Thursday, February 5, 2015

Three Perfect Scenes

We had some great scenes over the weekend, each unusual in their own way, yet perfect. Here's how they went down:

Friday Night A Paddle Challenge
It was a great weekend. First, we played Friday night. On my way home I texted Lizzie, "Pick three paddles: 1.) Your favorite, 2.) Your most hated, 3.) My favorite. I'll be home soon. Be ready." She was waiting for me, naked.

We went into the bedroom and I had her lie on the bed. I warmed her up with my hand first, then I took the first paddle, the one she loved the most, and began to use it. "Wait. That's not my favorite! I picked the wrong one!" Too bad.

Next, I got the one she claimed was the one that was her most hated. I know she doesn't like this paddle, but at least she can tolerate it. Her truly most hated is a big, long aluminum paddle covered in holes. (Normally I stick that one in a bucket of ice before use.) That paddle is almost a scene killer, so I let it slip that she didn't actually pick it.

I didn't dwell on her most hated. That long, smooth piece of hardwood is a doozy and gets her skin messed up really quickly. Then, my favorite. She certainly got that one right. That custom piece of leather is fantastic.
Before Craig left the office on Friday, he sent me a text instructing me to pick my favorite paddle, his favorite paddle, and a paddle I hated. I was to put these paddles on the bed and be waiting for him.

I pulled out the bag of our most frequently used implements, mostly because this is easier than sorting through the enormous cedar chest of options in our bedroom.

Finding my favorite proved to be a bit more difficult than anticipated. I’m rarely in the position to see the implement being used, so I don’t have a point of reference. Even when Craig does show me a paddle briefly during a scene...well...I’m generally not thinking about memorizing which paddle he’s using, I’ve got other concerns. I took out several options and smacked them against the palm of my left hand, trying to figure out how they would feel. But my palm got numb before I could tell, so I picked a leather paddle at random. Turns out that wasn’t my favorite!

My hated paddle was easy - it’s a lovely wood paddle in a memorable fabric sleeve. Craig’s favorite was easy to pick out as well - he had it made based on a paddle of mine he fell in love with the first time we met.
Saturday Night Visiting
Our friends Michael and Kate were in town and we drove down to visit with them, go to dinner and play. Lizzie really enjoys scenes with Michael and as I spanked Kate we both chuckled and watched from the sofa and Michael had her nearly climbing off the bed at times with a large leather strap he had taken with him. Kate had a beautiful red bottom after I was through with her. We love those two and don't see enough of them, so getting to visit with them was a real treat. A couple of our out-of-town friends were visiting and our schedules finally worked out to get together. I was so excited! We haven’t been to many spanking parties recently, so I’ve been missing all our friends. We’ve made new, local friends, of course, but I miss our spanking party friends. It was a wonderful opportunity to catch up, followed by a lovely scene.
Sunday Morning Pre-Super Bowl Scene
As we prepared for the Super Bowl (homemade nacho cheese sauce? yes, please!), I grabbed a few implements from my stash and brought them into the living room. I started with my hand and a couple of paddles, then moved on to a large London Tanner strap. Lizzie absolutely loves the strap (whether it's my belt or a proper implement) and Ian's strap is thick, heavy and weighted perfectly.

She was sore from the previous two days of play, so she was quick to get a bit jumpy as I smacked her, but as it almost always goes with the strap she was transformed in a matter of minutes. I wrapped up with a thick bamboo cane, really welting her bottom in places until she was in tears.

After that, I bent her over the chair and fucked her hard, then dragged her into the bedroom and did other salacious things to her until she was a messy heap.

So, yeah. Three perfect scenes and a fantastic weekend. As always, even more to come...
Craig wanted me to take a nap before the Super Bowl, but when the time came I “wasn’t tired” (which means, mostly, I didn’t want to settle down and take a nap). Craig decided to solve this problem with a lovely scene.

He used several implements. After his hand (which is my all-time favorite), my favorite was the London Tanner strap. I do love leather belts and straps. And he finished with an evil cane that left some beautiful marks on my thighs.

After our scene, I was ready to take a nap! So that worked out perfectly (and just as Craig had planned; he’s thoughtful like that).

After my nap, we made a ton of homemade snacks - far more than two people should reasonably eat on a Sunday afternoon. But we had a great time snacking and watching commercials.


  1. Boy oh boy, the two of you had a very busy weekend. Sounds like it was lots of fun for all.

  2. We certainly did have a very busy weekend, and it was awesome, Spankingly Good Time.