Friday, July 26, 2013

Hitting it Hard

Something amazing happened that has never happened before for our blog or our individual blogs - Dark Musing or Lizzie's Blog. For three weeks in a row we got Chrossed, resulting in an amazing number of hits to the blog.

We don't mean to phone it in this week, but it's been a really hectic week with Lizzie finishing summer school, Craig crazy at work and both of us getting ready for Debauchery on Saturday.

In the mean time, we had a lovely mini-play date at home while everyone was out of the house, as you can see...

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Feature: Picture Fiction

This week, Craig decided to write his story as a poem. Lizzie, feeling neither rhythm nor rhyme, wrote an ordinary story. Craig wrote his poem and found pictures; Lizzie wrote to length to match. Finally, Lizzie adjusted our layout to accommodate the poem.

Poetic Justice "Aftercare"
She started to whine and to brat and show signs
Of a full temper tantrum gone sour
He sat and he stared, arms cross'd as he glared
And she pouted at his watchful glower

She stamped her feet, her dark tantrum complete
And dropped to the floor in a heap
He watched with disdain, as words poured quite profane
From her mouth like a loud bleating sheep

She stretched out gratefully on the bed, pleased to have this break while he took pictures of his handiwork. A little sigh escaped her lips. Her bottom was throbbing; the red glow should show.
He asked, "Are you done? With a mouth like a Hun
I'm surprised you aren't spewing dark feces!
You'll learn to behave, my temperamental slave,
Else you'll find yourself wearing prostheses!"

Contrite and concerned, her tantrum all burned
Like a matchstick, charred and black
She began to cry like whore in Versailles
Knowing soon he'd be on the attack

She shifted impatiently as he opened the blinds to take pictures with natural light. She could only roll her eyes as he closed the blinds again and flipped various light switches in the room.

“I know you’re bored,” he growled, “Stand up.”
"Grab your ankles." She did, as she rankled,
And then he lit into her rear with his belt
She cried and screamed, it much worse than she dreamed
Knowing she deserved what he dealt

In the end in his arms she knew there no harm
Their relationship, very perverse
Ball gag in mouth, glowing flesh "down south"
"Well," she shrugged, "it coulda been worse!"

But it was only more pictures he wanted, shifting her this way and that. She squirmed a little, but it was easy to follow his commands after such a scene. Her reward would follow.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fourth at the Farm

First off, before we get into our Fourth of July, we are so pleased to have gotten Chross’d for our Fourth of July “greeting card.” We quickly racked up close to 4,000 hits on that post, so we decided to share it with the community on FetLife. Well, that completely took off there, jumping to the Kinky & Popular page and garnering close to 400 “likes” and dozens and dozens of comments. So thanks to everyone for that!

Now, onto our Fourth of July activities...
Fun on the Farm Terabithia
After many visits to Lizzie’s family farm, a sprawling, bucolic Kansas specimen of agriculture, we’ve grown accustomed to our own routine there.

One of our favorite activities is to jump onto the Quad Runners and head off to what Lizzie refers to alternately as “the camp ground” or “Terabithia”. (As a kid, her siblings and she would head out to this “back 40” plot of land nestled in a pocket of trees to camp and roleplay. Not that kind of roleplay, pervs!)

I’ve grown to calling this “The Spanking Place,” sort of like “The Laughing Place” from Disney’s much-maligned Song of the South animated film.
In the middle of our hectic summer, we headed to Kansas for the Fourth of July. As with most of our trips this summer, we were taking three of the kids with us, so there would not be as much privacy as we might prefer.

Despite the lack of privacy in the house, we find plenty of privacy in the expanse of land around the house. One of our favorite places is “the old camp ground” (so named because we hosted Girl Scout camps there when I was a kid) or “Terabithia” (as named by one of my sisters to encourage her kids to play there when they were younger). Nearly a mile from the house, past these fields and waterway full of hay bales. In those trees lining a small creek, you would find a large clearing surrounded by trees - something of an anomaly in the Kansas prairie.
The Spanking Place Outdoor Spanking
Once we got to The Spanking Place it was time for what we usually do. It’s not called “The Reading Our Kindles Place,” after all.

