Friday, January 30, 2015

A "Quiet" Evening at Home

For this blog, Craig sent me three pictures he took earlier this week. I wrote my side of the blog. He emailed his side of the blog. When I put them together, I had to laugh and add something at the end of my side. Enjoy!

Honestly, I don't really remember how it all went down. You'll have to read Lizzie's side for the sordid details. We were sitting on the sofa watching TV, just hanging out, you know? Somehow, Lizzie was goading me. Again, I don't recall what she was saying, but I just "snapped." (I put snapped in quotes because, to be honest, I don't snap. So I contrived a snap.) When Craig said he wanted to write about "our sofa scene", I must admit that I was initially baffled. We've played several times on the sofa, even just this week. But we've had playful scenes, usually leading to intimacy, this week.

But more importantly, I couldn't remember having taken any pictures. At least this first one, I can be excused for forgetting. Looking at the angle it was taken, I probably wasn't even aware when it was taken.
"Enough!" I shouted, stiffening. "Get the hairbrush!" Lizzie loves-slash-hates the hairbrush. She jumped up off the sofa like she'd been electroshocked. She ran to the bedroom to fetch the wooden handled hairbrush and returned with it, eyes wide, face expectant. "C'mere!"

She was across my lap in a second and I laid into her. Hard.

Pretty soon she was mush. This is good. I like her mush. Lots of smacking leaves her mush frequently.

As is often the case, one thing led to another and our sexytime began on the sofa. I had her lie back and I teased and taunted her to orgasm a few times before ordering her to jump up once again and hustle off because it was bedtime.
Now this picture is obviously posed. My only possible excuse is: Do you see those two marks on my thighs?

This picture brings the scene back to life for me. Craig had pulled me over his lap for a hand spanking. At some point, he told me that if I continued to do something (I've forgotten what, exactly), he would make me get the hairbrush. It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that I continued to do whatever I'd been doing.

As promised, Craig made me get the hairbrush for him. But realizing his "mistake" in threatening me with something I wanted (a common problem for a pain-slut such as myself), he gave my thighs a couple whacks just to make a point. That hurts! Point made.
I think one of Lizzie's favorite things (possibly after, in this exact order:

1. Spanking
2. Fucking
3. Bacon

is being tucked into bed. Maybe being tucked into bed is above bacon, but really I'm not all that certain. So, teeth brushed, she was in bed and I pulled the covers up to her chin, tucked in the blankets around her neck to toe and kissed her goodnight, my "snapping" long forgotten...or at least enjoyed.
And this one... Well, I can be excused for not realizing that Craig took this picture, right? I've obviously got other things on my mind.

Thankfully, Craig manages to take pictures of our scenes even when I'm not thinking about our blog.

EDIT (after reading Craig's side): And it's obviously a good thing we take pictures, because neither of us seem to remember what the heck we were doing. But we enjoy every minute of it, so I guess that works out.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Flash Fuction

Craig found photos for this post and we both wrote stories. Lizzie's story is more the beginning of a story - the introduction and set up to let your imagination complete.

"Where have you been?" he asked. He sat on the sofa, a book in his hand, smoking a cigar. A thin trail of grey listlessly haloed around his head. His eyes weren't listless at all--they glared at her as she dropped her backpack to the entry table.

"I...I'm late," she stammered.

"I believe that's painfully apparent." He looked at his watch. "It's six o'clock. You said you'd be back by five...and not a text or a call."

"I lost track of time," she said sheepishly, her feet edging together into a sort of pigeon-toed look that she knew he found appealing in a little girl kind of way. He ignored her subtle attempt to woo him from his fervor.

He stood up, setting both the book and the cigar down, and walked over to her, grabbing a handful of her hair and pulling her down the hall toward the bedroom. "But...!"
“Have you ever heard, ‘I’ll spank you until you can’t sit for a week’?” He whispered as he pulled her into an embrace from behind.

She let her pajamas fall from her hand, sinking back into him. She loved the feel of her bare skin on him. She sighed and closed her eyes, allowing the sensation to overcome her for a moment.

His hands slid up her sides and cupped her breasts, lifting them. She moaned and arched her back, pressing her breasts into his hands.

“Sure,” she sighed, “But with my butt?”

He chuckled, a low sound in her ear. When he spoke, his tone held laughter as well as a subtle threat, “I don’t suppose I’d manage it with just one spanking. But several?”

