Thursday, October 31, 2013

Flash Fucktion

Craig is traveling, so he picked out a few pictures and wrote his side of the story. Lizzie scrambled his text before writing her own story. We hope you'll enjoy the results.

Private Humiliation Public Humiliation
As she began to pull out items to make dinner, her phone buzzed for her attention. On the screen were these words:

Get Dressed. We are going out. I will send another text with what to wear. Be ready by 7.

A few moments later, very specific instructions on her outfit came through: black stockings, black thong, black suede mini skirt and his favorite, diaphanous cream colored peasant shirt with an open lace-up front that, when loosened, revealed her pink breasts.

She quickly put away the dinner things and set about to preparing to go out to dinner with her master and lover. She pulled out the items he requested and tossed them aimlessly on the bed. She took a long bath, relaxing in the warm water that reddened her skin. Her phone rang. Damn! She didn’t put it next to the tub! She scrambled from the water, nearly slipping, grabbed the towel and reached for the phone. It wasn’t him. It was her sister. Her pregnant sister. She hadn’t heard from her in so long!

Dabbing herself as she dried, she caught up with one of her best friends. It seemed like only minutes had gone by when she jumped to see him standing in the doorway of the bathroom. “I have to go,” she said quickly, clipping off the conversation and shutting down the phone.

“Why aren’t you ready?” he seethed. “We have dinner reservations with my important client in town from Beijing. We need to leave. I’ll ask again: why aren’t you ready?”

She looked sheepish. “My sister called, see? You know how long it’s been since I talked...”

He cut her off, looking at his watch. “It’s 6:30. You can explain later. In the mean time, dry your hair, put on your makeup and I’ll prepare for you to dress.”

“Prepare for me to...” She stopped short, watching him glare at her with a raised eyebrow. She set to drying her hair and applying her make up, listening with curiosity to the strange sounds coming from the master bedroom. It sounded like he was pulling on a roll of duct tape, that distinct zzzzt, zzzzt, zzzzzzzt sound it made.

Dried hair and makeup on, she came into the bedroom to see strands of duct tape in neat rows and her glass anal plug nearby. “Come here,” he growled.

Within minutes he’d fashioned a harness, made entirely of duct tape, and affixed the anal plug to it. Opening a jar of lube he carefully applied the goop to the plug, wiping his hands on a towel. She stood by his side, eyes wide with worry. “Bend over.”
“Not so fast, little one.” His voice came from behind her. She spun around, her tights slick on the carpet. He was fresh out of the shower, a towel wrapped around his hips. Her question died on her lips as she watched him stride toward her.

“No, no,” he muttered, “That won’t do at all.”

She tilted her head to look at him, still refraining from questioning him. She was hardly dressed herself; there was nothing about her thong or tights he would complain about on this cold autumn night. Her hair was down, left slightly tousled the way he prefered it. She bit her lip, watching him.

“No panties,” he growled at her, “I want you to wear a harness tonight.”

“To dinner?” Her eyes flew open at the thought.

She had worn a harness to dinner before, of course, but only when they went to dinner alone. They always ended up cutting dinner short because the harness made her so horny. Tonight they had reservations with another couple. While the couple would probably enjoy her squirming, there was no way this dinner would be a short one.

“Stop looking at me with your puppy-dog eyes, little one. I’ve told you what I want. Get that off.”

Her fingers fumbled a bit with the top of her tights, but she soon had them rolling down her legs. Her panties were tangled in the thin fabric, so she took a moment to shake the tights out and put the panties away.

He stood with his arms crossed, watching patiently as she righted her tights. She glanced at him out of the corner of her eye before hurrying to get her supplies. She collected a roll of duck tape, a small glass plug, a tub of lube, and a pair of scissors before returning to him.

Her fingers shook a little as she constructed the harness, but she worked with casual familiarity. She stuck the plug to the tape, fixing it in place and ensuring the tape’s adhesive was covered. She used the scissors to cut the front of the strip in two before generously covering the plug with lube. She wrapped another piece of tape around her hips.

She bent over next to the prepared plug, presenting her ass to him. He smiled, his hand reaching to play with her bottom. His fingers teased her sensitive skin, rubbing the few marks remaining from an earlier spanking. Finally, he took the plug and inserted it into her bottom. She stood and he adjusted the straps before affixing them to the band around her waist.
She did as she was told. He inserted the plug, carefully wrapped the ends of the duct tape around her and snipped the lengthy bits, tugging here and there until he was satisfied with the fit. “Stand up.”

Again, she did as instructed and he examined his handiwork. “Now get dressed. You only have a few minutes before we’re late.” It was sinking in what was to come. She pulled on her black stockings, mini skirt, blouse (no bra, just the way he liked) and slipped on a pair of shoes and returned to his gaze, squirming.

“You are to wear that harness throughout dinner. You will not squirm. You will not ask to go to the restroom to have it removed. If you go to the restroom it will be only to pee, which you can do with it on. Do you understand?”
“Finish getting ready,” he said with one hard smack to her bare bottom.

She squirmed as she walked to the bathroom. The plug shifted as she walked; her excitement causing moisture to pool between her legs. She tried not to move as she put on her makeup, but he was wise to her attempts and sought her help more than usual.

“Hand me my comb, pet. It’s just over there.”

“Fetch my belt from the other room.”

Finally, they were headed to dinner. The ride was a subtle torture. She shifted with each bump and turn. He simply smiled, enjoying each movement.
She nodded silently.

At dinner, she felt the pressure of the plug inside her. He laughed and talked with his clients and she genuinely joined in too, always the consummate companion and a good conversationalist. At one point, as the entrees were being served, she shifted in her seat. It wasn’t that the plug was uncomfortable, it was that she was so fucking wet. But her movement caused him to glare at her, then reach surreptitiously between her legs to press a finger on the plug, making her mew.

After the lengthy dinner and he had bid his clients farewell, the two went to his car in the parking lot at the restaurant. He opened the door for her, pulling a folding hunting knife from his suit pants pocket. “Bend over,” he said. He opened the knife and cut the harness off of her, pulling a zip lock bag from another pocket, placing the plug and tape in it and sealing it before tossing it on the floor of the car.

He spanked her there, right out in the parking lot, looking around to make sure no one could see (even though she was certain there were those who could hear!). “Get in.”

They got in the car and drove home. Her punishment complete, she snuggled up against him as he drove. “I’m sorry I got distracted,” she said.

“You paid your price,” he responded. “You enjoyed it, didn’t you you little slut?”

She replied in a quiet, embarrassed voice: “Yeah....”
“You’ll have to tell them about it, pet. I’m sure they’ll be interested. You might even have to go to the ladies room so you can show her.”

He was right, of course. They had barely been seated before the girls excused themselves. Dinner was fun, enhanced by the teasing and banter between the four friends. Even with all that, they finished dinner fairly quickly. Their friends were nearly as anxious to see the harness in person as she was to get home!

Back home, she found herself bent over the bathroom counter with interested hands inspecting the harness in great detail. Soon, her friend was bent over next to her. Their partners began spanking in unison, switching back and forth with the unspoken ease of couples with plenty of experience playing together.

The spanking soon transitioned into even more interesting things...