Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Kink

Happy Holidays, Fellow Kinksters! Hope you all had an amazing day. We've had a great Christmas eve and day as well. We hope you enjoy our side-by-side description of our fun.

For the first Christmas since I had children they are all away doing other things, so we had both days completely to ourselves. This allowed us for some extra special time together.

So, to start off this post we give you Lizzie's surprise to me, her sexy Santa's helper outfit:

Lizzie and I are traveling on the day after Christmas to spend a late Christmas with my kids. As with many times when we travel, Lizzie came to me and said she wanted to "feel it" when we drove the six hours to Phoenix. What that means is she wants her bottom to hurt the whole way.

I decided Christmas eve to have Lizzie take off her clothes and lie flat on the bed. Next to our bed is a large wood chest where we keep some of our rather large collection of implements. The stuff I use most often is in a travel bag while the bigger and less favorite implements go into the chest in nesting bins.
We enjoyed our first Christmas in our new house this year. Finding ourselves alone, we decided to make the most of the time. After Christmas, we are driving to Arizona. Craig knows how much I enjoy making road trips on a well-spanked bottom, so he set about making that happen.

I got several outfits for Christmas - some as gifts for Craig, others as gifts from Craig. We’ve included the most Christmasy here, but I’m sure Craig will post the rest on his Tumblr over the next few days. I love dressing up!

But there was also plenty of spanking over the last two days. Craig decided to make a scene (or several, technically) out of implements stored in our cedar chest. We have an organization system in the cedar chest that divides the implements into three levels: longer implements such as canes are on the bottom, two levels of bins sort the remainder of the implements. These implements are rarely used; the frequently used implements are stored elsewhere.
So I informed Lizzie that we would be using every implement in the chest one layer of bins per scene until we were done. To pace things, we began with the top layer Christmas eve.

Random implements served both as a fun "potpourri" of surprises and rediscoveries of rarely used items. Many surprised Lizzie with their painfulness.

Christmas day began with the second layer in the chest. Lizzie screeched and squealed as her bottom was already in pain from the night before. Christmas day evening completed our scenes with the third and final level in the chest. Here were a wide variety of canes and crops. Lizzie was so sore from the previous scenes she nearly levitated off the bed as we wrapped up our holiday scenes.

Well, we broke two implements along the way. But that's okay. Tomorrow, a nice OTK before we climb in the car to enjoy the rest of our holidays.

Happy Holidays, everyone!
For the first scene, Craig used implements stored in the top layer of bins. For the second scene, he used implements in the lower level of bins. For the third scene, he used the canes and crops stored in the bottom of the cedar chest.

By his own rule, he only used each implement once, so he had to make the most of the implement the first time he used it. There were several he was loathe to set aside, causing him to ruminate about why these implements weren’t in the more frequently used bag. But this rule made for some very interesting scenes.

As happens when we go through all our implements, there are a few that I’m not sure why we haven’t given away. And, as also happens, we broke two implements. But I’m looking forward to a very ouchy ride tomorrow!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our scene. And I hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

One Quarter of a Million Thank Yous

In October 2012 we launched this blog as a way to share two perspectives to our kink. In two years we have posted close to 100 entries. But the amazing thing to us is this: we've had more than 250,000 pageviews.

Love Our Lurkers, Thanksgiving and now the Holidays. Lots of opportunities to thank our readers/viewers/visitors for frequenting our blog. So 250,000 pageviews is a real holiday gift. The idea that a quarter of a million times people have been interested in reading and seeing what we post (okay, mostly seeing, we realize) is amazing to us.

Special thanks to Chross for Chrossing us multiple times and thanks to Bonnie and Erica for sending readers our way, too. And lest we forget Hermoine, who had been an ardent supporter for many, many moons! (Get it?)
We've been fortunate. Our relationship and kink have grown in the two years since Lizzie moved in with me. We've found our way in our own D/s, discovered what life is like without kids and have continued to nurture, mature and season our dynamic. It feels natural, never rote. We revisit our commitments to one another from a D/s as well as a personal relationship basis constantly. .
Our friends in the community have only grown and our outward relationships with them have improved as well. Quite a lot to make us warm and fuzzy this holiday season.

