, and at times Craig would spank us to the music.

SpankCake and I held hands, during most of the scene. I like that too. It’s nice to have someone to hold on to and sympathize with. It changes the energy somehow...in a very, very good way.

Craig got into top space during the scene, which is also an amazing shift of energy. I can’t explain what changes, exactly, but it’s an obvious change. I think SpankCake noticed it as well.

After our scene, we snuggled on the bed for awhile. But eventually, we stumbled out of the bedroom to find the dessert I had made for SpankCake’s last visit. It wasn’t quite as good this time, but I’d forgotten it after our other scene, so I was glad we got to try it, at least.

Craig saw SpankCake out to her car, because I hadn’t put clothes on again after our scene.

I’m looking forward to next time!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Fun Game

It's been a rough few weeks. Craig has been out of the country ever other week for the last two months. Since we got back from London three weeks ago Lizzie has been sick. She's been going to school and doing her homework, but that's been about all she can manage. So getting the blog out has taken a bit of a back seat to long international flights, layovers and ear drops.

Somehow, we have managed some kinky time of our own and even had a kinky friend over. Here's what went down:

So a good friend of ours, SpankCake, came over for dinner the other night. She's in the lifestyle (and I'd use her name if I had asked her permission before this blog went up) and so we are always happier because we can be ourselves and be open, both with our conversation as well as our protocols.

After dinner, I snuck out of the room to go fetch some implements and came back to the living room and plunked them down on the coffee table. Lizzie and our friend came in to sit next to me.

"We're going to play a game," I said. "It's called, 'Please sir, may I have some of that?'" Our friend looked at us quizzically.

I motioned to Lizzie to come over to me and to go across my lap, pulling down her pants in the process. I spanked her bottom for a few minutes, then told her to get back up. We both looked at our friend. She looked at us, uncertain of what to do. "Well?" I asked.
As Craig said, we had SpankCake over for dinner the other night. I love having people over for dinner, because I love to cook for other people. Craig says it’s part of my desire for service, and there’s probably something to that. I like to make other people happy. And I know it makes Craig happy as well, which is more than a little bonus.

Lifestyle friends are the best, of course. The conversation is always more interesting. And I love having the opportunity to be ourselves. Craig and I can pass as a heteronormal couple, but it makes me uncomfortable. I find myself looking for our protocols and feeling lost when they aren’t there. But that wasn’t a problem this time.

Instead, we were able to talk about our lifestyle perspectives. We enjoyed a long conversation about poly - our past experiences and what we had learned. We were also able to talk about other kinky stuff, which is always fun. I love hearing about other people's experiences and kinky thoughts.
"Uh...Please, sir. Can I have some of that?" she said timidly. A few moments later she was across my lap, dress hiked up, her beautiful bottom getting pink, then red.

Next, the leather nanny paddle. The process was repeated. We moved from OTK to Lizzie standing to take my belt. She put her hands on the edge of the chair our friend was sitting at, and with the first loud crack of my belt on Lizzie's bottom and the sudden intake of air she did uncontrollably, our friend grabbed her hand for moral support, eyes wide. I strapped the shit out of Lizzie's bottom. Not literally, of course.

Finishing, our nameless friend said hesitantly, "Please, sir. Can I have some of that? I guess?" I strapped her less hard than Lizzie.

Caning was next. Both girls took the cane well. Finally, after a number of implements and the girls taking turns, the final implement came out: my thick leather paddle. I bent Lizzie over the sofa and beat her bottom with it while our friend gasped at the impact. Next it was her turn and she was shocked at how hard and thuddy the layered paddle was.

We cuddled together after, me holding onto them until they were content. It was late and it was a "school night" so our friend said goodnight. It was a fun way to spend an evening that was a bit out of the typical routine for us, which was fun.

We're looking forward to next time.
Driving home from a long road trip last weekend, Craig had told me about the “game” he had planned. He would spank me or use some implement on me, and our friend could tell him which things she was interested in trying. This is an ideal game for me...I get whacked with everything!

I enjoyed the series of spankings, of course. But I really enjoyed watching Craig play with our friend. It’s interesting to watch him adjust his style to another person.

Craig and I play fairly hard, I’ve been told. I’m a masochist and a pain slut. When Craig and I play, he plays to that. I enjoy playing to an audience, too, which allows me to play even harder when people are watching.

After watching him play with me, many girls like to remind Craig that they “aren’t Lizzie”. I’ve always found this amusing. Because there’s no need to remind him; he knows.

Because he hadn’t played much with this friend, beyond a few OTK spankings at various parties, he took a moment to “calibrate” with each implement. He would give her a stroke and ask her to rate it on a scale. I know he does this, but it was interesting to see.

After the scene, we cuddled up on the sofa. Our friend inspected the thick leather paddle. I got out our second one (Craig and I both custom ordered this type of paddle, but we ended up with very different versions). It was a lovely way to end the evening.