Saturday, August 30, 2014

Last Weekend Before "Us"

We left last Wednesday to drive 12 hours to take my son to college. This, if you follow along with our blog, is the final step in a really long lead-up to Lizzie and I being alone. We moved, my son is off to college, and we are finally on our own. Now, don't think I just brushed him off and am cavorting around happy as can be because I'm "free." I miss that kid, but Lizzie and I have have waited two years since she moved to L.A. to be with me so the two of us can be alone.

When we got to college town, we asked for hotel room on different floors, so my kids would not be near us when we played. The first part of the dorm move-in didn't offer us much time to ourselves. It was loading stuff in, unpacking, making countless runs to Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond...but we did get in a nice (albeit short) hand spanking once we got back to the hotel. Of course, we were also exhausted!
Once again, we took a weekend trip with limited play opportunities. But it was move-in weekend for Craig’s youngest son, so away we went on a 12 hour road trip!

We had a bit of luck checking into our second hotel. Because the kids were occupied when we checked in, we were able to request rooms that did not share a wall. (It’s awkward to ask for rooms as far apart as possible when checking in together, far easier to act surprised that the rooms are on different floors.)

Craig took advantage of this rare bit of privacy as soon as I had unpacked. Unfortunately, he hadn’t brought any toys because he had anticipated having rooms side-by-side all weekend. But he used his hand to good effect.
On our last day in College Town we had time alone. Our scene consisted of hand spanking both OTK and bent over the bed. Then, I pulled my thick leather belt off and gave Lizzie a proper strapping, which she absolutely loves.

Things had been rather scattered, both in terms of the move and emotionally, and I think the strapping centered Lizzie a bit before we had to make the 12 hour drive home.

Labor Day Weekend: our first Red Bottom Weekend in our new home.
We found time to enjoy our secluded room a second time, as well. This time, Craig used his belt as well as his hand. That is, of course, my favorite way to be put to bed!

Overall, it was an exhausting weekend. We spent more than 24 hours in the car. (We didn’t even have time for a good scene before we left to make the car ride “interesting” for me.) Seeing Craig’s youngest off to college was emotionally exhausting for both of us.

But we managed a bit of play. And we are looking forward to the holiday weekend ahead for more opportunities.

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Because we are busy moving Craig's youngest son to college, we've decided to conduct a poll in place of our weekly blog. While we are out of town, tell us what you'd like to see more of on our blog. And enjoy the gratuitous picture.


Friday, August 15, 2014

A Weekend In A Sea of Busy

It's become a broken record, we're sure, but have we mentioned we've really been busy? Not only did we move and have not one but two nieces come to stay with us over the summer (not to mention a nephew and a sister for a week or so)? The end of this hectic season (that began back in May--May! is next week, when Craig's son heads off to college. In the mean time, we flew to Kansas City last weekend for Lizzie's parent's 50th wedding anniversary.

For the last couple weeks Lizzie has been "acting up," a term we both use to identify a series of occasionally self-destructive actions Lizzie will take up in order to get in trouble. And not just any ole' trouble that will earn her a spanking, but gen-u-ine real trouble that will earn her a Genuine Punishment. More than a few times she was dragged by the ear to the corner to Think About What She Did.

By her own admission Lizzie is long overdue for a proper spanking and, really, a full-on scene that pushes her to heavy duty bruising. And by her own admission, Lizzie created most of the problem when she invited her nieces to enjoy ten weeks of summer with us.

But more than one she has come to me, voice small and breathy, occasionally beseeching: "Daddy, I need a spanking!"
It’s been a long summer of insanity. Most of that has been good - taking a cruise in Alaska, settling Craig’s daughter and granddaughter into a place of their own, moving closer to Craig’s office, even having my nieces for the summer (though I’ll disagree with Craig by noting that HE offered one of the nieces an internship at his company, I simply invited the other one to even things up).

Owning our own home has been a mixed bag. I’m thrilled to be closer to Craig’s office, of course, and I’ve loved setting up our home the way we want it. But it isn’t without hassles - flooding laundry rooms and frozen air conditioners, just for a start. I’ve had a deluge of deliveries and service people.

But with company, Craig’s son at home, and everything else going on, we haven’t had time for a heavy scene. And it’s safe to say I’m feeling that lack.
Getting away to Kansas City for Lizzie's parent's 50th wedding anniversary portended to be an opportunity for us to play, given we were staying at a hotel. But I was certain it would yield great results, as her sister booked a block of rooms in the same place and I was certain they would have arranged for all of us to be adjacent to one another. So I didn't even pack implements. I figured, I have my hands and my belt.

