Friday, May 2, 2014

So Many Spankings

This last weekend we had the rarest of opportunities: two nights of play. Friday night, we had a narrow window of opportunity to get in a brief scene, so there we were doing OTK. I was in a silly mood. I thought, if I was going to role play and say the opposite from the usual scene, what would that be like?

"I am so sick of you being such a good girl!" I mock-scolded. "Every single day it's always, 'I'm going to help Craig' and 'I'm going to take care of things'! Sheesh!" And I spanked and spanked while Lizzie laughed and laughed. It was a good, thorough spanking to be sure, but I don't think we had laughed so hard since our candy scene [video here].
The weekend started off with a brief window for us to play. Craig pulled me over his knee for a quick hand-spanking.

I’d barely settled into place when Craig said, “Why do you have to be such a good girl?”

I turned to look at him as much as possible, bewildered, as he continued, “If you weren’t such a good girl, I wouldn’t have to spank you all the time.”

All I could do was giggle. I don’t know how Craig managed such a hard spanking while laughing, but he did. We had a great time.
Saturday night, we had the house to ourselves for a lot longer. I chose to surprise Lizzie with a Hundreds Scene--a scene we do where everything is done 100 times. I began hand spanking OTK in one of my styles...100 times. Then switched to another style...100 times. Then a third. Then I switched to a leather paddle. 100 more.

A few hundred more hand spankings and I had Lizzie get up and put her hands on the back of an armchair, then laid into her with another seven or eight implements. Lizzie sank deeper and deeper into subspace, but then began to lose tolerance as each of the last few implements as the count neared 100.

In the end, 1400 strokes/hits of each implement, Lizzie's bottom bruised and marked. I held her for a while and then the two of us realized we were famished and headed downstairs to make dinner.
When we had a little more time the next night, Craig got out a number of implements. (He didn’t actually get out the belt shown above; he was wearing it. Sneaky!) Because I knew we had more time available, I was surprised he hadn’t selected more implements.

After a warm-up spanking, Craig informed me we were doing a Hundreds Scene. I should have known that the limited number of implements meant he would use them more times!

It was a long scene and a hard one. I have a strong love/hate relationship with Hundreds Scenes. They are physically intense scenes. The predictability of one hundred swats is both annoying (“how many more of this awful thing?) and comforting (“only ten more and he will stop”). By the time Craig removed his belt to use it, I was flying. After 1,400 strokes, I was one very happy girl.

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