Friday, December 13, 2013

On the Ropes Again

We had an opportunity to get another rope lesson from Patrick, and of course we took it! We managed a few pictures to add to our side-by-side commentary of the evening.

Once again, I found myself at the Lair with Lizzie, meeting up with rope master Patrick to get another lesson in rope bondage and binding. Given it was the coldest night we'd had all season (yes, I know, it's LA so it was only 37 or so, but for us Los Angelenos, it's damn cold!) we didn't meet in the "shed" (a semi-outdoor space next to the patio), we went into the private bedroom, keeping the door open so passers-by could come check us out.

Patrick began with his usual no-nonsense approach to "showing me the ropes." It wasn't long before he had Lizzie completely enmeshed in rope, showing me carefully every step and having me help.
When I showed up at the Lair wearing tights under my skirt and a thin leather jacket over my t-shirt, I thought I was prepared for the weather. All the other girls had brought out their Arctic weather gear. I know it’s December, but it still doesn’t feel like winter to me. Still, as nice as the weather was, I was glad Patrick and Craig had decided to play inside.

Patrick had barely started when Craig invited the first of several interested watchers to sit in the room with us. She joined us, adding her questions to Craig’s questions as Patrick tied me to the bed post. I do love being used as a demo bottom...possibly as much as I enjoy whatever the Top is doing at the time.
We added a collar and leash and undid her legs and I led her around the Lair. Given how cold it was and Lizzie was shoeless and completely naked, taking her outside to walk past everyone was a chilling activity.

When we untied her, the ropes really left an impression on her...

Next, we worked on a rope alternative of arm cuffs, lacing Lizzie up until she was completely restrained. This worked great. I could really manhandle her and manipulate her positioning. I slapped her face and breasts while onlookers enjoyed the show.
One of the things I enjoy about rope play is the way it allows me to be an exhibitionist. We frequently play at the Lair, of course, so it should not be a surprise that I love to be watched. But during impact play, I am only aware of watchers on the periphery. I think this may be due to the positions we use for impact play or the sheer physicality of impact play, which keeps me from thinking overly much about anything. Another difference I’ve noticed is that people comment more on rope play - whether directing questions at the Tops or pointing out things to other onlookers. Of course, it might also be that I am able to hear the comments because there are no distracting loud spanking noises to cover the comments.
It was a great evening again, a good scene and a fantastic learning experience for me. I'm always eager to learn new things. Can't get enough. Lizzie is proving to be quite the rope/restraint whore. Well, maybe whore isn't the right term—but she does love it and starts purring so quickly just by being restrained.

In a few months, after I've had a chance to practice these techniques a bit, we'll have another lesson-slash-scene and we'll be sure to post more!
The tie Patrick taught us is simple, but versatile. He used only one “knot” (which isn’t a knot at all) to do several different things. In addition to the things he showed us, he stopped at different times to point out the variety of options we could explore.

After we finished, one of the people who had stopped by frequently to watch asked me why we hadn’t played more, after I’d been tied up. I explained to him that this had been more lesson than scene, which seemed to confound him. Where do people think we learn these things?

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