As always, thanks for checking in, Fellow Kinkster. We do this for us, but we also are glad you get something out of Black & Blue, too.

Happy Holidays.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

A "Migraine Spanking"

Lizzie get migraines. There is generally no rhyme or reason to them (well, there kinda is: sometimes they come around "that time of the month" and others are triggered by major barometric changes. She takes a special prescription pill and then she's down for the count for hours...

This wasn't the first time that Lizzie requested a "serious spanking" after a migraine. Somehow, I think, it clears her head in some strange way after the drugs she takes for them make her a bit foggy and groggy.

I'm no service top but I am happy to oblige. Week night play is rare for me because I get home with my head spinning from work, still having to work to do and/or exhausted mentally if not physically. So it's a treat for both of us when we do play "on a school night" (as we jokingly say).

I got home from work and Lizzie was in the tub. I helped her out and dried her off and told her to go lie down on the bed. I grabbed some implements to facilitate the "serious spanking" she requested and then set about to my delightful task.
Sometimes I really want a spanking. Okay, to be fair, that describes me most of the time. But sometimes, I crave a really hard spanking.

It’s hard for me to ask, though. I know Craig enjoys spanking me, but there’s that nagging bit of discomfort in asking him to spank me. In my last relationship, I could beg/plead/demand a spanking and occasionally get one from my ex-husband. But he had no genuine interest in spanking me, for any reason whatsoever. As such, the resulting spankings were lackluster at best. All of which makes me very reluctant to ask Craig for a spanking, even when I want one very, very much.

But I asked. And Craig said yes!
Started with my hand to warm her up, then ramped up to a beautiful red glow. Then I grabbed her schoolhouse ruler and set about to do some serious whacking (so serious, in fact, that at one point I was fairly certain I'd broken it—which I'd done before). After that, a handled leather strap, then a wooden paddle and finally with the custom, thick leather paddle that looks more like plywood than leather.

Half way through the scene Lizzie was whimpering and near the end she broke down in tears—just what was needed after one of her terrible migraines and subsequent medication backlash.
I was taking a bath when Craig got home from work. My bathtub is an extremely deep soaking tub, so I love having help getting out of the tub. (I can do it on my own, but it requires a bit of a leap.) Craig came in, helped me out, and toweled me dry. He sent me into the bedroom to lay on the bed.

I stretched out on the bed with my towel still on and Craig set about spanking me. He used several implements, but I’m sure he describes them better than I would. Before he was finished I was crying, which was just what I needed.

Friday, December 5, 2014

No Time for Spankings

Our blog posts seem to fall into three categories: 1. We're busy and don't have much time to play! 2. We played! 3. Something random. This is a Category 1 blog post.

We've been crazy busy. Yes, again. Aren't you tired of reading it? I know I'm getting tired of saying it so you must be getting tired of reading it. I travelled 20 days in November, so finding time to play has been a real challenge.

We went to Orlando together for an annual conference for my industry. While there, we had enough time to ourselves that we were able to get in a right proper strapping with my belt. As you can see, the results were perfect.
It’s possible that the state of insanely-busy just happens to be our natural state. We travel so much together and Craig travels even more for work.

But sometimes, I get to go along on the work trips. Taking advantage of our room at the end of the hall, Craig gave me a lovely strapping. (I do wonder what Craig’s travel coordinator thinks of his request that we get a room at the end of the hall whenever we travel together, but I can’t worry too much about that.)
As I began, Lizzie yelped a few times from the blows. But as I progressed, I gave it my all, really putting a strong swing into it. After a dozen, she settled in for the rest, moaning and grunting with satisfaction. Lizzie loves a good strapping. I love when Craig straps me. It’s possibly my favorite thing. At least, my favorite of impact play. Maybe. To be fair, I love lots of things that we do. But I do love strappings. And this was no exception.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Kinky Days: Part 3

This is the third and final part of the series we started about a month ago to catch the blog up with our kinky activities.

