Saturday, September 27, 2014

Birthday Weekend…and More!

Both Lizzie and Craig celebrate their birthdays within a week of one another, so there are usually lots of dinners, gifts and kinky surprises. This year was no different...

I was traveling on business on my actual birthday, so Lizzie and I agreed to wait to celebrate until the weekend. As I got home from a company retreat that Saturday evening I got a text: “Lock the door when you come in and proceed into the dining room.” I presumed she was making me a wonderful dinner and would pamper me with an amazing meal (she’s a great cook) but what I got was quite a bit more of a surprise:

Lizzie herself had somehow managed to present an entire cheese and charcuterie on her own body—with no assistance! (I’m still not sure how she pulled off those logistics!) It was incredible and we both laughed at how simultaneously silly and erotic the whole thing was—as I fed her nibbles of meat, bread and cheese. I proposed getting a bendy straw so she could share the wine, but she wouldn’t have it, finding it “gross.”

I noticed underneath the tablecloth was a table length sheet of plastic, the same plastic I use for wax scenes—along with a series of my special candles already aglow. “What’s up with the candles?” I asked as she sheepishly replied, “I hope it’s not too presumptuous to want a wax scene…”
For Craig's birthday, I wanted to do something special. Last year, I wrapped myself as a present (as you can see here). This year, I wanted to top that.

Craig was out of town for business, so I had some time to prepare. As it turns out, timing was probably the second most difficult part of this surprise. My frequent texts requesting an updated ETA (he was driving, through LA) must have warned him that something was up.

One of Craig's favorite treats is a charcuterie. We make them up quite often at home, so getting to necessary ingredients was no difficulty. Even getting the ingredients to the table was no problem - I carried everything over on parchment paper, which folded up nicely to hide under the tablecloth.

The biggest challenge? Displaying everything on myself as I lay on the table. I started by placing meat on my legs. Then I leaned back slightly (talk about an ab workout) to pour almonds and craisins in neat piles. Finally, I laid back and spread the cheeses on my breasts.
After stripping the veritable buffet off her body and cleaning her up, we put the food away and set the dining room table up for the wax scene.

To say the scene was “hot” would result in a forehead slapping “har-dee-har-har” eye roll from you Fellow Kinksters, so I won’t say that. Suffice it to say, it was quite erotic.
As part of my preparations, I lit his candles when he was heading home. I wanted to allow them plenty of time to melt.

For safety, the lit candles are near my feet in the charcuterie picture. The candles near my head (and flammable hair) are battery powered. I'm not so crazy as to lay down with lit candles out of my sight and near my hair, while I was waiting.
A couple years ago at Shadow Lane, which takes place a few weeks before my birthday, Lizzie had organized a very special birthday treat for me: the spanking of four beautiful bottoms. You can see the pic and a write-up on my surprise on my “old” blog, Dark Musing, here.

Continuing with the tradition, last year I got to spank Lizzie and another beautiful girl. This year, being at home and all, I reminded Lizzie that I needed to give my birthday spanking, so I positioned her on the bed for a good 52 whacks:
Of course, spanking had to play a part in our birthday celebrations as well. Unfortunately, we missed Shadow Lane this year, so we weren’t able to host a birthday party there this year.

Instead, Craig gave me his birthday spanking – 52 wonderful swats!
A local spanking scene has been active out near where we moved for some time, getting even more active in the last year or so with their own move to a local dungeon where they meet for play during the day on Sundays once a month. Lizzie and I have had a mind to go for a long time, even coordinated a visit with the organizers a few months ago, but we were never able to make it with all our craziness with packing and the move and everything else. So the day after our Human Charcuterie and Wax evening, we headed out to the Back to School themed spanking party.

Both Lizzie and I dressed up for the occasion, her in a fantastic (and authentic!) schoolgirl outfit and me in my “teacher” suit and tweed bow tie. We had fun chatting with friends and each giving and receiving (and just to be clear, her receiving and me giving) spankings with a few people we know. It was a fantastic weekend!
Despite missing Shadow Lane this year, we did manage to attend a spanking party this month. A local group hosted a “Back to School” themed party that finally fit into our crazed schedule.

It was fun to dress up in costume and get out to see friends. I love my costumes! But when it comes to schoolgirl uniforms, it's possible that I actually have a few too many. In fact, when Daddy saw just how many uniforms I have...he said we would have to go through them soon. (I'm not sure if that was a threat or a promise.)