“Mmmm?” She infused the sound with question and request.
"Get undressed," he ordered, opening a chest and pulling a select few implements from it. This was not to be a fun scene, this was a punishment. She could tell from the choices he made: the metal paddle, the wood cane that left welts and sometimes broke skin, the leather glove.

She was soon out of her clothes. He grabbed her roughly again and shoved her on the bed, face down. Without preamble, he set about the punishment. First, he donned the glove, a black leather biker glove he wore because it wasn't something his dear little masochist liked. Thuddy "in a bad way" she once said.

"You are to check in!" he barked huskily as he spanked her hard without warm up. "You are to ask if you can be late!" Her bottom grew redder and redder until she was crying into the pillow.

He switched to the wood cane, pulling off the glove and swatting her bottom, leaving the telltale welts this particular cane always delivered. She began to cry harder, but she screamed when he caned the back of her legs between her sweet spot and her knees. Those welts came up thicker and faster than her bottom, the skin much more tender.

It wasn't long before he pulled the metal paddle. The first stroke of the paddle fell across both her cheeks and she cried out in an entirely new way. "No! Please! Not the metal! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!" He only gave her three more swats, partially because he knew how much she hated that dreaded implement and partially because he knew the pain it inflicted. A little went a long way.

"Shhhhh." He cuddled her. "It's okay. You're forgiven. But you need to tell me." She cried and cried, her body shaking from the sobs.

"I'm sorry. I meant to text. I just lost track of time."

"Hold still," he said. He pulled his phone from his pocket and snapped a couple of photos of her still form on the bed.

"What are those for?" she asked through her sniffles.

"I'm going to print them out and put them on the bathroom mirror. Then before you leave you'll see them and remember what happens if you don't text."
“I’ll start with a hundreds scene,” he paused, letting the offer sink in, “And more, this weekend.” He tilted his head down to brush his lips against her neck. After stealing a few kisses, he continued, “Two days dedicated to the task should make a good start.”

He tipped his head in the other direction, kissing the other side of her neck while the finality of his decision hung in the air. After a possessive bite, he finished, “Just to make sure, you’ll bring me the cane every morning and the paddle every night. A week.”

Her body squirmed against his. They both knew she was thrilled by this idea, but a bit scared as well.

“That’s what we shall do, then.” He promised.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Lizzie Take-Over

Daddy's out of town on business this week, so I've taken over our blog! He travels frequently, of course, so we usually manage to work around his schedule. But this trip is particularly hectic - he's staying in six different hotels in three different countries, traveling by plane, train, and automobile.

. In the usual course of our collaboration, Craig picks out the pictures and sends them to me along with the text for his side. I write my side and do the html magic that creates our two column blog (provided you are viewing this on a computer).

[Note: I've spent hours attempting to create a decent mobile version of our blog. I apologize to our readers who struggle through the mobile chaos. If you have any experience with mobile templates and tables, please email me!]

But for this post, I trolled Daddy's Tumblr for pictures. All of them should function as links to his Tumblr, in fact (if I've managed to do that correctly). We've both been using Tumblr as an outlet for posting pictures that don't make it on our blog. So I'm using some of his here.

This picture was taken after a scene, if that isn't obvious from the cane and my red bottom. My favorite part of this picture is that you can see one of Craig's shirts next to my pillow. I like to sleep with Daddy's shirts when I can.
. This picture was actually taken earlier during the same scene as the above picture. I know mostly because the same shirt appears in this picture and I swap out shirts once or twice each week. It's best if the shirt smells like Daddy, of course.

But actually, I remember Craig having me change position mid-scene so he could take this picture. He used the strap on me in this position too! That was much more painful. Maybe someone should tell him not to do that again? (Hint. Hint.)
. This picture makes me giggle. When I realized we were going to have Christmas without the kids, I decided to give more, um, adult gifts. This outfit was one of the gifts I gave Craig for Christmas.

Of course, having Christmas alone meant that we had time to scene. We wrote about that scene here.

But with all the outfits I wrapped up, I ended up doing a little fashion show for Craig. This picture is one from that fun. This seems to be the only one on Tumblr that didn't make it on our blog. Someone should nudge Craig about posting the rest of the pictures. I got some very fun things, if I do say so myself.
. Mmmmm. This is an older picture, but it's a good one. This picture is several days of healing after the hard scene we wrote about here.