As we mentioned in Part 1, we have been grappling with bringing kink into our lives at home, which may seem odd because we live it 24/7 when my kids aren't around. But there's a difference between the protocol and Master/sub live we live around the house and finding time—and ways—to play at home. Our lives had been stealing little scenes when my kids weren't around and/or going to our regular dungeon for the "hard stuff." I know I've complained about missing our dedicated "time to play" since the kids moved out, but looking back at the past few weeks...I have nothing to complain about. Though this post attempts to catch up on our kinky activities, I know we've had to edit out numerous scenes that left us little to say or did not come out so well in pictures.

If it's pictures you want, check out my tumblr or Craig's. Links are also below in the Find Us section.
Now that we've moved and the kids are gone, bringing the "hard stuff" home had been challenging. The next move, after what we did and experienced in Part 1 and Part 2, was to have a thorough rope scene...and more.

I instructed Lizzie to gather the rope on the bed and wait for me naked in our bedroom. I started with caning her all over to awaken her nerve endings before tying her up. I tied her up in a thorough full-body truss (like a turkey, perhaps?), as you can see.

I smacked, slapped, paddled, spanked, caned and more, manhandling her from place to place in the room. Then, carefully, slowly and erotically untying her, we moved into the next phase of the scene.
I knew when Craig told me to get out the rope that he had something in mind other than a quick spanking. I love this sort of scene, but it's very difficult for me to describe.

There's something very sensual about being wrapped in rope. Each time Craig pulls the rope tight, I'm left breathless for a moment, though there is only occasionally a physical reason for that.

After the thorough smacking, Craig pulled out nipple clamps and slowly added weight. He took pictures, so I could make a GIF. (If you'd like to see the close-up version, head over to my tumblr - here.) Then it was time to remove the rope and go into the bathroom.
I took Lizzie into our shower and filled her with warm water from an enema bottle, telling her to hold it. She knows how this plays out: if she spills or releases any water she will be thoroughly punished. I'll often try to get her to leak by spanking her hard or bringing her to orgasm. It's frustrating and hot for her, to be sure.

As she emptied herself I stood by and slowly began to carve a piece of fresh ginger into a butt plug. She watched with widening eyes of both fear and desire and a few minutes later was bent over the vanity, the ginger roughly inserted with no lubricant to be as complete of an experience as possible.

She writhed and mewed and cried and I spanked her again and again with the ginger inside her bottom. I then thrust the ginger in and out until she was nearly crazed, then pulled it out and allowed her her release.

I think we've "broken the ice" by bringing the "hard stuff" into our home, don't you?
I simply cannot describe this sort of scene. So:

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Love Our Lurkers

We trudge along taking our photos and posting our stories and experiences on this blog week after week (mostly). So today is the day we acknowledge our readers—you, Fellow Kinkster. Started by Bonnie (Kinkster/Blogger, ret.) with torch passed to Hermione, this is the ninth LOL day.

I'm embarrassed to say I don't read blogs much. Just don't have time. I barely get onto FetLife. So just having regular readers (or photo-lookers) is a surprise to me. Black & Blue has been running two years now and our readership (or viewership?) has been astonishing to both Lizzie and myself.

I hope what we write and the experiences we share resonate with people. Certainly, we totally get that a great deal of our traffic is purely visual—people like to look at Lizzie's bottom and bits. But we write because we feel our shared perspective offers a touchpoint to people in one way or another.

Thanks to you, our readers, who come back week after week to check out what we have to say. You all make us feel quite humble. And from our spanking bench to yours, thanks for being a regular.
Over the two years Craig and I have been blogging together, I've enjoyed watching our stats grow. We can see that more and more people view our blog with every post. If you're here just to look, we appreciate your views.