We had a good time chatting – catching up with old friends and making new ones. I even got a few spankings!

It was a lovely weekend, full of spanking and kinky fun.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Our Kind of "Nooner"

Since we moved much closer to Craig's work and his son left for college, the idea of having a little...shall we say private time at lunch has been on our minds. It was scheduled immediately after returning from college move-in, but it got rescheduled to weeks later because of work conflicts.

Finally, the date arrived...

Lizzie knew I was coming home for lunch. It was on our joint Google calendar as quote-Lunch-unquote At Home. I intentionally hadn't discussed what our plans would be or what she could expect. The morning of our lunch date I casually told her, "You won't need to make lunch." I wanted her to wonder if I was bringing something or if we just weren't going to have time to eat.

Soon after we moved, I suggested that Craig should start taking his lunch break at home, since we are so close. And by “suggested,” I mean that I started writing short little stories about all the hot, kinky things he could fit into an hour. It’s really not my fault that these fantasies have been plaguing me since we moved.

But when we finally got a lunch date scheduled, Craig refused to tell me anything about his plans for the time. When I asked what he wanted me to make for lunch, he casually said we wouldn’t be eating. Eating hadn’t been a huge part of my plan, but still, what were we going to do?
I came into the house and stepped into the bedroom. Lizzie was there, naked, and the bed had all the implements and rope as required. I set to spanking her, bending her over the side of the bed. Then, I began to work her with the paddles until she was whimpering.

I felt between her legs and noted her wetness, which I know can embarrass her. To humiliate her I slapped her pussy with my hand and the leather nanny paddle.

I tied her up then, binding her breasts and working the rope so her hands were bound together over her head. It was time to move on to the "uninstructed" part of the lunch hour...
As the appointed time came closer, Craig texted me with instructions. He asked me to set out some implements and other things. He told me to be waiting, naked in our bedroom when he got home. I was standing there, as instructed, when he got home. He gave me a kiss and removed his sports coat.

He took the rope first, binding my wrists together. We’ve been playing more with rope, so I was surprised when he quit after he secured my wrists together.

He flung the excess rope onto the bed and bent me over the edge of the bed. That’s when he got the other implements. He spanked me for a long time, shifting between implements until I was rather insensible.
I had Lizzie lie back on the bed where I proceeded to tie her bound hands to one of the corner posts on the headboard. I spread her legs roughly, slapping her inner thighs until they were red and smacking her pussy again and again. Then I carefully applied the clothes pins to her pussy and clit. With her writhing and moaning in pain and pleasure, I pulled out a large vibrating dildo which I proceeded to work her over with before moving on to her favorite handmade glass dildo (a lovely aquisition from the local RenFair...).

After she had orgasmed and was left panting, I wanted to lull her into the notion we were done, but instead of cleaning up I got out the Hitachi (by the way, do you think a major manufacturer of Japanese electronics finds it amusing or embarrassing that their little white device is used so deliciously and deviously the world over?) which I applied to her clit until she had come over half a dozen times.

She's insatiable, so when Lizzie begins to beg me to stop, I know I must be doing a good job. I continued my relentless forced orgasms until she had given me a couple more.

By the time we were done I had lost count at around ten and Lizzie was spent, a limp and shaking mass of beautiful flushed flesh.

I cleaned myself up, wiped her up and cleaned her off with a warm wash cloth, kissed her on the lips and said, "Time for daddy to go back to work. You'll clean up after me, won't you?" and left.

All in all, a good lunch break I'd say.
I was certain we had used all the time he had free for lunch with that lengthy spanking, but that must have been wishful thinking. He helped me off the bed and found the loose ends of the rope.

He made a loose harness around my chest before pushing me back onto the bed. He used the length of rope to bind my wrists to the bedpost. It was an unusual tie because it allowed me to slide my wrists, bound firmly together, from my breasts to the bedpost.

Then he started with the clothespins. That is such a mixture of pleasure and pain, I find it quite indescribable. I will say, looking at the picture he took just hurts.

After tormenting me with those, he decided to add to the pain by working various dildos into my pussy. Some of those were just painful until the clothespins finally gave up and fell off.

I’ve been on a bit of a “forced orgasm” kick on tumblr lately. Pictures of girls tied up, usually with a Hitachi held or tied into place, have really gotten to me lately. I must have shown one too many to Craig, because he certainly took that suggestion to heart.

