Thursday, April 3, 2014

Flash Fucktion

First Time for Everything Panty Wars
"I'm ready," she said, just a little breathlessly. She had imagined this day for years. Likely since she was a kid, but it seemed like always to her. She yearned to be spanked, had harangued neighbor kids when she was young into awkward scenarios growing up that eventually led her to being punished. She even had put binder clips on her nipples once and had caused one to bleed. That had scared her and she didn't like inflicting the pain on herself, so she had stopped that.

Now, finding an older man she liked and trusted, she was finally able to submit to her desires and was about to receive her first real spanking.

"You sure?" he asked, kindly. There was nothing sexual in their dynamic, but she could see the glint in his eye and wondered if it was just his eagerness to hurt her "virgin" bottom or if he was simply perving on getting her athletic body across his lap. Or both. She nodded that she was.
“Are those new panties?”

She spun in a circle as she stepped out of her closet, the skirt of her dress falling into place over the questioned item of clothing.

“I haven’t seen them before, are they new?” he repeated his question, refusing to be distracted by her outfit or her twirls.

“I’m sure you’ve seen them,” she hedged.

“No,” he caught her wrist and pulled her close, “Don’t start. Are they new?”

“I, um, I haven’t worn them before.”

“So how would I, no, I’m not going down that rabbit hole today. Did you buy them after I told you no more panties?”
He sat down on the sofa, taking her wrist in his hand and gently pulling her across his lap. He felt her tense up. "It's okay." Hushed voice. He pulled her to him, his left arm on her hip. He felt her tense again, suck in air. "Hey, hey, hey. It's okay. I'm not going to rape you, I'm just going to beat your ass." It broke the ice a bit. She laughed a bit. He felt her relax by degrees. "Now I'm going to spank you over your shorts, lightly. Tell me if I go too hard." He heard a muffled, "mm-hmm."

He spanked her bottom, padded by her flannel shorts. He went cautiously, going from cheek to cheek for a few minutes, then he paused. "How's that?"

Sheepishly she replied, "You can spank harder." They both chuckled at that. He felt her relax a little more. He did indeed spank her harder. She gave out a little moan, buried her face into the paisley throw pillow next to her.

"I'm going to pull down your shorts," he said. "Just to get to your bottom so there's not so much fabric." She nodded silent consent. He was pleased to see her bottom was already a light hue of crimson. "This is going to hurt a bit more now. And I'm going to try a few different techniques to see what you like. You'll feel the difference."

He spanked her harder, and she clenched but then relaxed again, her shapely bottom becoming redder. He altered his technique, going hard and flat with his hand, then cupped to make a thuddy impact, then straightened his fingers for a sharp sting. He checked in with her constantly, but not so much that she couldn't slip into her own world--discovering her subspace for the first time.

Her bottom got redder and she breathed deeply, sinking into the sensation and pain. "You're a little masochist, aren't you?" he whispered. She nodded silently again, her face suddenly reddening like her bottom.

He stopped, gently rubbing her ass cheeks. "All done." She wasn't sure what to do, lying across his lap like a wet noodle. She felt awkward. "Just hang tight. Take your time. It's okay."

"That was...amazing," she said simply, face still full of paisley. "I want more."

"You can have more again soon," he said. "I want you to process this for a bit." He helped her to her feet then. She craned her head around to look at her bottom.

"Good grief!" she said, seeing the even redness.

"Nice, isn't it?" He gave her a crooked smile and wagged his eyebrows at her, trying his best to pantomime pervy.

"Can I have a picture?" she asked, and he pulled out his mobile to snap a photo. She looked at his screen. "Oh my god that's so hot." She gave him a devilish grin and stuck her thumbs into her panties and pulled them down. "Take another." He did.

"Thank you," she said, "for popping my kink cherry." They chuckled again. "Anytime."
Her silence condemned her. He shook his head, “You are impossible!”

Keeping his hold on her wrist, he spun her toward their bedroom, unintentionally mimicking the motion she had made flouncing out of her closet. He pushed her ahead of him, marching her toward the bed.

At the last minute, he stepped around her and sat on the bench at the foot of their bed. He used her momentum to pull her right over his lap. Without any further discussion, he swept her skirt out of the way and started spanking her bottom.

He spanked hard, until her wiggles turned into a real attempt to escape his lap. He gave her thighs a few smacks, “Settle down. If I have to restrain you, I’ll cane those thighs. And I don’t care who sees the welts.”

Her skirt was barely long enough to cover the area he had already reddened. The threat was enough to quell her movement. He spanked her for a few more minutes before pulling her to her feet.

“We aren’t finished with this discussion, young lady. But we can’t be late for our dinner reservation. No, don’t pull those up. Give them to me. You can spend dinner thinking about just how much trouble you’re in.”

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