Thursday, July 24, 2014

Paddle at the New House

We decided it would be good to use the fact that we moved into our new "soon-to-be-empty nest" home as the basis for this little bit of fiction.

She came back from grocery shopping late. He had told her to be back in 30 minutes, but she hadn't anticipated getting distracted with all the new organic dairy products they suddenly had at the grocery store.

She came in through the garage door of their new home, bringing her reusable bag of groceries for dinner with her. She thought she would find him on the computer at his desk in the kitchen but he wasn't there. She listened for the TV. The house was silent. From the sound of traffic coming into the house she guessed he had the slider open, so she put the grocery bag down and walked into the living room.

She was shocked to see him sitting patiently on the patio, the glass table lined with an array of paddles of wood, leather, a hairbrush and his dreaded stainless steel paddle with the holes in it. Right out in the open!

He was looking right at her.

"Come here." Ominously.

She hurried to him. "You're late," he said. "Am I?" All wide eyes.

"Yes," he got up, pointing at the chair. She did as he gestured, putting her hands on the seat. He reached around from behind her and undid her short, pulling them down.

"Daddy!" she whined breathlessly. "We're outside!" He swatted her bare bottom with his hand. "People will see!"

He grabbed the leather nanny paddle and began a flurry of swats, no warm up. He covered her cheeks with smack after smack of the flappy leather. She huffed and exhaled noisily and dramatically, so he switched to a wood paddle, certain it would shut her up.
“I think we’re alone now; there doesn’t seem to be anyone around,” she sang as she danced into the living room.

Laughing, he caught her around the waist as she swirled past him. They fell into a tangled heap on the sofa, but it only took a moment for them to shift into the familiar OTK position - he scooted to the center of the couch; she dropped her legs off the side onto the floor and shifted her torso fully onto the cushions beside him; she curled one arm to press against his leg and the other under her head.

“So presumptuous,” he growled. But he gave in to her obvious desire, taking advantage of the opportunity presented. His hand came down on her boxers only a few times before he paused to yank them down.

“Now that we are alone,” he lectured as he smacked her bare bottom, “I don’t expect to encounter these again.”

“Mmm hmm,” she agreed lazily, lost in her enjoyment of his hand spanking.

“Excuse me?” He shifted to allow himself a full swing at her bottom. He adjusted the way he was spanking as well, changing from the thuddy smacks she loved to the stingy swats that made her shriek.

“Yes, sir.” She yelped, “Ow! I’m sorry. Shit!”

He continued smacking hard and stingy, until she finally whined, “Daddy!”

“No,” he said, though he paused for a moment, “No, ‘daddy’. Not for that.”

He lifted her off his lap, leaving her folded over the sofa. She lay still, catching her breath while he watched her.
It did.

He continued like this for a bit, sensing she was getting sore from the position and grabbed her by her wrist to pull her up as he sat down and in one smooth accomplished move pulled her across his lap again. The wood paddle was put aside and a hair brush produced, which he used to cover her bottom with bright red oval marks.

By the time he finished she was in tears. "Do you know why you're being punished, young lady?" She nodded through her crying. "I was late?"

He began to gently rub her bottom then. "Yes, you were late. And you didn't text to ask if it would be okay, did you?" A muffled, quiet "no." He pulled her to her feet, hugged and she grabbed hold of him partially to support herself because she felt like her legs were suddenly rubber, but also because she hoped he would say what came next. "I forgive you."

She melted into him. The world was right again. And it was time to make dinner...
He grabbed her wrist and pulled her to the bedroom. There, he ordered her up onto the bed and positioned her to his liking. Leaving her there, he circled the bed to open their cedar chest. It took a moment to find what he wanted, because the contents had shifted during the move.

But he was able to find the paddle he wanted fairly quickly. He took up a position beside her, measuring out his stroke. He shifted and struck.

She yelped, but he ignored her to study the mark left by the paddle. She moved at his command, adjusting to a better position for him. He struck again. Once more, he ignored her response to consider the rosy spot left on her bottom. This time, he adjusted his position before striking again.

He grunted in satisfaction as the paddle struck her bottom. He did not need to look, the sound of the strike told him it had hit perfectly. He laid into her bottom until she was sobbing and her backside was a lovely red.

He tossed the paddle aside and laid on the bed beside her. He pulled her into his embrace. She rolled into him, cuddling with her face buried in his chest.

“And many more to come,” he whispered softly in her ear. “So many more to come.”

Thursday, July 17, 2014

No Vacancy

So as you know from our last and recent posts, we moved. Of course, we still aren't on our own yet. My son leaves for college at the end of August, but in the mean time, we've had another 18 year old in our house for the last month and a half, Lizzie's niece.

Now, Lizzie's niece's younger brother and sister have joined us for a week, so our new downsized home is chock full o' kids. This is getting to be a bit much for Lizzie, as some of her tells are showing. (Oh, and she mentioned she can't wait for peace and quiet again.)

The good news is most will leave on Monday, with the exception of the younger sister, who's staying on for two more weeks.
This summer has been a bit wild, but not in a fun, kinky way. We’ve had my 18-year-old niece living with us, as well as Craig’s 18-year-old son. Thankfully, the two get along, but it has made our summer a bit more hectic. Then, of course, we moved.

