Monday, June 16, 2014

Kinky Cruise

If you're a regular reader you know we post weekly, but we took a two week vacation to go to Alaska and take a cruise. After that, we had relatives in town followed by a graduation. So after our three week time off, we're back!

Neither Lizzie nor myself had been on a cruise before. We had hoped we'd get some time together to scene, but we didn't know how soundproofed the rooms would be. Fortunately, we had a balcony (so at least we could go outside and shut the sliding glass door) if need be.

I brought a nanny paddle, my short travel cane and some clothes pins. I figured, at the worst, we could have some silent scenes similar to home. Fortunately, our rooms were pretty quiet, room-to-room, but the door to the hallway was practically nonexistent in terms of sound control, so we kept it pretty light, noise-wise.

Still, we had some good scenes ranging from some good old fashioned spanking to a caning, some paddling and an extended clothes pin scene. We also did a little age play, thanks to Lizzie bringing an appropriate outfit for the cause.

All in all, the vacation was excellent, the scenery amazing, the weather good and Lizzie's bottom a perfect treat. We are refreshed and reinvigorated, ready for six weeks with Lizzie's niece with us and, in the midst of all that, a move to our new home!

Thanks for being patient with us while we were away.
As Craig said, this was our first cruise. We weren't sure what opportunities we would have for play on this trip. Oh! And for extra fun, we took my parents along for the trip. I've been out to my parents for years. Considering that my parents know that Craig and I met at a spanking party in Vegas, I would say that Craig is also out to my parents. But this doesn't mean we want to toss our kink in their faces, as they've been very accepting of "whatever makes me happy."

When Craig booked our cruise, he thoughtfully told our travel agent that we wanted to have a room "near the parents but not sharing a wall." I'm sure the travel agent found this request no more odd than basing our choice of cruise ships on the specialty restaurants (she found this very odd, when I think it is a very practical way for foodies to pick a cruise ship).

As it was, we had an incredible trip. We were able to spend quality time with my parents, located perfectly with one room between us. We found time for some great play - mostly light play, but with a great deal of variety. And we enjoyed a lovely get-away with time to reconnect (and eat wonderful food at the speciality restaurants onboard, of course.)

Now, we just need to find another kinky couple that enjoys cruises to travel with in the future. I think I'm sold on this cruising thing.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

We Interrupt This Blog...

Just a brief note to let you know we are out of town on vacation both last week and this. The blog will be back to our regular side-by-side posts again next week. We have lots of stories to share of spankings, scenes and more from our trip, so we'll see you next week to regale you with stories...