Lizzie assumed the position at the back of the Quad, ready for me to begin spanking and strapping. After a brief warm-up, the spanking commenced.

Lizzie lamented we didn’t have anything to make a switch from, but I saw a young sapling nearby and decided I could do this by hand, and hit PAUSE on the spanking so I could fetch a branch. After some yanking and pulling I got it off (“That’s what she said!”) and stripped it of it’s bark and proceeded to switch Lizzie with it. It’s shape didn’t work all that well, but it left some lovely welts.
Craig and I have used the old camp ground several times in the past - for spanking play and more. But on this occasion, Craig was focused on the spanking.

He had me bent over the four-wheeler and was giving me a hard spanking with his hand when I noticed all the trees around us. I was complaining that Craig doesn’t carry a pocketknife (he travels too much, but I am forever reaching into his pocket or asking him to borrow his pocketknife because growing up on the farm, I never encountered a man or boy who didn’t carry one daily). Without a knife, I wasn’t sure we would be able to remove a switch from a tree and I really wanted to try one.
I went back to hand spanking.

This went on for some time, until both of us were panting and sweating in the warm, humid summer air.

As you can see, Lizzie got a thorough spanking. Terabithia. The Camp Ground. The Spanking Place. Whatever we call it, it’s our place to get away on the farm for some funishment.
Well, Craig made a brilliant attempt to pull a branch off by hand. It was not the prettiest switch, but it did the job. I was soon regretting that suggestion!

He finally tossed the switch in the creek and returned to using his hand. The exertion and heat soon had us panting and damp...okay, for me it was probably just the spanking that did it.

By the time we finished, I had some pretty good marks on my bottom. I certainly felt that spanking as we rode back to the house!
More Play on the Farm Another Quick Scene
Having packed a few implements, we waited until my kids (who joined us for the weekend) had gone off to have fun with Lizzie’s nieces and nephews, then we scrambled to get in a quick scene of our own indoors in the cool AC.

A brief but intense caning was in order. I managed to ramp it up until Lizzie was on her tiptoes, and as soon as the scene began, it was done.

It was a great Fourth on the farm!
When the kids went off to the movies with my nieces and nephews, we made use of the time alone for a quick scene.

Craig had me over the bed for an intense caning. We moved to my (rather unfortunately pink-tiled) bathroom to take a picture to share.

As always, we had a great time!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Star SPANKled Fourth!

On this summery of days, we wish all of you a very happy Fourth of July. To be in theme, Lizzie came up with the idea of creating a patriotic flag on her beautiful bottom via cane marks and crafty stars (graciously "borrowed" from my daughter's craft basket). A brilliant suggestion!

I'd been racking my brain as to what to do to mark the event, but had been drawing a blank. So when Lizzie came up with her fun solution, I was in. We got the stars, got the cane and went to work last night. I started high. "OUCH!" she seethed through gritted teeth. "That was high!"

"I know it was high!" I replied, touching her tailbone an inch or so below the first stripe. "But, compositionally, it had to go there to work for the shot." A huffy exhale was all I got in reply.

I began working my way down her derrière with the cane, sweat popping up on my brow as I attempted to align the stripes as perfectly as I could. "You're only doing seven, right?"



"You're only doing seven stripes, aren't you?" Lizzie inquired.

"Young lady, this isn't an authentic reproduction of the American flag on your ass! Do we have 50 peel-n-stick glitter stars???" You gotta be kidding me.

I finished the cane marks, peeled and subsequently stuck the blue glitter stars to her fantastically shaped behind and snapped the photo.


Happy Independence Day, everyone! And for our readers in Canada, Russia, the UK, Germany, Spain, Australia and whereever else Google Analytics tells us you're located: enjoy our patriotism!