Friday, February 28, 2014

BOLD 2014

BOLD, now in its third year, is the only MDHL-fs (Male Dominant Heterosexual Leather-female submissive) conference in the world, put on by the Monarchs. Once again, we were heavily involved in the planning and implementation of the event.

Photos by The Clandestine Capture

Where to begin? What to say? Once again, BOLD was an amazing experience. Months in the planning stages, Thursday (the day before the event) began with the organizers prepping for the the arrival of The Carter Johnson Leather Library. That library is a repository for the history of Leather and leather relationships, but lots in the collection relating to the LGBT scene, erotica, etc. Far from definitive, the collection of books, ephemera, movie posters, art, programs, magazines and more is extensive.

The owner/keepers of the library drove out dozens of containers of material in a cargo van from Indiana to Los Angeles. My job was to oversee the Library and make sure it got up and running and got out and on the road after. With help from two amazing friends and Lizzie, not to mention many helpful Monarchs and their girls, we had a lot of work to do.

Needless to say, the Leather Library got "installed" and set up in two days, ready for the Keynote speech with International Mr. Leather record holder Guy Baldwin and his introduction of the Library to the attendees at BOLD. We stood proudly as the lights came up on the Library to the awe of the attendees Friday night.
The weekend started early for me. Thursday morning, I drove out to start ferrying supplies to the hotel. We were able to get access to the conference rooms early (the hotel was amazing, all weekend long), so I helped prepare the library. We started by taping off the layout of the room.

After a quick break for lunch, I joined other volunteers outside in the parking lot. We scrubbed cinder blocks with steel brushes, wrapped each block in black plastic, and moved the blocks to the loading dock behind the hotel.

Joined by more volunteers, we moved the wrapped blocks into the library space. Inside, each block was wrapped with a 20-foot, ruched, piece of black plastic. As the girls wrapped blocks, the Monarchs built the shelves that would display Mamma Vi’s incredible collection.

We started early on Friday, unloading the collection into the library. We shelved books and displayed art. The day passed in a blur, punctuated by joyous finds in the library: The first erotic novel I read! Rare books I’ve only heard of, but saw for the first time this weekend! The first erotic novel I bought! A lengthy reading list of things I would like to pursue further.
For the next two days, we spent a great deal of time serving as hosts in the Library, only sneaking away for meals and getting the chance to attend one class. The rest of the time we got to listen to stories by Mamma Vi Johnson, the owner and curator of The Carter Johnson Leather Library.

What an amazing woman. She is doing yeoman's (yeoperson's?) work to save, store, curate and protect the largest repository of Leather, BDSM, LGBT, kink and erotica material on the planet and she's one of the most genuine, kind, wise people I've had the good opportunity to meet, get to know and become friends with.

We had an amazing time communing with our community. Like last year, just being with people who were open about who they were just made us feel at home. What a freeing feeling. Everyone was so great, kind, friendly and honest.

At the dinner on Saturday night our own Strange Sir received the Mentor Award. It was great to see Strange honored and to hear his own wise words.

Sunday, as the conference was slowly winding down, Mamma Vi started to seem as though she was getting a bit melancholy, as we were, just thinking about the Library closing and heading home. At the closing event, Mamma Vi addressed the Monarchs to thank us all for our help. She said a lot of other amazing things that now feel very private and personal, even though she spoke to all of us. After she spoke, she came and gave each Monarch a big hug. I think there were few dry eyes in the room after that, and I think I was pretty much openly weeping at the time. Very emotional. Such an amazing person.

Fortunately, load-out took only a few hours rather than two days, and after we finished loading the cargo van and taking down a very labor intensive library shelving solution (though genius because it fit our budget!), it was time to say goodbye to Mamma Vi, Robbie (her boy and co-conspirator/assistant) and the Leather Library. It was very, very hard.
Our volunteer work at BOLD this year was focussed on The Carter Johnson Leather Library. I loved listening to Mamma Vi’s stories and watching people discover the library for the first time. The other Library staff was also wonderful and interesting.

But I spent much of the weekend curled up with a book in the library. Every book held a new discovery. Something to think about or something to apply. A new author to add to my reading list. A new book to fall in love with.

We had all worked so hard to bring the library to LA and had spent a great deal of time prepping and setting up for it. The attendees were so amazed and appreciative of the West Coast premiere of the Library. Mamma Vi was so wonderful and such a spirit. I guess it's hard to capture the feeling in words.

Of course, we also had the opportunity to play. Lizzie got her traditional start-of-weekend OTK spanking in our hotel room, and then, when we all went to the Lair for a BOLD attendees night Saturday night, I spanked her longer OTK and then on to a solid strapping.

Once again—weekend over—Lizzie and I poured over our recollections from the weekend and shared with other how we appreciated the communal nature of being with people who all were true to themselves and were proud of their MDHL associations.

It was another amazing BOLD. I can't wait until 2015...
We were able to attend one class together, which was nice. Last year, we didn’t have that opportunity. We met lots of people in the library and at meals. We took the opportunity to talk with old friends and new friends.

