Friday, August 30, 2013

Shadowlane Weekend

We're off to Las Vegas for a weekend of spanking fun at Shadowlane, so there's not much in the way of a post this week.

Look for a complete side-by-side his & hers trip report next week!

Below you'll see Lizzie's "virgin" bottom before the weekend spankings and fun began. We'll shoot a series of photos as the weekend progresses so you can see how the weekend's taken it's "toll" on her.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Needed Night

Throughout this blog post you will see something familiar--Lizzie's bottom. The photos show a progression from minutes after our scene to each day thereafter, so you can see how the scene manifested itself over time.
Screaming for a Scene Asking for It
Because of business, busyness and well, just life, we hadn't had a chance to escape to the Lair de Sade (our cleverly named local dungeon) for some time, and I had sensed for a bit that Lizzie was slowly building a head of steam that was about to blow if we didn't go and release some of that. Before we could really talk about it, Lizzie sheepishly asked, "Can we go the Lair, sir? Please?" I could see the pained expression on her face. She was overdue for a good beating (is there such a thing as a bad one?) and she had been angling more and more into her "whirling dervish" mode, typically a good sign that she was in need of a release.

I've been too busy to give much consideration to my sadistic side, but I know when I start dreaming about scening it's been too long--and I had had a few such dreams, one involving a clown and a toy store and a power outage. I needed to get that shit out of my head.
“I want something...”

This is a constant refrain around our house, mostly from the mouth of Craig’s three-year-old granddaughter. But recently, I found myself saying those words, leaving them hanging the same way the little does. But I wasn’t looking for a snack or a treat, I wanted a scene.

It might be better to say that I needed a scene. It was hard for me to ask, not because of any reluctance to play, but because I know how busy we have been. Our lives have been, and continue to be, packed full of activities, trips, and obligations. It’s hard to ask Craig to fit in one more thing, to give him one more obligation.

Thankfully, we were able to work it into our schedule without too much hassle. We even found time for a dinner date before the scene!
An Intense Scene Long and Hard
We arrived promptly upon opening of the Lair last Saturday night, making our way around the facility to see if anyone we knew had arrived yet. Making some quick pleasantries, we found our spot in the main room. Lizzie's ankle was still injured (if you've been following along, see last week's post HERE) and so we had some logistical things to work out in terms of where/how we would play.

Lizzie had her collar on and quickly set about cleaning the play furniture, setting out my high contrast white towel and carefully and mindfully laying out my implements for our scene.

I had her select two implement to start: something wood and something leather. She picked her favorite hairbrush and our beloved (or at least my beloved London Tanners nanny paddle. This is always a bit of paradox play for her, because she knows if she picks something too "easy" I'll not consider it and pick for her, but she picked quickly nonetheless. She needed a hard scene.

So we began with OTK on a settee next to the padded sawhorse Lizzie would end up for most of the scene. I warmed her up slowly with my hand, slowing ramping up until I was spanking her very hard, going from thuddy to firm to my unique stingy finger technique Lizzie hates so much (she outwardly groans and whines when I start on my "stingy fingers," much to my sadistic pleasure).

I switched to the leather nanny paddle, smacking both cheeks and focusing on the sweet spot on both legs repeatedly, returning to hand and then switching to the hair brush. Lizzie was certainly "in the zone" (if not quite in subspace yet) and began to cry at that point. I ramped it up further until it seemed like it was almost too much, when suddenly she stopped the scene!

"I can't breathe!" she panted, rising off my lap. The thick purple leather collar, at the angle she was at over my lap, was choking her, cutting off air. I rapidly took it off, letting her rest in my lap for a bit, holding her until her panic subsided and then checked to see if she wanted to continue. Beatings went on around us, oblivious. Lizzie whispered in my ear, "Of course I want to continue." My girl...
Before our scene, Craig asked me what I needed from the scene. I had two requests: long and hard. (A long, hard scene, get your head out of the gutter.)

We arrived at the Lair early. The Lair doesn’t really get busy until long after I’ve turned into a pumpkin, so there weren’t too many people to greet before we turned our attention to the scene.

