Thursday, August 15, 2013

Daddy's Punishment

Last week we took a break as we were both out of town (and not the least bit together!). Lizzie went home to visit family in Kansas while Craig and his son went on a tour to visit colleges before his son starts his senior year of high school.

Of course, we barely made it out of town. Lizzie fell down the stairs, severely spraining her ankle (she's still on crutches) and jeopardizing her trip and Craig's.

A Genuine Punishment Spanking?
As you may have read previously, pain doesn't work as a punishment for Lizzie because she's such a pain slut, so if she needs a real punishment—what I like to call a Genuine Punishment—it's something she truly doesn'tenjoy, like standing in the corner on a balance ball.

The intro didn't explain the circumstances surrounding Lizzie falling down the stairs. She was texting her friend Jada, not paying attention. If you know Lizzie then you'll also know she's already clumsy, so texting while walking is bad enough, but doing so going down stairs?

Add to this that I had to forfeit a business trip to take care of her for a few days (and take of my young granddaughter who was in our care for that week whilst my daughter went on a cruise) and you can see why she had earned a true Genuine Punishment (GP). Her carelessness and ill timing at the very least.

So on Saturday night, after we both returned from our trips, I had a chance to exact said punishment.
Craig and I have never tried spanking as part of a genuine punishment before. He usually makes me stand in the corner or kneel on rice, you can see the classics here.

Sometimes he will use even more creative methods - like making me stand against the wall, holding a glass of water at arm’s length (you might be surprised how heavy water can be when you have to hold it for-f***ing-ever), and then drink the nasty room temperature water...all because I’d gotten stupidly dehydrated.

My experience with punishment spankings has not been particularly good. I like being spanked, enough that many attempts at punishment spankings have turned sensual. On the other end of that spectrum, I’m afraid the line where pain is no longer pleasure is my safeword or kill-scene line. (Note: This is not because I’m fundamentally against pain that isn’t pleasurable; this is because that line, when it comes to spanking, is where I’ve encountered serious physical injury.) It's just not something I thought would work.
Getting in her Head Waiting Game
She knew she'd earned a GP (actually, two, but that's for another post) and we both had been poised, waiting for my kids to head out for treats. She had no idea what she was going to get that night, however.

"Get up," I ordered, "and pull down your pants." Lizzie did as instructed and I took her across my lap, warming her bottom up quickly. I also quickly got in her head, scolding her for her carelessness, for me having to abort a business trip that she knew was very important to me and for hurting herself at a time when I needed her most to care for my granddaughter. Quickly, she was in tears.

I laid into her bottom, spanking her hard. I knew she'd enjoy the spanking and the pain, but laced with her tongue lashing—no role play here—I hoped to mix what she wanted/needed with the GP she so richly deserved. My verbal punishment as bad as the physical one, she was weeping into the sofa cushion for the near-30 minute spanking.

At the end, I held her in my arms and hugged her, stroking her hair. "You're okay," I said. "Daddy forgives you." She burrowed into me. "Consider that one of your GPs."

Sniffling and snuffling, Lizzie hobbled upstairs to bed, where I tucked her in. "Thank you," she said, squirming as she said it under the covers. "For what, pet?" I asked. "For punishing me."

I kissed her on the forehead. We had moved on.
Craig told me I’d earned a genuine punishment, but that he would wait until my ankle healed to take care of it. This made sense given the nature of our typical genuine punishments, but it did not make waiting easy.

I’m really interested to hear from any submissive readers what they experience when a punishment (of whatever type you use) is delayed for a length of time. Please comment!

I really wish I could be the sort of girl who was on her best behavior pending a punishment. That would be logical. When one is in trouble, one should know better than to cause themselves additional trouble. Unfortunately, I am not that kind of girl.

No, I’m the sort of girl who, knowing she is in trouble, finds myself on a downward tumble of trouble. It’s not that I don’t know the punishment will get worse. I do. Craig is diabolical that way.

If I get in trouble while a genuine punishment is pending, I know the punishment gets worse or multiplies. I KNOW THIS. I just cannot seem to act appropriately on this information.

At least we got this one out of the way. And by some miracle, it worked for me. Not the spanking, necessarily, I’d do that part again any day. Craig gets me and he gets in my head. I don’t love the punishments, but they work.