Load-out went more quickly than we could have hoped, with so many volunteers working together. It was very sad to pack up the library, but it was a relief to manage the feat with nothing more than sore muscles and a few bruises.

This week has been one of recovery - it was an intense weekend. I learned so much, I’m still working to process it all. But it was a joy to be with so many authentic people this weekend. A great pleasure to be at home, at BOLD.

Thursday, February 20, 2014


We have two milestones this week that we both find to be rather significant in one way or another.

First, BOLD 2014 begins this Friday. BOLD brings together members of the MDHL (male dominant heterosexual leather) community for two days of classes and workshops, celebrating the third year as the world's only MDHL conference. There are tracks for men, women and couples throughout the weekend, plus keynote presentations and the West Coast premiere of the Carter Johnson Leather Library, an archive of all things relating to the leather lifestyle.

Last year, we both experienced such an amazing conference. You can read about our experiences here. Based on last year, we are very excited about this year's even and will be blogging about our experience next week.

The other milestone was that Black & Blue topped over 150,000 discreet visits over the last weekend. That seems significant to us and we thank all our readers, pervy photo viewers and other curiosity seekers for visiting our blog. It's nice to get feedback from you and learn that you still are interested in our unique side-by-side approach to our lifestyle experiences.
We are so excited to be headed to BOLD again this year. Last year, BOLD was an incredible, affirming experience for both of us. It was a chance to share experiences and learn from a wide range of individuals, each with their own perspective and experience.

This year, we’re looking forward to a new round of classes, another opportunity to make new friends, and the chance to see the Carter Johnson Leather Library. We’re volunteering at the event again, so it will be a long weekend, but we know it will be well worth the effort. And we will blog about the conference next week.

Speaking of our blog, we’ve passed the 150,000 visit mark. We’re thrilled to have so many people view our blog. Our most common search term is “the cane giving” - I’m not certain what those searchers were looking for, but I hope they found it here. Another fairly common search term is “d/s punishments” - thankfully, we don’t have to write about that one often. But I’m happy that people come to our blog and I hope everyone finds a reason to return.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Stolen Moments

Regular readers know we live in a house with Craig's two children and his three-year-old grandchild, so finding the time to play and share our lifestyle is next to impossible.
Finding opportunities away from our local dungeon to get a good scene in, or even to enjoy and appreciate our lifestyle is next to impossible, so to have two moments in one weekend is enough to warrant a blog post all on their own.

The first happened a few days ago. Lizzie had been a bit bratty and snarky and sarcastic all evening. I felt it was time to really let her know how much I "appreciated" her sarcasm (it was all for good fun, of course). Coming into our room to get ready for bed, I told Lizzie to drop her pants and panties and grab me a cane. She did, and I proceeded to give her some nice strokes and marks across her bottom and upper thighs.
We weren’t able to play at the Lair last weekend, but we did manage to sneak in some fun at home. Scenes at home are a rare thing - the mixed blessing of having a family that enjoys spending time together, I suppose.

We’ve written before about our “silent scenes” and our first opportunity last weekend was for one of those. Daddy sent me upstairs ahead of him to get ready for bed, telling me to get a cane for him. There’s nothing quite so difficult as picking out the implement myself. We have a wide variety of canes to consider. I picked one we haven’t used recently. We had to make a few adjustments, but Craig left very nice marks when we finished.
Flash forward to Sunday...

We found ourselves unexpectedly alone for about 45 minutes. That never happens... So, as Lizzie was pouring herself a bath, I sat on the bath's edge and called her in (she had been scurrying around doing other stuff as the tub filled). She saw me sitting on the edge of the tub and just knew. I could see it in her eyes. A glint. A gleam. "Did they go?" she asked hopefully. I nodded and patted my lap.

She was across it faster than a North Korean across the DMZ. I didn't give her any warm up. We likely didn't have much time. A hard 20 minutes of hand spanking later, I told Lizzie to get up and put her hands on the edge of the tub. I pulled off my belt and proceeded to give her a hard strapping. 20 strokes. Lizzie loves strapping and loves my belt.

As soon as I finished we hugged and I told her to jump into the tub. I wanted her in there while the water was still hot to really sear her glowing red bottom.

"Ouch!" she said as the water touched her cheeks. It brought a smile to my face, as did the two rare changes we had to play.
After sneaking in the caning earlier in the weekend, I did not expect we would have a chance to play again. But on Sunday, the opportunity arose and we had to take advantage!

I was filling the bathtub and getting ready to take a bath. I knew that the youngest was at a movie with his friends and it sounded like the others were planning to leave, but I couldn’t be sure. When Craig came upstairs and sat down on the side of the tub, I knew the rest of the family must have gone out.

I was already naked, as I was planning to get into the tub, so I jumped right over Craig’s lap. He gave me a very hard hand spanking as a warm up. Then he had me stand up and bend over at the edge of the tub. He slid his belt off and gave me a nice, hard strapping. I love that so much!

