Friday, December 5, 2014

No Time for Spankings

Our blog posts seem to fall into three categories: 1. We're busy and don't have much time to play! 2. We played! 3. Something random. This is a Category 1 blog post.

We've been crazy busy. Yes, again. Aren't you tired of reading it? I know I'm getting tired of saying it so you must be getting tired of reading it. I travelled 20 days in November, so finding time to play has been a real challenge.

We went to Orlando together for an annual conference for my industry. While there, we had enough time to ourselves that we were able to get in a right proper strapping with my belt. As you can see, the results were perfect.
It’s possible that the state of insanely-busy just happens to be our natural state. We travel so much together and Craig travels even more for work.

But sometimes, I get to go along on the work trips. Taking advantage of our room at the end of the hall, Craig gave me a lovely strapping. (I do wonder what Craig’s travel coordinator thinks of his request that we get a room at the end of the hall whenever we travel together, but I can’t worry too much about that.)
As I began, Lizzie yelped a few times from the blows. But as I progressed, I gave it my all, really putting a strong swing into it. After a dozen, she settled in for the rest, moaning and grunting with satisfaction. Lizzie loves a good strapping. I love when Craig straps me. It’s possibly my favorite thing. At least, my favorite of impact play. Maybe. To be fair, I love lots of things that we do. But I do love strappings. And this was no exception.

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