Thursday, October 17, 2013

Another Weekend Opportunity

A side-by-side recounting of our brief opportunity to play this weekend.

Rarely do we get our house to ourselves. You'd think with close to 3,000 sq. ft. and four bedrooms we'd have plenty of time to play. But alas, with a 17 year old, a 23 year old, her boyfriend and her three year old daughter in our house (all voluntarily, all good), quiet time for the two of us is rare.

As I was out and about running errands and working I got a text:

Maybe the kids could go out for dinner tonight?

Clearly, Lizzie was feeling "The Itch". She needed a spanking, or more, and I knew that denying that instinct would only become a bigger craving later. So I texted the kids, worked out the logistics and got the house to ourselves for a few hours of bliss.
As Craig said, we have a full and busy house. It’s great that I’m not left alone when he travels, but we are also rarely alone. I’m not as big a fan of silent scenes as Craig is - a short, hard caning helps, but it doesn’t have the intimacy of OTK or the burn of a good spanking.

It’s been awhile since we found time to get away to the Lair, so I found myself craving something. It’s always hard for me to ask, but more so when I know that even if Craig wants to give me what I’ve asked for, it might not be possible. It feels like the odds are stacked against me - the double possibility that he won’t feel like it or he won’t be able to arrange it.

But I asked. And the kids were obliging enough to go out (unfortunately, they couldn’t decide on a movie so it was just dinner).
We planned a lovely dinner: Catalan tomato and garlic rustic toast with olive oil and rock salt, New York Strip steaks, shredded brussel sprouts with pancetta and garlic, mushroom risotto and a lovely bottle of old Rioja I was saving for a special occasion. For dessert: grilled peaches wrapped in bacon and drizzled with sage infused honey.

But before dinner, it was time to get down to business.

I called Lizzie over to the sofa, where I sat. She laid herself across her lap, still in her sweats!

"You can take those down first, young lady!" I said. She jumped back up, as if electrocuted, and pulled the sweatpants down.
We made our plans early enough in the day that we had time to make plans for dinner. When we have time for dinner alone, we often fall back on a “snack dinner” - a dinner consisting of a series of appetizers. It’s something goofy and fun that has been part of our relationship for a long time.

But last weekend, we had time to plan a real dinner. We love to cook together, so this was a different type of fun.

But before we made dinner, Craig had to make sure we made use of our brief time alone. As soon as the kids were out of the driveway, he called me over to the sofa. He wasn’t too pleased when I dove across his lap with my pajama pants still on, but he straightened that out quickly enough.
The spanking began. And then intensified. I have a variety of "handfeels" as I like to call them. Thuddy. Stingy. Ultra-thuddy. Firm. Hard. A switch it up. This went on for some time until Lizzie's bottom was bright red, warm and she was panting beneath me.

"Time for dinner?" I said. I held her for a little while before we got up to make dinner. Soon, we were at the table, sipping a fantastic wine, cutting into our juicy steaks and having a lovely conversation. The kids got home, but we continued on, oblivious. Our dinner lasted four hours!

Soon we were on the patio and I was enjoying a cigar while Lizzie served as my ash tray. We talked, drank old dark rum and enjoyed each other's company until it was close to 1 am.

Still squirming in her seat, we went to bed, thoroughly pleased at the opportunity for a special weekend "date" at home together.
Craig gave me a long, lovely handspanking. We actually talked about his technique a bit as he was spanking me (yeah, I know, I’m that kind of weird). I love the wide variety of ways he can spank me, using just his hand. Many people have called me a “pain slut” but I’m probably an even bigger “sensation whore” - I love variety.

Most of my play partners have one, perhaps two, methods of hand spanking, with varying intensity of course. But from the first time Craig spanked me, he employed different sensation techniques. My most vivid memory of that first spanking was when he paused during the spanking to press his entire forearm, covered in a rough sweater at the time, across my bottom. It wasn’t just rubbing, stroking, or squeezing (he does that too), it wasn’t in any way out of bounds, but it was different. And I loved it.

This weekend was no different - I loved every minute of our four hour “dinner”.


  1. Don't you love cobbled together moments like that? I love the description of the hand feels.

    My house is very small and my son is a pre-teen. He's home all the time. But this Friday night, he will be away for the night. I looked at my husband when I told him about the sleepover and he said softly "Baby, your ass is going to be hating life on Saturday." I am almost vibrating in anticipation of the coming week!!

  2. There are times I'm glad I live alone and being able to play is included. It sounds like a lovely night. Dinner and a spanking, what's not to love? That dessert you described sounds like a total food-gasm!

  3. I can relate to couple of points above: getting those grown kids out of the house (I have four of them!) and; exploring the different flavors of spanking, the different impliments, rythms, and intensities. My wife just now spanked me with the kids in the house using our secret weapon: a bent metal coathanger! Its virtually silent and still intensely stingy! If we're talking about different flavors, its like a really hot chillie. It might make your eyes water. It takes a bit of daring but actually its not as insane as you might think. I can highly recommend it.
    lill jo

    1. We have blogged about our "silent scenes" previously here. You can read about those scenes if you'd like. We prefer canes to get those quiet moments accomplished.