Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Blog Update

Part housekeeping, part update from last week’s blog, part thank you to you, Fellow Kinkster.

An Update to Last Week's Post New Apron!
Lizzie was out of town for a week after our Red Bottom Weekend redux, so I went shopping with my daughter and found these amazing retro aprons. Of course, after the complaints of how horrible I was letting Lizzie cook bacon nude, I decided to pick this up for her: Following the (albeit mild) outcry over me pan frying bacon in the nude, Craig bought me the cutest apron ever! I was so excited; I had to try it on the minute we got home. Now we just need another weekend alone to try it out!
And Ruminations on Our Blog! Searching for Our Blog
Last week, our Another Red Bottom Weekend post got Chrossed. Thanks, Chross, for adding us to the list again! We are always most appreciative.

It’s amazing to us how, in just a few short months, we’ve already accumulated over 50,000 hits to the site, with tons of Fellow Kinksters checking in from all over the world: the UK, Germany, Russia, Australia and elsewhere.

We started our blog to be able to share (and record) our lifestyle experiences and to share our (hopefully) unique side-by-side perspectives with our Fellow Kinksters. It’s rewarding to get the steady traffic and comments each week, then it’s exciting when the traffic counter goes crazy with each Chross.

Google Analytics and Blogger stats often come up with similar, but different, results (even though it’s all under the Google umbrella). While Lizzie looks at Google Analytics stats I generally just check the Blogger dashboard.

There, the most common search term is “d s punishments”. People seem to like “black & blue pain sluts” (and oddly, “blue & back pain sluts”—I can only imagine those people were drunk). Though Lizzie certainly is a pain slut, I’m not sure they’re finding what they hope to discover when they get to our site. “100 strokes bottom” is a great search term. I should use it. “Creative d/s punishments” is another. To those people I say this: don’t be so lazy! Make up your own damn punishments!
When Craig mentioned our blog stats, I took a moment to look at Google Analytics. I’m always amused by the search terms that lead readers to our blog. The most frequent phrase leading to our blog includes the term “D/s” in one form or another. The next most frequent phrase is “Boardwalk Badness Weekend” followed by search terms including our names - Craig and Lizzie.

But the phrase resulting in the most page views (after the reader found our blog) was “frequent weekend spanking pictures.” And the search term resulting in the longest viewing time was “red hot bottom” followed closely by “lizzie and craigs spanking blog” (punctuation and capitalization aside, I can assume they found what they were looking for because they spent a long time catching up on our posts).

Looking at Blogger stats (which, oddly, are different), the term resulting in the most page views is “the cane giving”. I do wonder what those readers are looking for and if they found it here. That’s such an odd phrase.

Not so odd as “is a softness is” which resulted in 4 page views. I cannot imagine what that individual was looking for, nor can I imagine they found it here.

Finally, I’m amused to see “corner time punishment video” in our search terms. Our one video did not feature corner time and it was not what Craig and I consider a punishment by any stretch of the imagination. Maybe it is a suggestion?

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Another Red Bottom Weekend

Having the house to ourselves, it was time for another Red Bottom Weekend. Here’s how it all went down...

[Note: This post contains explicit sexual descriptions and images.]

I was flying back to Los Angeles from Brazil on Friday, the kids having gone to see their mom for Mother’s Day, leaving Lizzie and I alone for the weekend. This rare opportunity upon us, I emailed a list of specific instructions to Lizzie to prepare for the occasion.

When we realized that we were going to have the house to ourselves on a weekend sandwiched between two of Craig’s business trips, I think we were both pretty excited. Craig emailed me these detailed instructions:
First, she was to be naked all weekend. Second, she was to prepare a special dinner for my arrival home and have all the necessary groceries so we wouldn’t have to leave the house once the entire time we had the house to ourselves.

Lizzie was instructed to have a glass plug inserted in her bottom, held in place by one of her patented duct tape harnesses, waiting for me in an open position on the hallway floor upon my arrival home.

I texted Lizzie as I was getting closer, stuck in horrible Friday L.A. traffic, pulling into the garage and closing the door to find her awaiting me as requested. As part of her instructions she silently unzipped my pants and got me off, wiggling with the plug inside her.

1. You will be naked. You shall remain naked until I depart for the airport Sunday at 12:30 pm.

2. You will meet me at the door, naked, with your glass anal plug inserted and held in place by your duct tape harness.

3. You will be on your knees, with a wipe to freshen me up.

4. You will be ready to service my cock.

5. Upon completion, you will have a special dinner ready for me, complete with cocktails and/or wine. You can choose whatever you wish for this special dinner and we can eat in the dining room, at the "café" or in the family room as you see fit.