He gave me a hug, but soon insisted I get on with taking my bath. Now, I like my water HOT when I take a bath. So hot that usually, when I climb out of the water, I have to lie naked on the bed for awhile to cool off before I can get dressed. I also usually put Epsom Salts in my bath water. Hot salty water stings! (But I love that too.)

Friday, February 7, 2014

Flash Fuction

Today, Craig picked a set of pictures and wrote his story. Without reading his story, Lizzie looked at the pictures and wrote her story. Here are the two stories, presented side-by-side.
Getting What She Deserves Tease
He was working. It had been a long day of meetings at the office and he was no closer to getting through the 110 emails in his inbox than he was when left the office at 7 pm. It was 10:15 now. He still hadn't had dinner and the scotch sitting next to him was ignored and diluted, his eyes bleary from staring at his laptop screen.

He could hear the door unlock from his den and knew that she had decided to come over after all. He had told her he was buried in work and he likely wouldn't be much fun. She sounded pouty on the phone when he'd told her this. "But it's the weekend!" she whined. "It's Friday night and it's been a long week and I have a lot left to do before my weekend begins." He'd invited her over, but she had sounded uncertain.

She kissed him and plopped down on the brown leather armchair that sat across from his glass desk. She played a game on her phone, not wanting to interrupt. He could see over the top of his laptop that she kept glancing at him hopefully. "The more you distract me the longer I'll be."

A few minutes passed. Silently, she stood up and, as he was reading through a monthly report, took off her skirt and then bent over in front of him, pretending as if she was examining something.
She stepped out of the shower and dried off. After hanging her towel, she bounced into her closet. He stopped briefly as he walked by, pausing only long enough to give her a quick kiss on the cheek before continuing to the shower.

She leaned out of the closet, peeking into the bathroom to watch him step into the shower. He caught her looking and shook his head, laughing. She shrugged and laughed as well. As he began his shower, she stepped back into her closet.

She rummaged through her panty drawer, trying to find the perfect pair. When she was satisfied with her selection, she considered the rest of her closet. The flow of water from the shower stopped and she made a face at her closet. With another shrug, she danced into their bedroom.

By the time he emerged from the bathroom, she had arranged herself artfully over the end of the bed. Her panties framed her bottom, presenting a pretty picture for him.

“Little tease, aren’t you?” he growled, grabbing a fistful of her bottom as he leaned into her.

“But you love it,” she responded playfully.
Her panties were new, lacy and sexy. She really flaunted herself, stretching. He kept working, eyebrow raised. This kept going on in various ways for a few minutes before he snapped the laptop shut and glared at her. "You know I'm trying to work, don't you?"

"Hmmm?" she asked, looking back at him, all batting eyelashes. He growled, lunged across the desk and grabbed her by the hair, using the handful to control her and get her bent over the desk so he could swat her bottom again and again. "HEY!" she shouted in protest, but he would have none of it. He didn't speak or respond. He only reddened her bottom a deep crimson.

"Now, to make sure you let me finish my work."

He opened a drawer and removed some rope, getting to work quickly to a series of knots and lacings until she was fully restrained. He took the panties she had been flaunting that had ended up on the floor during her spanking and stuffed them inside her mouth. He pushed her onto the leather chair, where she unceremoniously crashed. Hands on hips, he looked her over and gave one single nod. "Don't make a peep."
“Mmmnn,” he growled again before biting her neck.

She squealed, but rolled over beneath him to present her breasts for his attention. For a moment, he took advantage of the offering. But suddenly, he pinched her nipples hard between his fingers and pulled her to her feet.

“Maybe I don’t want to be teased,” he said. “Don’t move.”

She stood perfectly still as he disappeared into her closet. When he returned to the bedroom, he carried a coil of rope. She eyed it hungrily, opening anticipating what was to come.

He slid the rope around the back of her neck, quickly making a series of knots down her front. He laced the rope between her legs and made another series of knots going up her back. Now he wrapped the rope around her, slipping between the knots and pulling the lacing tight around her.

“Nice,” he said when he finished, “That should hold you. I’ll just get a few more things.”

Once more, he disappeared into the closet.
He set about finishing his work on his laptop. Nearly another hour went by, and she watched the ice melt in his scotch as he did, occasionally adjusting herself so her arms wouldn't fall asleep.

Finally done with his work, he untied her, admonishing her not to speak. Then he led her to the bedroom where he pulled his belt and strapped her bottom for what seemed to her like forever. Then, a series of implements came out in a flurry: a leather crop, a cane, a wood paddle, back to the belt again.

After, both of them panting, they cuddled as she regained her composure. "You did a very good job manipulating me," he said. "Don't think I didn't notice."

She smiled slyly at him. "Don't think I didn't notice you got your work done."

The next morning, he snapped a pic of her bruised bottom, pleased with his work.
He returned with a handful implements. Slowly, he laid them out on the bed, building her anticipation. Finally, he grabbed the rope harness and pulled her to the bed. He pushed her onto the mattress before pulling her legs apart. He smacked her thighs until she was positioned to his liking.

He picked up the first of his implements. It was going to be a long scene, and a hard one. But as she had requested before her shower, it would be a scene she would feel for more than a few hours.