I think the marks show up more clearly after a few days. My bottom isn't red, of course, but you can see that it was a wonderful, hard scene.
. This last one isn't kinky in the manner of kink we focus on, of course. But I was getting ready for a night out one night and Craig snapped this picture. I love my stockings and garters. Putting them on always makes me feel dressed up. Even if Daddy does usually have to help with the back snaps. (Sometimes, it's a pain to be a girl. I can't even dress myself! Wait, I like that part too. Nevermind.)

I hope you've enjoyed my random musings. I don't think I'll be taking over the picture-selection job any time soon, but I hope you've enjoyed the pictures I found. Leave us a comment or drop us a line (there are several ways to contact us at the bottom of the page). We always love hearing from our readers.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

What Kink Are You Searching For?

One of the interesting things that comes up in Google Analytics, the tracking data for websites and blogs, is the search terms people used to find a site. We are always amazed at some of the things people search for before finding this blog.

"Nude Girl Under Starbucks Apron"

Okay, this is rather specific kink. Still, I get it. I don't know how this search landed the reader on Black & Blue, but I hope they weren't disappointed. We had a few different occasions where Lizzie was featured wearing aprons. If ever I order a triple grande nonfat latte and the barista is nude with just that signature apron on, I'm definitely going to tip better.
When I look at our search terms, there are several different things I find remarkable. Sometimes I can’t figure out how any search engine sent you to our blog based on those terms. Occasionally, the terms are so generic that I wonder how many pages of results the person went through before finding our blog. (I’ve tested this a few times, finding our blog after more than 15 pages of results.)

But it’s also interesting to see the terms that led people to “bounce” (leave without interacting with the site, usually viewing the site for less than a second). And I’m also interested to see which terms lead readers to explore our site in depth.
"Lizzie's Naked Adventures"

This is a great name for a future blog, or just a very odd children's book series. I don't know what the searcher was looking for or why Lizzie specifically would be having these adventures. I'm really thinking we need to create a new feature on this blog.
Usually the high bounce rate terms suggest that the person was looking for something entirely different than our blog. For example, it’s unsurprising that someone searching for “an amazing speach [sic]” left our site immediately. But I’m less sure why the person searching for “d/s relationships and corner time” left, especially when that search term leads to this post.
"Spanking Scene in Alaska"

Again, oddly specific, but in this instance we delivered. When we went on our cruise to Alaska last year we posted a few blogs that featured scenes on the ship. Which reminds me, Kinky Cruises was another search term. Maybe there's a big enough market for this we should start hosting spanking/BDSM cruises to warm climates.
Similarly, while it’s not strange that a person searching for “sprained my ankle” would bounce, it is remarkable that this person was not a new user - this person had visited our blog before! Was one of our readers searching for information about an injured ankle at work? The blog name looked familiar, so they clicked on it, but they had to immediately close the window?
"Wife Spanked Me Black and Blue"

You've come to the wrong blog.
Another return visitor searched for “a good spanking is when you really make the ass nice and red or black and blue”. First, this sounds more like part of a story than a search term. But also, I wonder if this return reader actually searching for our blog or something else.
"Bottom Received 100 smacks of the hairbrush"

Yeah, that happens. We often do Hundreds Scenes—scenes in which I use hand or implement 100 times each. One scene last year featured 1400 strokes total from various implements. I'm sure that searcher got what they wanted.

"Cartoon He Was Holding Her Dress She Was Standing Nude"

I haven't seen that on Saturday Morning.
Moving to new readers who stay on the blog, “craigandlizzie” is our top search term. I’m surprised to find this at the top of the list for new viewers, because it seems so specific. It’s actually part of our URL. Other common terms to bring in new readers were “d s punishment”, “spanked red bottoms”, “red spanked bottom” and “spanking blog.” These make sense to me, given the content of our blog. But also, “craigandlizzieblog” brought in 3 new readers. Maybe some of these “new” readers have viewed our blog on other devices?
"Dad Needs Punishment"

Google Analytics tells me how many pages the reader explored after entering with a particular search term. For example, a reader searching for “black and blue spanking” viewed 46 pages of our blog. (That may have been every page if they were flipping through the main view.) Another person searching for “revealing mini skirts” viewed a remarkable 32 pages - I wonder how many revealing mini skirts that reader found.

I’m very curious. Have you ever conducted a web search that led to our blog? What terms did you use? What terms would you use if you wanted to catch up with us while you’re away from your primary computer?