Even more, of course, we appreciate the comments of our viewers. Craig and I make an effort to respond to every comment. Like so many things, Craig is better at responding than I am. But you can be certain that I read every comment on our blog.

Today, if you're lurking on our blog - looking at the pictures, reading our stories, enjoying the descriptions of our scenes - we invite you to leave a comment. We'd love to hear how you found us, what you enjoy, and what brings you back each week.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

NEW FEATURE! "Dramatic Readings" Episode 1

We were scrolling through all the dreck that comes into Lizzie's mailbox on FetLife, her kink email box and other places and were shocked at the ineptitude, poor grammar, outright cluelessness and other issues ranging from things as simple as poor taste to complete and utter density of forehead bone.

In a moment of sheer brilliance Lizzie said, "We should do dramatic readings of these things!" And that was that. kick off a new feature to our blog, we introduce (drum roll please!) "Dramatic Readings".

Taking off from Erica Scott's Correspondence Hall of Shame, such as here, we present the first in a series of audio recordings.

This "pilot" episode needs no set up (as you'll see later, some really do). It's presented in its entirety.


(NOTE: This appears to be a video, but it is audio only.)

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Kinky Days, Part 2

This post is the second part of the series we started last week. This was intended to catch the blog up with our kinky activities, but of course, we managed to find time for a scene we haven't yet included. Look for our rope scene in a future blog.

To finish up on last week's post, we've been lucky enough to be able to let our freak flag fly (a term I late, BTW, but it seemed to fit here so I used it anyway).

First off, our very busy weekend that started with the littles event at Disneyland ended up on a shooting range with a bunch of friends from the lifestyle. There were enough of us to get a private area in the canyon where there are multiple ranges. Many of the group brought a variety of guns to shoot, so it was great to get a chance to try different things. I haven't had a gun for over 25 years as I felt when I had kids in the house that was something I just didn't want to risk regardless of how safe and secure I was.

Here's Lizzie trying out a 9mm:
Last week, we wrote about attending the LittleSpace at Disneyland event. We weren’t able to attend both days of the event because we had plans on Sunday to go to a shooting range with another group of friends.

I grew up around guns, but when my father and brothers shoot, they do so on “the back forty” (quite literally, on the family farm in Kansas) rather than at a shooting range. This was my first trip to a shooting range. As it happened, the private area where we shot was similar to what I’m used to, barring the sound of constant fire from others nearby, but unseen, ranges. And while I’ve fired a wide variety of hunting rifles and shotguns, I’ve never used a handgun before. As you can see in the picture, Daddy is showing me how to do so safely.
Then, a week or so later we were off to Korea for a long weekend in Seoul (not work related—it's a long story). I smuggled my travel cane in the luggage (well, technically, it's not "smuggled" if you just stick it in the suitcase, but I liked the sound of "smuggled" better) and Lizzie and I found time in our hotel room to get in a nice caning scene.

It was a hard caning, and Lizzie whimpered and cried a bit as I struck again and again, leaving some marks that, unfortunately, faded rather quickly before I snapped a few pics. As you can see, Lizzie still is quite bruised from our hard scene we described in last weeks' post.
Before the bruises had faded from the hard spanking we wrote about last week, we were off for Korea. Traveling on week-old bruises is not quite as much fun as flying with fresh welts, but it did add some entertainment to the long flight. (We flew to London the day after the scene described here.)

During our short trip, we managed to get in a short scene in our hotel room. Craig had brought along his “travel cane” (a cane short enough to fit in most of our luggage, even the smaller carry-on bags). He used the cane to good effect, leaving me with better welts for the trip home.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Kinky Days, Part 1

Recently we've been able to get our kink on in a variety of interesting ways, whether that's hanging out with friends in the community or trying new things. Today we'll share two recent experiences and next week we'll complete the report.