6. Immediately after dinner you will undress me and do the dishes while I prepare something special for you upstairs.

7. On Saturday morning, we will enjoy a breakfast together as usual, but Saturday will be a Red Bottom Day.

8. I will go to the gym when you nap.

9. You should have the necessary items for our "snack dinner" for Saturday afternoon/evening. We should not have to go out to pick up groceries, so your preparations will be very important.

After, she moved to final dinner preparations while I unpacked and showered, coming down stairs to find a fantastic meal awaiting me. But before we could eat, I informed Lizzie we were to have a Red Bottom Weekend and bent her over the kitchen counter and spanked her long and hard, raising a lovely red to her bottom that was to be maintained (with the exception of sleeping, of course) the entire weekend. Anytime I saw it even going a light pink I would grab her forcefully, bend her over and spank her more. (As the weekend progressed, these bouts got farther and farther apart and the amount of effort I put into the reddening got less and less.)

After dinner I removed the glass plug, spanked Lizzie again, and as I did so she reached around behind her and fondled me through my “night shorts” until hard—so given that she was naked all weekend and she was still bent over from another requisite reddening, I inserted myself into her and fucked her long and hard right there in the kitchen until she was dripping onto the tile floor. (I think she missed me.)

Exhausted, we were off to bed not long after, having spent 14 hours flying home that day.
It took the kids longer than expected to leave, but I was able to complete most of my preparations early on Friday. Of course, I was still rushing around to finish a few last things before Craig got home.

After greeting him at the door (as he’s described more graphically), I followed him upstairs to kneel in front of his closet, where I undressed him for his shower. While he showered, I went back downstairs to finish dinner. I’d picked something that would hold so I could finish it quickly while he showered.

Craig announced that we were having a Red Bottom Weekend, and following that pattern, he smacked my bottom any time he noticed it was no longer red. This amounted to spanking me every time I stood up...or, quite literally, “every time I turned around.”

We enjoyed dinner, spanking, and a few other things Craig described...but soon it was time for bed. He was exhausted from his travels and I, well, I can always sleep.
Saturday was spent with spankings, occasional nipple punishment (they’re right there—how could I resist?) and some sex, but I was saving our energy for a big scene I had planned that afternoon.

Going upstairs to make preparations, I called Lizzie in a few minutes later, Muse playing on the stereo as I began to do some shibari bondage on LIzzie (with the help of my shibari manual—I’m not versed enough in rope patterns to do it all on my own). Her breasts bound and her arms tied behind her, I pushed her face down onto the bed and proceeded to whip, cane, crop and flog her back and ass until she protested rather severely. Evidently the Red Bottom Weekend had already made her quite sensitive. So I took to some areas as yet unmarked: her inner thighs and her pussy.
I made breakfast Saturday morning, naked. Pan frying bacon naked is not quite as sexy as it sounds - I may need to invest in an apron. Maybe a sexy one so that Craig doesn’t complain too much; he seemed amused by my troubles.

Craig left me downstairs to set something up in our room. I knew it was going to be a fantastic scene, because he took the time to set it up without me. But I didn’t know he was going to try something I’ve been writing about lately - a forced orgasm scene.

We started with bondage, which we don’t do very often. I rather liked it; I hope we can work that in more regularly.
I cropped, caned and flogged her pussy until she begged me to stop, at which time I did. But she wasn’t done. Not by a long shot. I untied the bondage rope and with some simple velcro restraints tied her to the bed, spread eagled, pulling out a variety of latex and glass insertables and our recent purchase, a new Hitachi.

After fucking Lizzie’s ass with a large glass dildo I moved to her pussy, spreading her and ramming the dildo into her. She was so sensitive from the pussy punishments she was writing and whining, and I hadn’t even gotten to the forced orgasm portion of the scene yet.

After six or seven orgasms Lizzie began to shake her head “no” back and forth on the pillow as the next wave came. “Please, sir,” she squirmed. “No more. Please.” She panted like a panther as the next orgasm hit. But I wasn’t through with her. She was going to be a wreck by the time I was finished.

Five orgasms later, Lizzie was in tears, a puddle on the bed. I stopped, set the insertables and Hitachi aside, and held her briefly before going to pour a hot bath. Out of epsom salts, I added some baking powder to the bath, then went and carefully gathered her up and led her to the tub on legs of rubber.

After the bath, I put Lizzie to bed for a long nap and later we had a fantastic dinner, as more spankings kept the red going.

The next day, more spankings, but the kids would be home soon, so Lizzie reluctantly put on her clothes, but not before one final Red Bottom Weekend spanking!
Craig pushed me onto the bed and beat me for awhile, in the manner he described. I’m not very good at describing scenes because while I’m very much there in the moment, I’m not always *there* so to speak, so I'm offering this picture instead:

After the scene, Craig filled the bathtub and poured me into it. I soaked for awhile before he tucked me into bed. When I woke up, he read to me for awhile, which was a real treat.