Friday, January 2, 2015

The Kinky Year That Was

In this blog post we look back at all we did and enjoyed this past year. For this post, we each wrote our side "blind" (without reading the other's take on the topic). This led to a slight disconnect in the length of our posts, but we hope you enjoy looking back at our year with us.

When the year began, we lived in a different house with two of my kids, a grandchild and my daughter's boyfriend. It didn't give us a lot of options for our kink, but we snuck away for trips when we could and then—boy did we play.

In February we attended BOLD again, a remarkable D/s conference in Los Angeles focused on the MDHL lifestyle. That was also an incredibly rewarding experience as we were responsible for bringing a curated selection of the Leather Library to L.A. for the first time ever.
It goes without saying that 2014 was a “crazy busy” year. But it’s been a wonderful year for us.

It’s been a year of friendship: We’ve come out to several non-lifestyle friends. We’ve made new lifestyle friends.

And, since moving, we’ve been able to spend more time with our friends. This has led to many new friendships and stronger friendships in the community.
We invented what we dubbed "The Silent Scene" living with so many under our roof, using implements that didn't make noise. Of course, I made sure Lizzie didn't make any either.

In May we enjoyed something else we created that we call a "Hundreds Scene." Everything I do I do 100 times. Hand spank a certain style? 100 swats. Change spanking technique? 100 whacks. Each implement? 100 strokes. By the end of the scene she had taken 1,400 hits from whatever came her way.
It’s been a year of travel: We enjoyed an Alaskan cruise, finding time for our kink during the trip. We traveled as far as London and Seoul, Korea. We made numerous trips within the U.S. as well. In total, I flew 60,000 air miles this year and spent 70 nights away from home. Some travel was work travel for Craig, but it was all pleasure for me.

For most of the year, we shared our home with two of Craig’s children and his granddaughter, so getting away always provided a much needed opportunity to play.
In June we took a cruise to Alaska and used the time on board to play in our stateroom. In July, we moved into our new home and shed three of the former family members we shared our prior home with, leaving us with just my son. Almost as soon as we moved we were off to a weekend in Vegas, guaranteeing us time to play.

In August we were in Kansas City for a family event, playing more (again!). In September, we both had our birthdays. I came home from a company retreat and discovered much to my delight and surprise my beautiful Lizzie lying nude on the dining room table and covered in an amazing assortment of cheeses and meats! That was a highlight of my year. That night we also had a fantastic wax scene and the next day we went to a back-to-school themed spanking party.
It’s also been a year marked with huge changes for us as a couple: We bought a house together. We remodeled a house. We moved into our home, cutting over an hour off Craig’s commute. We also saw his youngest daughter married. She moved out of our house with her 4-year-old. And we saw his youngest son off to college, leaving us alone in the new house.

This opened up new opportunities to play at home. We’ve enjoyed many scenes at home. I’ve delighted in the sheer ecstasy of wandering the house naked, to say nothing of meeting Craig coming home from work that way. We've also explored new photo opportunities, posting many of our favorites on Tumblr - Craig's and mine.
September brought about even more change with my son gone to college and us alone full-time for the first time. To celebrate, we had yet another one of our inventions, a "Red Bottom Weekend." Also in September we posted what turned out to be our most viewed post ever for this blog, The Red Bottom Weekend Handbook, which covers another invention of ours. Evidently this got a lot of interest and reposted with links in a variety of places. We attended several events last year. For me, BOLD was the highlight of the year. I also loved the LittleSpace Disneyland adventure. We’ve enjoyed spanking parties and other events as well. We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas party with lifestyle friends, featuring a not-safe-for-vanillas White Elephant gift exchange. And we rung in the new year surrounded by lifestyle friends while, of all things, playing poker and other card games.
In October we went to a littles event at Disneyland where we met some new friends! In November we did a three-part post called Kinky Days, covering all our recent play, scene and lifestyle activities (with photos, of course). You can read those posts here, here and here. We also started a new feature on Black & Blue called "Dramatic Readings" in which email and FetLife messages sent to Lizzie are read aloud.

December brought another milestone: hitting a quarter of a million views on our blog. We were shocked and amazed! And we shared a little playful Christmas Kink for you all to enjoy.

Whew! We couldn't be happier. Happier in our own home together, happier in our kink and dynamic. Happy for our many kinky friends we've grown fond of and close to. It's been a great year and we both know that 2015 will afford us even greater experiences to grow.

Happy New Year, Fellow Kinksters!