Taking My Little to Disneyland LittleSpace at Disneyland
Through FetLife we discovered a littles group planning a weekend at Disneyland. Unaware of the group (not SOAP, based here in Los Angeles) we thought we'd go check it out. We had stuff to do Friday and Sunday, so our only chance to participate was Saturday. So after a late night on Friday we got up at daybreak and headed to Anaheim, Lizzie ready to go.

I'm not sure if it was intentional or not, but LittlesSpace 2014 was set for Gay Days at Disneyland. This made the "kids" a bit less conspicuous, though most weren't really overt in their outfits. Arriving at the restaurant in the hub of Disneyland we met a few others. Lizzie made a new friend and together, she and her Daddy and Lizzie and I headed off to ride a few rides.

Later, we met up with the group again for lunch in Tomorrowland. We were shocked to discover there were more than 35 people who came (including some from SOAP) and from as far away as the East Coast. Lizzie reveled in the change to commune with other Littles in such an open, fun-filled environment.
I recently discovered Tumblr. Okay, I knew it was there. I just hadn’t discovered that little padlock icon that unlocks all the kinky stuff on Tumblr. I post a few pictures there (you can find me, here, if you’d like) and follow a number of blogs.

On Tumblr, I came across a post about LittleSpace at Disneyland. Disneyland is so close to home, I knew I had to check it out. I found the organizers on FetLife and shared the info with Craig so that he could look into it.

We haven’t really been to a Littles event before, so we didn’t know what to expect. But, as I said, Disneyland is nearby and we have annual passes. Even though we could only attend one day, we decided it was worth trying.

I dressed up, but kept it safe for Disneyland. I was initially very shy, but I made a wonderful new friend! We got to hang out most of the day and we are still talking all the time. I can’t wait until she moves closer so we can hang out more!
A Hard Scene What I Needed
Back at home, Lizzie had confided in me that she was desperate for a hard scene. For a series of reasons we had been unable to get to our local dungeon for some time, and though we've been more or less settled into our new home for over two months, there's always something that has to get done or I'm heading out on a business trip.

In other words, it's hard to get to doing a lengthy, hard scene.

But Lizzie has asked for this before, and I know it's not easy for her to ask. One night, I told her to lie face down, naked, on the bed. I proceeded to pull out a variety of implements then set to working her over.

Wood paddles, leather paddles, canes (both hickory and carbon fiber), straps and, of course, my hand were used. It was a lengthy scene. Lizzie never moved. But I worked her over.
I’ve been craving a hard scene for a long time. While it’s been great having the house to ourselves, we hadn’t really indulged in an intense scene at home. Planning an intense scene at home is different - there are so many possible distractions and we don’t have to have a set time. I thought it would be easier when we lived alone, but it hasn’t been. The nice thing about going to the dungeon was that when we made plans to go, we had an established routine of discussing what we both wanted and needed and we had a dedicated time to pursue those goals.

We approached this differently than those dungeon scenes. In fact, all I had told Craig was that I needed a hard scene. We did none of the other negotiation or discussion that we might have done. We didn’t even schedule a time. One night, Craig ordered me to get naked and lie on the bed. As you can see, he used quite a few implements!
And you know what? It was cathartic. For both of us. I've been so overwhelmed with work and stuff around the house and travel that I hadn't even noticed I was in need of a hard scene, too.

When I get in the zone, my topspace, or whatever term you want to use for "gettin' my sadist on" I have some "tells". Those who've played heavily with me in the past know what those tells are, and they certainly came out during that heavy scene.

Afterward, during aftercare, Lizzie clung to me like she was afraid I was about to fly away again (in actuality, I had just gotten back from a business trip, so that wasn't going to happen). After she came back to me, I rubbed some lotion on her bruising and marked bottom before putting her to bed.

The next day, she was cuddly and "crawled into me" (her words) almost all day. Over the next few days we took a series of photos of her blooming bruises and marks and Lizzie attempted her first GIF. We'll strive for better next time. ;-)

Next week: Part 2 of Lots of Kink where we share our experiences with caning in Korea and shooting guns with a bunch of sadists. Whee!
It was everything I wanted and needed. I’m pretty sure I even cried out, which I do not usually do. I cried, as well, though that happens more often.

