Thursday, November 6, 2014

NEW FEATURE! "Dramatic Readings" Episode 1

We were scrolling through all the dreck that comes into Lizzie's mailbox on FetLife, her kink email box and other places and were shocked at the ineptitude, poor grammar, outright cluelessness and other issues ranging from things as simple as poor taste to complete and utter density of forehead bone.

In a moment of sheer brilliance Lizzie said, "We should do dramatic readings of these things!" And that was that. kick off a new feature to our blog, we introduce (drum roll please!) "Dramatic Readings".

Taking off from Erica Scott's Correspondence Hall of Shame, such as here, we present the first in a series of audio recordings.

This "pilot" episode needs no set up (as you'll see later, some really do). It's presented in its entirety.


(NOTE: This appears to be a video, but it is audio only.)

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