It’s hard for me to describe what happened next. He made me orgasm more times than I could count. Sometimes he would get me close and deny me, but more often he forced one orgasm after another until I was entirely rung out.

He finally untied me, cleaned me up, and held me for a few minutes. Then he had to go back to work and I had to clean up our toys so the housecleaners wouldn’t see them when they came that afternoon!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Red Bottom Weekend Handbook

We have had inquiries about Red Bottom Weekends. This led to us deciding we need to supply a brief guide to what is entailed in a Red Bottom Weekend.

If you choose to do your own, please send us your experiences and photos. We will post anything you send to regarding your own Red Bottom Weekend. You can also send us things on tumblr here.

For example, here is a post from one blogger who wrote a story based on our Red Bottom Weekends.

Heureuse Rouge!
It's nice to say we are going to publish a "handbook" for Red Bottom Weekends, but it's really rather simple from the top's perspective: It’s even easier from the bottom’s perspective:

Provide top with access to your bottom.

Keep the Bottom Red

1. There are times when you don't have to keep the bottom red: when the sub is asleep or when she is out in public. Of course, before bed and before you have to go out (and we prefer you don't go out on a Red Bottom Weekend if you have to) you make sure the bottom is well, spanked and well reddened.

2. I insist Lizzie either wear nothing from the waist down or wear a thong because I need to see that she has not unreddened. You should too.

3. If you see that her bottom is no longer red, spank (or paddle, strap, or otherwise redden) it.

4. Repeat.

It's as simple as that. You will note that by the very title "Red Bottom Weekend" the goal is self explanatory. Further, I find that as the weekend progresses, the bottom becomes increasingly sensitive, reducing the requirement of the top to strike.

I really hope you all have excellent trials of a Red Bottom Weekend (or Red Bottom Day if you can't pull of the entire weekend). As we said above, be sure to send us your stories and pics. We'll post 'em!
That said, there are some things you might consider doing to make the experience more enjoyable.

Lotion! I like to start a few days in advance to make sure my bottom is well moisturized before the weekend. During the weekend, Craig will often apply lotion between spankings as well. After all, this is a red bottom weekend, not a “flaky-white” bottom weekend.

Hydrate! For the same reasons, make sure to keep hydrated over the weekend. Drink plenty of water.

Try a bath. I love taking a hot bath with Epsom Salts. Try adding a cup or two in your bath. This helps prevent bruising and speeds recovery. As a bonus, if you take a hot enough bath, you may trick your top by keeping your bottom too red to spank for a bit. Of course, if your top has been warned by reading my column...what can I say? I love the sting of a wet bottom spanking. Maybe you’ll enjoy it too!

Have fun! Whatever you do, enjoy it. We have a great time with our Red Bottom Weekends. We hope you'll have a great time as well. And we hope you'll share your adventures with us - leave a comment, send us a link, share a picture.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Red Bottom Weekend

We had our first Red Bottom Weekend in our new home—and over a three-day weekend no less!

After the emotions and physical labor of the move and my son heading off to college we just didn't have it in us to go to Shadow Lane this year, so we stayed home and decided to have a Red Bottom Weekend. What's Red Bottom Weekend? It's when Lizzie keeps her derrière exposed all weekend and I keep it red. Simple as that.

Because of the three-day weekend we had plenty of occasion to keep Lizzie's bottom red, even though we had lots to do with dinner dates, a wake and other events. Though Lizzie has been craving a longer, intense scene I still managed to get her near tears a few times and we had one rather spectacular strapping.

Every time I spanked her, all weekend long, I took a quick photo of her red bottom. I figured it'd make a nice collage for the blog when we were done.

So here is the result of my handiwork. Hope you enjoy our Red Bottom Weekend as much as we enjoyed having it.
Our first weekend alone in our new home! (Actually, this might have been our first weekend alone at home since I moved to California two years ago.) Even though Shadow Lane is held nearby and so many of our friends attend, we just couldn’t make it work this year. I miss the fun and energy of a party weekend, but we had a very nice weekend at home.

We started Friday night with a spanking. When Craig removed my panties he informed me that I was not to cover my bottom again that weekend. I could wear a thong, but nothing more.

At random intervals over the weekend, Craig would call me over to check the color of my bottom. Occasionally, he would give my cheeks a squeeze and pronounce them “still red,” but more often he would bend me over the nearest piece of furniture for a quick spanking.

He took a picture after each spanking, but only a selection of the pictures fit in the collage he made below.