We went into the main room to find a place to play. Craig had me try a couple different pieces of furniture to see which would work best for the length of scene he wanted to have. After a bit of logistical discussion, I laid out Craig’s white towel and set out his implements.

It’s an odd bit of service, setting out his implements, that we are still working out. It’s difficult for me to arrange his implements when I have no idea how he wants them. And I think he’s lost those few moments to map out the scene, mentally and physically.

He started with me over his knee, a favorite position of mine. My ankle was a little bit annoying in this position, but I quickly lost myself in his spanking. Except, unfortunately, when the collar decided to choke me; but Craig quickly sorted that out.

It Gets Harsh Blissed Out
I had Lizzie change position, standing and putting her hands on the settee while I plied her bottom with my dragon's tongue and devil's tail (or is that devil's tongues and dragon's tails? I can never keep track!). I finished this "chapter" of the scene by having her sit down and watch me as I stood there, rolling up my sleeves and taking off my strapping belt. Turning her back around and bending her over again I strapped her again and again and again--certainly her favorite thing of all. I strapped her with all my strength until I felt my arm would give out, so I stood her up again and put her on the padded sawhorse, making sure her ankle was at ease before starting in again. Craig had me stand while he used a few different things. Only the belt was particularly memorable, for all the right reasons. Straps and belts are probably my favorite implements. Since he sought a demo from a favorite play partner of mine at Shadowlane, Craig has really taken to strapping. He quickly took me right out of my head into subspace.

I stayed there, even when he moved me to the padded sawhorse and set into my backside with every implement I had laid out. Well, if he didn’t use all of them, at least he used a good portion of them.
From there it was straps, crops, canes, paddles and more hand for the next 90 minutes. Throughout the scene, Lizzie wept and whimpered, escaping her head and getting a much-needed release. I, too, got into topspace for a time, really digging the heavy scene as it unfolded. I get lost in these scenes at times, but with Lizzie's ankle, I was too cognizant of the physical experience to get too lost in it.

Afterward, I held her, wrapped in a blanket on my lap as she returned to the real world, sniffling all the while. We sat there for the longest time, lost in our thoughts (and enjoying a neighboring punching scene that was rather erotic).

As soon as Lizzie had regained herself she slowly got dressed, groggy and a bit dizzy from the scene, but she turned to me with a gleam in her eye and said, "Let's go to the bathroom and take pictures!"
I cried through the remainder of the scene. Then Craig swept me up in a blanket and held me for a long time. I curled myself around him, even when I got so hot I had to take the blanket off and lay naked curled up in his lap. There were other scenes around us, as there usually are at the Lair, but I hardly noticed.

As soon as I returned to myself, Craig and I slipped off to the bathroom to take a fresh, after-scene photo. That’s the first picture you saw above. The rest follow in chronological order over the next few days.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Daddy's Punishment

Last week we took a break as we were both out of town (and not the least bit together!). Lizzie went home to visit family in Kansas while Craig and his son went on a tour to visit colleges before his son starts his senior year of high school.

Of course, we barely made it out of town. Lizzie fell down the stairs, severely spraining her ankle (she's still on crutches) and jeopardizing her trip and Craig's.

A Genuine Punishment Spanking?
As you may have read previously, pain doesn't work as a punishment for Lizzie because she's such a pain slut, so if she needs a real punishment—what I like to call a Genuine Punishment—it's something she truly doesn'tenjoy, like standing in the corner on a balance ball.

The intro didn't explain the circumstances surrounding Lizzie falling down the stairs. She was texting her friend Jada, not paying attention. If you know Lizzie then you'll also know she's already clumsy, so texting while walking is bad enough, but doing so going down stairs?

Add to this that I had to forfeit a business trip to take care of her for a few days (and take of my young granddaughter who was in our care for that week whilst my daughter went on a cruise) and you can see why she had earned a true Genuine Punishment (GP). Her carelessness and ill timing at the very least.

So on Saturday night, after we both returned from our trips, I had a chance to exact said punishment.
Craig and I have never tried spanking as part of a genuine punishment before. He usually makes me stand in the corner or kneel on rice, you can see the classics here.