We filled the rest of the weekend with spanking, food, sex, and nudity. At least until the kids were due back home, that is. It was a lovely weekend.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Renaissance Pleasure Faire

The Renaissance Pleasure Faire is currently running in Los Angeles. We missed Kink Day by one day, but still made it to the Faire for a kink-filled adventure. Here’s the two-sided tale of our fun.

The Renaissance Pleasure Faire is a favorite of mine to check out and knowing Lizzie loves RenFaires we definitely wanted to go when it was in town. We had grand plans to dress up. Lizzie sorted out all her costumes a few weeks back after we moved, so I knew she was eager, but I just didn’t get my act together enough to pull it off. Still, we waited for a day when the weather was cool and nice (a hot day on that dusty piece of land is a miserable visit!) and off we went.

Having missed Kink Day (an unofficial, unsanctioned event to be certain) by a day, I always feel when I visit the RenFaire that everyone there is kinky in one way or another.
I love Renaissance Faires, so when Craig told me the local one has a Kink Day, we were both hoping we would be able to attend that day. As it worked out, we missed Kink Day by one day. But even missing that day, we had plenty of opportunity to get our kink on at the Faire.

We didn’t get to dress up this year, because Craig doesn’t keep his costumes organized as nicely as I do. To be fair, the organization you see in this picture is due entirely to Craig’s expectations. I love costumes, and they were getting out of control. And yes, I do have more than 18 carefully labeled bins (including one for "destructible clothing") of costumes. I also have several drawers filled with knee socks, panties, and other unmentionables.
As if to prove my point, I took Lizzie to my favorite glass artist who displays every year. I have a few pieces of art glass from him up in our house, but what I really wanted Lizzie to see was the selection of hand blown glass dildos behind the burlap partition. There, a saucy wench showed us a variety of toys, from plugs to dildos to double-headed hydras of adult novelties, all in various colors and glazings.

After reviewing the fine selection, Lizzie settled on a ribbed, pearlescent thing with a very practical handle on the end—that could also be used as another penetration device. Blushing and burying her head in my shoulder, we headed out to find libations.
We found Craig’s favorite glass artist shortly after entering the grounds. I was excited because Craig had told me about the “adults only” area.

I got very embarrassed looking at the goods, if only because of the conversation he was having with the seller. For some reason, I think she enjoyed my blush as much as his banter.

Having picked out a new glass dildo, I got to carry it (discreetly wrapped in paper, but still obvious to me!) through the crowds. We stopped in several different shops before we finally acquired a bag large enough that I could drop the dildo inside with our other purchases.
It wasn’t long before Lizzie had a honey mead in her hand and I had acquired a deliciously bitter IPA. And then another. And another.

After making our way to the far end of the Faire we decided we were hungry and turned around to head back toward the food court. As we rounded the corner to discover what treats lie in wait in the various stands, we saw a costumed character in full Medieval regalia walking along and carrying a long, thick wood paddle. It could have been mistaken for a practice sword, but I know a paddle when I see it.

Grabbing Lizzie’s hand I hurried up to catch up with the man. “Excuse me, good sir,” I said, pulling out my worst thespian English, “what might that device be used for?” He replied, “For delivering a proper punishment to a young lady’s back side.”

“Might I have a go?” I asked and he politely handed over the beastly hunk of wood to me. Now mind you, this food court is easily an acre or more in size, filled with picnic tables that are loaded with Faire goers of all ages, so I knew that whatever deed I did next needed to be more fun than dour. “Bend over,” I ordered Lizzie. With a huff she placed her hands on her knees and with grand theatrics I lined up for a swing like a pro league batter. I hauled off and whacked her with a resounding thud. Then I did it again for good measure. “Here you go kind sir.”

Lizzie was blushing, but laughing all the same. Folks around us seemed utterly unconcerned, having experienced much bawdier offerings throughout their day. “I can’t believe you just paddled me in public!” Lizzie said through gritted teeth before we settled down for lunch.
We had several drinks - me, the honey mead I associate firmly with RenFaires, and Craig, the IPA he usually chooses. We had a conversation with one knifemaker that left me blushing, because Craig was happy to tell him just how much I enjoyed the way he used knives! And we laughed over this blacksmith’s sign:

After exploring the Faire, we made our way back to the food court for a late lunch. Now, this food court is quite an affair - a huge area full of tables and families enjoying food and drink purchased from a ring of shops around the outside. The paddle carried by a costumed man caught my attention, and I pointed it out to Craig as the man walked away. I never expected he would actually chase the man down to inquire about the implement.