I felt much better after the scene. Craig held me for a long time. And he put lotion on my bottom. And he put me to bed. Such a lovely combination. :)

Over the next few days, I requested that Craig take a picture each time I begged him to put lotion on my bottom (I can do it, but it feels so much better when he does it.). Unfortunately, I didn’t explain that I was hoping to make a GIF out of the pictures.

Instead of lining up for the same picture every day - as he would have done if he’d known my intentions - he took more varied shots. That’s another side effect of my Tumblr addiction -- I’ve been encouraging Craig to take pictures from more “interesting” angles. I see all the pictures on Tumblr and I’m inspired to try for more variety.

Still, the GIF does show the progression of the marks to bruises and healing. I wouldn’t want it to be perfect the first time, anyway, right? This means we will have a reason to try again!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Random Acts

One of the great things about living on our own (with no kids) is our ability to play when and where we wish. Most recently, we enjoyed two complete "surprise" scenes that were wonderfully refreshing as we continue to discover life without kids.

One evening I came home from work and informed Lizzie to go to the bedroom and pull out my favorite cane. I had Lizzie undress and bend over and grab the side of the bed. I then lit into her bottom with the cane, stroke after stroke, until she was whimpering and crying. Having the house to ourselves has been a big change. We have so many more opportunities to play at home.

First, we have a picture after Daddy gave me a caning.
Another night, the spanking was rather thorough. I put her across my lap on the sofa and spanked her--hard--again and again until the wiggled and writhed atop my lap (in and of itself a rather delightful thing). And here, a picture after Daddy gave me a spanking on the sofa.
Of course, it's not all play and punishment around the house. I got Lizzie a pair of rather fetish-y shoes for her birthday a week or so ago. What do you think? One of my favorite birthday gifts - new shoes! I’m so excited! Even if I won’t be walking far in them, I can stand, so I’m calling it a win.
And, as is often the case since we've been "kid free," I'm often surprised by what I see and what we do around the house. One morning, as I was heading out the door for work, Lizzie came to the door that goes from our laundry room to the garage. It's two steps down from the laundry room to get to the floor of the garage, and as I turned around to say goodbye, I was greeted with this:

Needless to say, my eye level was practically at her beautiful little puffy pussy. I grinned at her like the Cheshire Cat and inquired about her choice of undress (usually for her it's the other way around). She giggled and merely exclaimed, "What, Daddy?"

Those random acts we can experience now are far different from the more vanilla experiences we used to have, but these are certainly a lot more fun!
It’s really not my fault that I don’t like clothes. I like costumes, of course, but that’s different. As a general rule, I don’t like clothes much. Around the house, I tend to wear the minimum required.

Usually, that means I’m wearing panties, shorts, or a pair of Daddy’s boxers - because I dislike sitting on furniture bare, even at home. In that, I’m the opposite of most spankos I know, many of whom don’t seem to notice or care if they’ve got bottoms on, if they have a top on. I’m more comfortable topless, when I’m not completely naked.

But the other morning, I was only wearing a top. I think we had gone for a walk and I’d removed my bottoms to take a shower, but I obviously hadn’t gotten that far. I was making coffee and doing other standing tasks, so I hadn’t noticed the lack of clothing yet.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Birthday Weekend…and More!

Both Lizzie and Craig celebrate their birthdays within a week of one another, so there are usually lots of dinners, gifts and kinky surprises. This year was no different...

I was traveling on business on my actual birthday, so Lizzie and I agreed to wait to celebrate until the weekend. As I got home from a company retreat that Saturday evening I got a text: “Lock the door when you come in and proceed into the dining room.” I presumed she was making me a wonderful dinner and would pamper me with an amazing meal (she’s a great cook) but what I got was quite a bit more of a surprise:

Lizzie herself had somehow managed to present an entire cheese and charcuterie on her own body—with no assistance! (I’m still not sure how she pulled off those logistics!) It was incredible and we both laughed at how simultaneously silly and erotic the whole thing was—as I fed her nibbles of meat, bread and cheese. I proposed getting a bendy straw so she could share the wine, but she wouldn’t have it, finding it “gross.”