Sometimes he will use even more creative methods - like making me stand against the wall, holding a glass of water at arm’s length (you might be surprised how heavy water can be when you have to hold it for-f***ing-ever), and then drink the nasty room temperature water...all because I’d gotten stupidly dehydrated.

My experience with punishment spankings has not been particularly good. I like being spanked, enough that many attempts at punishment spankings have turned sensual. On the other end of that spectrum, I’m afraid the line where pain is no longer pleasure is my safeword or kill-scene line. (Note: This is not because I’m fundamentally against pain that isn’t pleasurable; this is because that line, when it comes to spanking, is where I’ve encountered serious physical injury.) It's just not something I thought would work.
Getting in her Head Waiting Game
She knew she'd earned a GP (actually, two, but that's for another post) and we both had been poised, waiting for my kids to head out for treats. She had no idea what she was going to get that night, however.

"Get up," I ordered, "and pull down your pants." Lizzie did as instructed and I took her across my lap, warming her bottom up quickly. I also quickly got in her head, scolding her for her carelessness, for me having to abort a business trip that she knew was very important to me and for hurting herself at a time when I needed her most to care for my granddaughter. Quickly, she was in tears.

I laid into her bottom, spanking her hard. I knew she'd enjoy the spanking and the pain, but laced with her tongue lashing—no role play here—I hoped to mix what she wanted/needed with the GP she so richly deserved. My verbal punishment as bad as the physical one, she was weeping into the sofa cushion for the near-30 minute spanking.

At the end, I held her in my arms and hugged her, stroking her hair. "You're okay," I said. "Daddy forgives you." She burrowed into me. "Consider that one of your GPs."

Sniffling and snuffling, Lizzie hobbled upstairs to bed, where I tucked her in. "Thank you," she said, squirming as she said it under the covers. "For what, pet?" I asked. "For punishing me."

I kissed her on the forehead. We had moved on.
Craig told me I’d earned a genuine punishment, but that he would wait until my ankle healed to take care of it. This made sense given the nature of our typical genuine punishments, but it did not make waiting easy.

I’m really interested to hear from any submissive readers what they experience when a punishment (of whatever type you use) is delayed for a length of time. Please comment!

I really wish I could be the sort of girl who was on her best behavior pending a punishment. That would be logical. When one is in trouble, one should know better than to cause themselves additional trouble. Unfortunately, I am not that kind of girl.

No, I’m the sort of girl who, knowing she is in trouble, finds myself on a downward tumble of trouble. It’s not that I don’t know the punishment will get worse. I do. Craig is diabolical that way.

If I get in trouble while a genuine punishment is pending, I know the punishment gets worse or multiplies. I KNOW THIS. I just cannot seem to act appropriately on this information.

At least we got this one out of the way. And by some miracle, it worked for me. Not the spanking, necessarily, I’d do that part again any day. Craig gets me and he gets in my head. I don’t love the punishments, but they work.

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Last weekend, our local dungeon held an annual event put on by Monarchs Outreach called Debauchery, a BDSM bacchanal of carnal partying. Each year the party has a theme. This year's theme was Sadistic Circus, meant to be a sketchy, edge-of-town, dingy, creepy circus.

Sadistic Circus Sadistic Workout
Lizzie and I volunteered for Debauchery, starting a few weeks ago with a clean-up day at the Lair. As you might imagine, a dungeon needs a good spiffing up every now and then, and this time was no exception. We spent hours scrubbing, sweeping, fixing and a prepping the space for the party two weeks later.

On the day of the event, we worked a 17 hour shift, cleaning (again!--thanks so much swinger's party!), setting up and working the event. Hundreds showed up. The big part of the evening was the "Big Top," set up in the main room of the dungeon, complete with stage, theatrical lighting and audio.

Besides carnival food, a dunk tank, raffle, and more there was a photo op with a professional photographer. Lizzie and I had some fun pictures taken. I really wish we could show our faces, because they turned out really great. Lizzie will pepper the best through the post. If you know us, Fellow Kinksters, you'll know how cool these pics turned out.

Yours truly stage managed the event and there were six amazing, strange, wonderful, creepy, hilarious acts ranging from fire play to rope suspension to a blood scene, all themed around a creepy circus.