We took a quick trip to Vegas last weekend. My sister flew in with her two other kids. My sister is staying in Vegas for a work conference, so we brought all three of her kids home with us for the week.

Our new house is much smaller than our old house, which is perfect for the empty-nest life we expect in August. But for the summer, it is less than ideal.
Of course, that doesn't mean we didn't get some quote-quality time-unquote. Between the run-down from the move (unpacking...a litany of little problems that needed to be fixed...) I knew Lizzie needed some focusing. Fortunately, we took her relatives to Vegas for the weekend to sightsee and, for the first time in a bit, we had a room to ourselves (as you can see).

We got in a few spankings in and a really delicious caning—with the Bellagio fountain and the lights of the Strip in the background. (We even paused a couple scenes to watch the fountain show!)

But in the end, the scenes were needed and helped Lizzie get centered and calm. Of course, now that we've been home for a few days things are hectic all over again—and not likely to get better for a few more weeks. Well...that's what dungeons are for, right?
Craig and I met in Vegas, at a Shadowlane spanking party. I’m not particularly fond of Vegas. I don’t gamble. And I prefer the company of confident, mature, kinky people over a crowd of “what happens in Vegas” folk. But I have wonderful memories there. Plus, Craig and I have started every trip to Vegas with an OTK spanking.

This trip was no different. As soon as we had the room to ourselves, we settled in for our traditional OTK spanking. We took the family to see a couple shows and some wonderful meals. (I can’t complain about the food in Vegas; Craig always spoils me there.)

We also managed a wonderful caning scene. The break to watch the Bellagio fountain show was perfectly timed.

Monday, July 7, 2014

A House "Warming"

Whew! We are exhausted. If you are a regular reader you'll know it has been weeks since we posted. First, we were on vacation in Alaska. It was a great trip (as you saw in our last post). Since we returned home, things have been absolutely crazy getting ready to move from our rental home of 18 months to our how home we purchased just a few minutes from Craig's work. We spent six weeks getting the house ready to go, and now we are in after a week and getting settled to the point we can even begin to think about posting again...

It was bad enough I was out of town when we moved. I'm not big on having things happen when I'm not able to control it. I'm not big on having things happen when I can't do anything about it. So...being out town when the move happened was a bit, uh, stressful for me. Lizzie surely had it under control, but I'm used to solving problems (or at least present when problems happen) and I have never, ever moved and not been home before.

Leaving the "old" house and coming home to the "new" one was strange, to say the least. My son and I had gone out of town for college orientation, and coming back to a completely different house was strange.

But a day after I got home and two days after we moved, Lizzie and I found ourselves alone in our new house. It was exciting. We were in our quote-dream home-unquote. We knew that in a couple months my son would be away at college and we would be on our own, and we would be living the life we always dreamed we would.

So there we were, unpacking boxes. Moving shit around. Hot. Tired. And we were alone. Alone. Totally alone. And so I sat on our new leather sofa and put my smartphone aside and sat there, looking at Lizzie, and told her to come to me. She had that sly smile on her face, like she knew what was about to happen.

That pisses me off. She shouldn't know what's about to happen. She should at least be "surprised."

She went across my lap. I spanked her--hard. No warm up. It wasn't a long scene, but it was intense. Her breathing grew rapid and I spanked her almost as hard as I could--again and again--until I felt she had reached the point she had "earned" as much as she deserved.

After, she dropped to her knees and we hugged.

"Thank you, Daddy," she said. I kissed her cheeks.

"You did well, young lady," I said, with regard to her work moving us from one house to another.

We "broke in" the house. We christened it. This was the start of a whole new life on our new house. And we were home.
This house is a big step for us. Initially, I moved from Kansas into Craig's house. Then we moved to a house we rented together. But we spent months shopping for this house. And another couple months renovating this house. Even after we moved in, there are plenty of things to do around the house in addition to unpacking.

One of those things was putting privacy film on the bathroom windows. As we started this project, Craig asked if we had anything better for trimming the film than the knife we had been using on boxes for two days. I remembered seeing something in his toolbox, so I got it for him. I'm not even sure what this tool is used for, but it appeared to have a cover over a straight razor blade.

When I handed it to Craig, he pulled off the cover and unscrewed the part holding the blade in place. The blade was positioned backwards, with the sharp side in. As he pulled it apart, he said, "I keep the blade in backwards, for safety."

All at once, I was flooded with memories of a time I wouldn't have been safe. I was a cutter. Despite the years since the last time I cut, despite the fact that I'd been using various knives on boxes all day, I was suddenly shaking and terrified.

Fortunately, Craig is aware of my history. Early in our relationship, Craig mentioned that he was enjoying knife play and asked if I would consider trying it. I was uncertain whether that sort of play would be a trigger for me. So this is a topic we have discussed at great length. Our play, even including knives, has never hit this trigger. But because he knew the history, he simply held me until I stopped shaking.

Hours later, we had the scene he described. A simple, lovely, OTK scene. It was just what I needed to feel centered again. And it was a wonderful way to break in our new home.

I'm looking forward to more scenes and more fun in our new house. With any luck, I won't have any more emotional landmines explode...but I'm ever so happy to have Craig's support. One of my favorite things about our relationship is our ability to talk through anything - the way our kink has given us the confidence to engage in open and meaningful discussion.