Of course, I was right. Everyone was on the same floor, a few rooms from each other. Still, we didn't have a family member in a room to either side of us, so I figured we were safe for some light play.
Taking a family trip is a far cry from attending a play party, or even traveling on our own. Both of those hotel stays would provide plenty of opportunity for play. But with curious family members conveniently placed on a single floor, we couldn’t engage in heavy play. (I am out to my family, but that doesn’t mean we thrust our play into their lives.)

Craig still managed to give me a quick hand spanking when we got to our room. It’s a tradition that started at spanking parties, transitioned through our long distance relationship when we met in hotels, and continues any time we find ourselves alone in a hotel room.
The first night, I gave Lizzie a relatively light and short spanking. Yet I was shocked how red she got in such a short period of time. "It's been a while," I said, looking at her red bottom. Lizzie acknowledged it had been too long.

In the morning the next day, I gave Lizzie a very hard, rough fucking, followed by some rather serious breast slapping and nipple torture. She smiled, cooed and loved every minute, the pain slut.
The next morning, with my family safely ensconced in the hotel pool, we indulge in the sort of rough sex we’ve been unable to have with everyone in our home. One of my favorite things is to wake up with Craig’s hands on me.

Waking up with his hard cock pressed against me is even better!

He took it a step further and slapped my breasts until they were quite red. I love the things he does to me!
We managed to get another, slightly better, slightly heavier, slightly longer spanking than Friday evening before it was time to check out and head to the airport, ending what little chance we had to play. But I keep reminding Lizzie that in a very short time my last child will be off to college and our house will be empty and we will be free to do whatever we wish.

First up? A Red Bottom Weekend.

Not sure we'll be blogging next week. Will be taking the boy to college. Whenever we're back, I'm sure we'll have a lot to share. Big changes, meaning a whole new lifestyle, is afoot.
Craig fit one more spanking into the weekend. My family, thankfully, was quite enamored with the pool (or the munchkins were and they pulled everyone else in). I love every time that Craig spanks me, but I’m still craving a heavy scene. I just have to make it through one more week!

It’s been a crazy summer, but I think there are even more changes ahead as we adjust to having the house to ourselves.

As for next week, I might try to put together a poll to post while we’re gone. We’ve been discussing ways to gather feedback from our readers. But we shall see.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

What Our Dynamic Means To Us

The Reward of Service Love of Service
You might think by the title that I find Lizzie's service to me—her dedication and attention to me and my needs and whims—a rewarding thing. But what I mean is I find my service to her rewarding. How does a top/dom/master serve?

My service is to take care of Lizzie, for one thing. That was my commitment to her when she decided she wanted to serve me. Not only do I take care of her, but I protect her, remind her of her commitments to me and help keep her on track.
My favorite part of our dynamic is something very mundane - I love it when Craig orders dinner for me when we go out to eat. I particularly love it when I tell Craig a few things I’m interested in and he simply picks, without further discussion.

It’s not that I cannot pick my own dinner, I’ve been doing that for years with great success. When Craig orders dinner for me, there is a concrete example of the way he takes care of me. But he takes care of me in many other ways as well.
I find all of this incredibly rewarding. First off, I like to take care of my things and to have someone to take care of and who wants and appreciates that I do take care of her is more than gratifying.

Of course, when she goes off track there is no simple reminder of her digression—there is hell to pay. Genuine Punishments (which we've discussed before on this blog) and other penalties occur.

Of course, Lizzie's service to me is exactly what I expect, want and need from her. It's not only part of our dynamic, it completes our dynamic. She is happiest when she serves me and when she is a good girl. And that pleases me immensely.

Our dynamic didn't happen overnight. Any of you regular readers know we began long ago to work out what our dynamic was and where it would end up going. And it still is evolving.

And that in and of itself is incredibly satisfying.
We have a “power-shifted” relationship. That’s how I describe our D/s relationship to my closest vanilla friends, those who don’t understand any of the various letters we apply to our relationship.

For my part in the relationship, that means aligning my goals with Craig’s. It isn’t simply doing what he wants, which I feel would be both easier and harder. I simply want to do what Craig desires. That’s the core of my kink and the core of my being.

For me, the best part of our dynamic is that it allows me to be true to who I am. Craig and I have explored many things (and we continue to explore all the time), but the more we explore the things that interest Craig, the more I find that interests me.

And that's what makes it work for me.