I started the 17 hour day scrubbing one of the bathrooms at the Lair. The bathrooms are always a bit questionable at the dungeon, but the swinger’s party certainly didn’t help a bit! I’ve never seen such a mess! I also helped scrub all the cages to set up our jail area (you could put someone in jail for a few tickets, and the cages also served to partition off our public flogging area).

I helped hang signs and prepare the midway and concession area. Whoever did the graphics for the event did a wonderful job! And the photographer, working a “photo booth”, did amazing work as well, as you can see.

I spent most of the event working the dunk tank. For five tickets, a kinkster got three softballs to throw at a target to Dunk A Monarch. The dunk tank was something of an adventure - the guys were initially as likely to dunk themselves as to have someone dunk them, because the tank didn’t always reset properly. The guys also seemed to enjoy dunking one another by sneaking around behind the tank when someone was throwing particularly poorly, so the fellow in the tank wasn’t expecting to fall in the water.

I feel as though I did squats for a good 7 hours, picking up the thrown softballs, resetting the tank, and starting the next person. But the dunk tank provided endless entertainment.

While Craig was busy as the stage management for the Big Top, I also got to sample another of the sideshow acts: a vanilla magician who agreed to come to our event. This poor young man had no doubt thought he was “open-minded” before our event, but he clearly had no idea what he was getting into.

Early in the afternoon, he came into a room full of submissive women hiding in the air conditioning. A domme and her submissive male joined us before his show got underway. As he did his first trick, hammering a long nail up his nose, he got a taste of our unusual ideas. As part of his act, he pretended he was going to hammer the nail through his hand because “he had achieved the mind power to ignore pain.” We all watched with expectation rather than horror...

But when he got out an ancient fox trap (which looks like a miniature bear trap) and asked us if we knew what it was, someone answered, “CBT?” He obviously didn’t know what that was as he said no and went on through his routine. But as he continued to talk about his ability to ignore pain, the girls began to joke more and more about CBT. Finally, when the Domme asked him if he knew what CBT was, he was curious (and incautious) enough to ask. She said, “Cock and Ball Torture” and he dropped the trap to the floor. He sputtered for a long time, looking at all of us and the fox trap.

Finally, he pulled himself together enough to say, “Well, this isn’t going to impress this crowd, but...” and he raced through his verbal spiel at high speed (like a grade school student who has memorized his speech but is terrified of standing in front of the class). He slammed the trap closed on his fingers. All his fingers! We were impressed. And a little horrified that we had given him such a hard time. Ouch!
Once the show was over, we had to promptly take down lights, sound, decorations and remove the main room to a play space so all the guests could, you know, play. As soon as the lights went out I grabbed Lizzie, put her over my lap and spanked her. We got into a battle of wills over the pronunciation of the word "horrible." I insist it's pronounced to sound more like "harrible" but Lizzie insists otherwise. Back and forth we went, "horrible" "harrible," "horrible" "harrible" until the spanking escalated to the point where I was truly giving it my all.

But, after a 17 hours of volunteer work, I was utterly wiped out and, for the first time ever, I had to call uncle. We wrapped up not long after and went home. The next night, another spanking went down in the bathroom of our house (my kids are out of town). Upon finishing I discovered that our little tit for tat at the Lair the night before resulted in a lovely bruise on the palm of my hand. Unfortunately (or fortunately, I dunno) it doesn't show up well in this pic:
As the show wound to a conclusion, the volunteer quickly broke down various areas according to a complicated plan. We had to reset the concession area for the late night show. The flogging and jail area had to be broken down so that the main room could be reset for the play party. The dunk tank had to be reorganized to allow for the fire throwing acts. One area after another, we moved things and reset them for the next event.

Finally, the main room was reset for play and Craig and I had an opportunity to play. We had planned a very simple scene - Craig had nothing but his hand and the belt he was wearing. We knew we would be exhausted, but we wanted to take advantage of the night out.

As it happened, our scene was even shorter than we had planned. We were both totally exhausted from our long day of volunteer work. And the main room was so full of people that I doubt Craig could have found room to swing his belt anyway...