Thursday, September 4, 2014

Red Bottom Weekend

We had our first Red Bottom Weekend in our new home—and over a three-day weekend no less!

After the emotions and physical labor of the move and my son heading off to college we just didn't have it in us to go to Shadow Lane this year, so we stayed home and decided to have a Red Bottom Weekend. What's Red Bottom Weekend? It's when Lizzie keeps her derrière exposed all weekend and I keep it red. Simple as that.

Because of the three-day weekend we had plenty of occasion to keep Lizzie's bottom red, even though we had lots to do with dinner dates, a wake and other events. Though Lizzie has been craving a longer, intense scene I still managed to get her near tears a few times and we had one rather spectacular strapping.

Every time I spanked her, all weekend long, I took a quick photo of her red bottom. I figured it'd make a nice collage for the blog when we were done.

So here is the result of my handiwork. Hope you enjoy our Red Bottom Weekend as much as we enjoyed having it.
Our first weekend alone in our new home! (Actually, this might have been our first weekend alone at home since I moved to California two years ago.) Even though Shadow Lane is held nearby and so many of our friends attend, we just couldn’t make it work this year. I miss the fun and energy of a party weekend, but we had a very nice weekend at home.

We started Friday night with a spanking. When Craig removed my panties he informed me that I was not to cover my bottom again that weekend. I could wear a thong, but nothing more.

At random intervals over the weekend, Craig would call me over to check the color of my bottom. Occasionally, he would give my cheeks a squeeze and pronounce them “still red,” but more often he would bend me over the nearest piece of furniture for a quick spanking.

He took a picture after each spanking, but only a selection of the pictures fit in the collage he made below.


  1. good color in those cheeks!

    1. I'll take that as a compliment, The Explorer. And thanks for commenting.