I noticed underneath the tablecloth was a table length sheet of plastic, the same plastic I use for wax scenes—along with a series of my special candles already aglow. “What’s up with the candles?” I asked as she sheepishly replied, “I hope it’s not too presumptuous to want a wax scene…”
For Craig's birthday, I wanted to do something special. Last year, I wrapped myself as a present (as you can see here). This year, I wanted to top that.

Craig was out of town for business, so I had some time to prepare. As it turns out, timing was probably the second most difficult part of this surprise. My frequent texts requesting an updated ETA (he was driving, through LA) must have warned him that something was up.

One of Craig's favorite treats is a charcuterie. We make them up quite often at home, so getting to necessary ingredients was no difficulty. Even getting the ingredients to the table was no problem - I carried everything over on parchment paper, which folded up nicely to hide under the tablecloth.

The biggest challenge? Displaying everything on myself as I lay on the table. I started by placing meat on my legs. Then I leaned back slightly (talk about an ab workout) to pour almonds and craisins in neat piles. Finally, I laid back and spread the cheeses on my breasts.
After stripping the veritable buffet off her body and cleaning her up, we put the food away and set the dining room table up for the wax scene.

To say the scene was “hot” would result in a forehead slapping “har-dee-har-har” eye roll from you Fellow Kinksters, so I won’t say that. Suffice it to say, it was quite erotic.
As part of my preparations, I lit his candles when he was heading home. I wanted to allow them plenty of time to melt.

For safety, the lit candles are near my feet in the charcuterie picture. The candles near my head (and flammable hair) are battery powered. I'm not so crazy as to lay down with lit candles out of my sight and near my hair, while I was waiting.
A couple years ago at Shadow Lane, which takes place a few weeks before my birthday, Lizzie had organized a very special birthday treat for me: the spanking of four beautiful bottoms. You can see the pic and a write-up on my surprise on my “old” blog, Dark Musing, here.

Continuing with the tradition, last year I got to spank Lizzie and another beautiful girl. This year, being at home and all, I reminded Lizzie that I needed to give my birthday spanking, so I positioned her on the bed for a good 52 whacks:
Of course, spanking had to play a part in our birthday celebrations as well. Unfortunately, we missed Shadow Lane this year, so we weren’t able to host a birthday party there this year.

Instead, Craig gave me his birthday spanking – 52 wonderful swats!
A local spanking scene has been active out near where we moved for some time, getting even more active in the last year or so with their own move to a local dungeon where they meet for play during the day on Sundays once a month. Lizzie and I have had a mind to go for a long time, even coordinated a visit with the organizers a few months ago, but we were never able to make it with all our craziness with packing and the move and everything else. So the day after our Human Charcuterie and Wax evening, we headed out to the Back to School themed spanking party.

Both Lizzie and I dressed up for the occasion, her in a fantastic (and authentic!) schoolgirl outfit and me in my “teacher” suit and tweed bow tie. We had fun chatting with friends and each giving and receiving (and just to be clear, her receiving and me giving) spankings with a few people we know. It was a fantastic weekend!
Despite missing Shadow Lane this year, we did manage to attend a spanking party this month. A local group hosted a “Back to School” themed party that finally fit into our crazed schedule.

It was fun to dress up in costume and get out to see friends. I love my costumes! But when it comes to schoolgirl uniforms, it's possible that I actually have a few too many. In fact, when Daddy saw just how many uniforms I have...he said we would have to go through them soon. (I'm not sure if that was a threat or a promise.)

We had a good time chatting – catching up with old friends and making new ones. I even got a few spankings!

It was a lovely weekend, full of spanking and kinky fun.