  1. I think it shows how good you two are for each other and how intimate you are that Craig could make a spanking work as punishment. I get it because I like pain a lot too, so in order for a spanking to work as punishment I have to really care what the spanker thinks and be invested in pleasing him and not letting him down.

    Also, Lizzie I totally get the spiraling when you know you're in trouble. It doesn't make any sense but I do it too. It's like I decide that it doesn't really matter since I'm already in trouble... but that's always such a huge mistake.

    Great post guys!!!


    1. Thanks, Bekah. Appreciate you commenting.

    2. I wish I could understand the spiraling (I like that descriptive word), Bekah. It doesn't make any sense and I'm certainly never happy when I do it. I know it matters, but somehow, that doesn't stop it.

    3. yes!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I am no pain slut, but I am a spanko. I've heard the argument that no spanko could have spanking be an effective punishment because they like spanking too much. I disagree. For me personally, I react more like what you describe above. The spanking itself hurts but is all the more effective when my spanker gets into my head. I have felt genuine remorse, I've cried, and I want to accept the physical pain along with it so we can start over with a clean slate.

    1. Thank you for your contribution, Lea. I appreciate it and I'm sure Lizzie will too.

    2. For me, I think the problem with using spanking as a punishment sets in when the punishable offense is something routine. For example, if Craig threatened to spank me every time I forgot to make the bed in the morning, I can pretty much guarantee the bed would never be made. The same applies if it were a specific activity Craig wanted me to stop. Using spankings in that manner would incentivize the punishable offense, hardly the desired effect. Perhaps that works for others, but that wouldn't work for me.

  3. Great post as always. YOu two are so in sinc its pretty to watch.
    I have had a bit to do with Dianne at 'Wife's in charge'. She has some interesting views on punishing her hubby. worth a visit/read. Absolutely no sceneing is part of it but she is not averse to adding lots of humiliation.
    My mostly Vanila lady (another readhead!) has straight out said she doesn't get how spanking can be a punishment for me because I want it. Recently she was spanking me and stopped because i put my hand back to protect my butt. [I'm thinkin: "No no. Don't stop! Tell me to get that hand the f**k out of there or you'll hit it!] How on earth do I explain that that was a great opportunity to REALLY punish me. I have tried but I don't know if i got it through.
    Final thought: have you noticed how different spankings are different like different bottles of wine? the last four or five spankings I have had have varied from short sharp stingers through long slow spankings where the pain of an individual stroke is dull, to slow lazy spankings while my lady's mind is on other things and on they go all with a little different taste on the palate and a different afterglow. I just wish I could get smashed on a bottle sometimes :)
    Sorry this comment is way long. I should be punished :)
    lill (Ms Julie's punished sketch slut) jo

    1. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment, lill jo. Thanks so much.

      I think if I had an implement in my hand and you moved your hand back there and I smacked your hand with something that could truly injure your digits (like a wood or metal paddle) I'd likely stop the scene. That wouldn't be a REAL punishment it would be a terrible accident and then, AFTER it was all over, you'd get a Genuine Punishment. But that's just me.

    2. We are pretty in sync, lil jo. But we got that way from talking or emailing a TON. We exchanged ideas through stories, commenting and dissecting our stories...sometimes line by line. We found the things we liked, hated, loved, and wanted to explore. And we continue to talk and discuss everything - what we see, what we think, what might be interesting, what works, what didn't work. Our relationship is a constant evolution exploring our desires.

  4. The only Genuine Punishment I have received like this was being told how disappointed my D was in me, for failing to remember a key instruction, then me having to count as I got 10 straps from his belt. The Belt is to me what the Spanking is to Lizzie I think. I was weeping with distress over disappointing him and dripping from the belting (and having to count them off!)

    1. Sounds lovely...and well deserved.

    2. My wife gives me punishment spankings but when she does she puts me in detention on Saturday afternoons ! This means I cannot go to watch my rugby club playing,which is aweful! She also gives me the cane and has her Mum around to watch and paticipate! MIL gives me a warm up bare bottom spanking and enjoys it ,then my wife canes me quite sharply, about 15 strokes leaving red ridges !

    3. Well, it sounds like you deserve it, Anonymous.