Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Kink

Happy Holidays, Fellow Kinksters! Hope you all had an amazing day. We've had a great Christmas eve and day as well. We hope you enjoy our side-by-side description of our fun.

For the first Christmas since I had children they are all away doing other things, so we had both days completely to ourselves. This allowed us for some extra special time together.

So, to start off this post we give you Lizzie's surprise to me, her sexy Santa's helper outfit:

Lizzie and I are traveling on the day after Christmas to spend a late Christmas with my kids. As with many times when we travel, Lizzie came to me and said she wanted to "feel it" when we drove the six hours to Phoenix. What that means is she wants her bottom to hurt the whole way.

I decided Christmas eve to have Lizzie take off her clothes and lie flat on the bed. Next to our bed is a large wood chest where we keep some of our rather large collection of implements. The stuff I use most often is in a travel bag while the bigger and less favorite implements go into the chest in nesting bins.
We enjoyed our first Christmas in our new house this year. Finding ourselves alone, we decided to make the most of the time. After Christmas, we are driving to Arizona. Craig knows how much I enjoy making road trips on a well-spanked bottom, so he set about making that happen.

I got several outfits for Christmas - some as gifts for Craig, others as gifts from Craig. We’ve included the most Christmasy here, but I’m sure Craig will post the rest on his Tumblr over the next few days. I love dressing up!

But there was also plenty of spanking over the last two days. Craig decided to make a scene (or several, technically) out of implements stored in our cedar chest. We have an organization system in the cedar chest that divides the implements into three levels: longer implements such as canes are on the bottom, two levels of bins sort the remainder of the implements. These implements are rarely used; the frequently used implements are stored elsewhere.
So I informed Lizzie that we would be using every implement in the chest one layer of bins per scene until we were done. To pace things, we began with the top layer Christmas eve.

Random implements served both as a fun "potpourri" of surprises and rediscoveries of rarely used items. Many surprised Lizzie with their painfulness.

Christmas day began with the second layer in the chest. Lizzie screeched and squealed as her bottom was already in pain from the night before. Christmas day evening completed our scenes with the third and final level in the chest. Here were a wide variety of canes and crops. Lizzie was so sore from the previous scenes she nearly levitated off the bed as we wrapped up our holiday scenes.

Well, we broke two implements along the way. But that's okay. Tomorrow, a nice OTK before we climb in the car to enjoy the rest of our holidays.

Happy Holidays, everyone!
For the first scene, Craig used implements stored in the top layer of bins. For the second scene, he used implements in the lower level of bins. For the third scene, he used the canes and crops stored in the bottom of the cedar chest.

By his own rule, he only used each implement once, so he had to make the most of the implement the first time he used it. There were several he was loathe to set aside, causing him to ruminate about why these implements weren’t in the more frequently used bag. But this rule made for some very interesting scenes.

As happens when we go through all our implements, there are a few that I’m not sure why we haven’t given away. And, as also happens, we broke two implements. But I’m looking forward to a very ouchy ride tomorrow!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our scene. And I hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday!

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