Friday, March 7, 2014

Domestic Life, Randomly

We have an intense scene planned for tonight, but we've found a few opportunities to play at home over the last couple weeks.
I feel most of our blogs begin with "things have been really busy lately" far too often. Yeah, yeah, you must say. We're all busy!" You're right. We all are. So anyway, things have been really busy lately. With BOLD now a happy memory, we've settled back into whatever routine our busy lives fit within.

We've had odd pockets of time alone in the last few weeks (see our post, "Stolen Moments" here). Almost guerilla-like scenes have appeared as time has become available. No one's home? BAM! An OTK. The house is empty? BAM! Lizzie is out grabbing stuff for a lovely, quiet dinner alone from Trader Joes whilst I prepare for a scene with all our favorite implements.

The other night, Lizzie sheepishly came up to me while I brushed my teeth to get ready for bed and said, "Will you cane me?" Lizzie almost never actually asks for things like this, even though I encourage her to do so.

Of course, I was happy to oblige. The next night, the same thing happened. Another request, another caning, followed by a long hug and much cuddling in bed.
As Craig says, we do keep ourselves busy. But in the past two weeks, as we recovered from BOLD, we found a few stolen moments to play.

Anytime we find ourselves alone at home, we sneak in a quick scene. In the past two weeks, the kids have miraculously arranged their activities at the same time to leave us the house. The first time was only a short span of time, leaving us just enough time for a lovely, OTK spanking.

The second time, the kids made their own dinner plans (for the first time ever). After a quick shopping trip, I put on some lingerie to cook dinner for Craig. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we were just sitting down for our dinner (me safely back in pajamas) when the kids returned from their evening activities.

Even with the kids at home, we’ve had a couple silent scenes. The other night, I knelt on the floor beside Craig while he was getting ready for bed. He looked at me like I was crazy for a moment, but when he asked what I wanted, I managed to ask him to cane me. He did. And it was just as wonderful as I could hope.
Today, Lizzie and I drove together to my work. Tonight we are going to the Lair and we really don't like the idea of driving two cars home after we've played. Never quite sure what condition she'll be in after a scene. So we've gotten into the routine of her riding in with me, dropping me off, and her taking the car back, so when she comes to meet me in the evening to go out we only have the one car.

She was still in her "pajamas" on the ride into work this early morning: a t-shirt and her flannel Victoria's Secret shorts. The shorts are rather short, exposing most of her slender, long legs. As we neared the office I told her to spread her legs so I could leave her a lasting impression of me. Her eyes widened. Lizzie knew: I was going to give her what some call "thigh turkeys" but we call "skeleton hand" (because the imprint of both my hand and the bones in my hand leave positive/negative impressions on her skin—maybe we should have named this "X-ray hand").

So she hiked up what little of her short-shorts were in the way, spread her legs and bit her lip, preparing for the what was to follow. I lined up while we were stopped at the last traffic light before we got to my office and I smacked her thigh. Hard. "It could have been harder," I said.

As she hissed breath through her mouth she shakily replied, "Harder???" A moment later we arrived at my office and we took a few quick pics of her skeleton hand.

Later in the morning, after she had gotten home (we live 38 miles from my office and she had made a stop at a store) and another hour or two had passed beyond her drive time she texted me: NOT REALLY FADED with a photo of my handprint still on her thigh. Can you high-five yourself without looking stupid?
Tonight, we are going to the Lair. I hate driving at night - I’m practically night-blind and with LA traffic, the lights are just too much. And I never feel entirely comfortable driving after a lengthy scene. So we’ve made a habit of organizing our lives so that we only end up with one car at the Lair. (When that doesn’t work out, we often leave one car at Craig’s office and retrieve it the following day. I can hardly wait until we move!)

So this morning, I rode with Craig to his office. I didn’t bother to get dressed, because I was only along for the ride. Craig decided that my bare legs provided him a lovely opportunity to leave a “skeleton hand”.

“It should fade by the time you get home,” he said.

I reminded him that the kids would all have gone to school by the time I got home. He ordered me to move my arms out of his way.

At a stop light, he brought his hand down hard on my inner thigh.

Fuck! That hurt!

And he says he didn’t even go full strength. Seven hours later, I still have the marks from his fingers on my thigh.

Tonight, we will take the opportunity to enjoy a longer scene at Conquest. Need I say how excited I am?

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