Then, the demented man offered Craig the paddle “for use on naughty wives and girlfriends.” And Craig took him up on the offer, delivering two solid swats to my backside!

Now, I love public play in a kink setting. But even the suggestion of play, let alone any actual play, in a vanilla setting turns me bright red. (Even if, just maybe, I do enjoy it a little.) So I was blushing brilliantly when I turned back around to disappear into Craig’s shoulder.

And that paddle-wielding maniac had the gall to tell Craig that he “had a keeper,” which naturally led Craig to tease that this was only the tip of the iceberg - we do far more when we aren’t in public. For some reason, this did not surprise the costumed, paddle-carrying, man even a little bit.

At least I wasn’t wearing a skirt!
Having had our fill of RenFaire (and ale, and mead) we headed out to the parking lot. “You didn’t like getting spanked in public, young maiden?” I asked as we reached the car.

“I didn’t say that,” she retorted.

So then this happened:
We had been cautioned about using the dildo in the parking lot (someone had done, and the proprietor of the shop had been chastised for it), but no one told Craig he couldn’t spank my bare bottom outside the car.

So he did.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Boardwalk Badness Weekend: Our Trip

Our trip to Atlantic City was a fun one. Below is our side-by-side trip report. We did not take notes during the trip and we delayed writing this post in order to share our video...things may be slightly disordered. Enjoy!

Craig Lizzie
After weeks of travel, still “coming down” from our move and so many other activities filling our schedule by the time BBW came around we both were secretly saying, “I wish I was staying home.” As much as we love the play, our friends and the various activities, a quiet weekend at home relaxing sounded far more exciting.

So going into the weekend started with just that headspace.

We arrived in Philadelphia late, waited for the shuttle van, and by the time we got to the hotel it was already 1 am. Jada met us at our room, boppin’ around from the excitement of being at the party for a day, but Lizzie and I were a bit wiped out and hadn’t eaten dinner yet.

So, with suite parties raging upstairs we said goodnight to Jada, called room service just moments before they closed the kitchen and hunkered down to watch CNN and all the craziness with the police chase in Watertown for the Boston Marathon bombers.

Of course, we also enjoyed a tradition we like: a hand OTK to kick off the party weekend.
Weeks before most parties, I spend countless hours agonizing over what to pack. I always feel that my closet contains no appropriate clothing, but somehow the resulting pile of outfits certainly will not fit into a suitcase. But for this party, I had only a morning to pack. Luckily, one of the things I’ve accomplished since moving is the organization of my costumes, which greatly facilitates packing.

As Craig mentioned, we were both exhausted from our constant activity and feeling ambivalent, at best, about the upcoming festivities. As much as I look forward to seeing friends and enjoy the play, my feelings about parties have changed. We did our best to set all that aside and focus on the fun.

A long day of travel put us at the hotel around one in the morning. The flustered hotel registration lady told us which floors our “uh...conference” had rooms on. They had done an excellent job of putting us all together.

With the exception of Jada stopping by to say hello, we skipped the parties and put off our greetings to the next day. Instead we had a quiet meal and our traditional handspanking to start the party weekend.
We awoke late, convinced we’d just stay on L.A. time, and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast before heading out for a walk to the nearby factory outlet mall to get Lizzie her summer wardrobe, having recently relocated to California from Kansas.

After that, dinner then off to the vendor fair. There, we met up with friends Michael & Kate, Brad and others while I surveyed the implements on display and settled on a lovely wood cane (PHOTO). What sold me on the cane more than anything was its balance. Incredible.

Afterward, we went surveyed the suite parties, hung out with friends and socialized and went back to our room to play. Exhausted, we drank some wine and crashed.

We woke up late, deciding the California time would serve us perfectly well for the party. This was a much easier adjustment for me, because I’m not a late night person, so the time difference allowed me to stay up nearly as late as other party-goers without turning into a pumpkin.

We spent the early afternoon shopping with Jada. I had really good luck finding a summer wardrobe and we enjoyed having the time to catch up.

We caught up with some friends for dinner and went to the vendor fair. We were able to catch up with more friends there. Craig tried a few implements on me, but settled on a new cane. The rest of the evening is something of a blur of friends, talking, and playing.

Saturday began with another late start and another leisurely breakfast. We decided to take advantage of the sun and go for a walk on the world famous Boardwalk. On our walk we stopped at a candy shop and saw a package of extra-long Twizzlers. As mentioned in previous posts, I’ve smacked Lizzie’s ass with a regular Twizzler in the past and they hurt. Lizzie thought a longer Twizzler would–obviously–hurt more?

That led to our acquisition of sweet pervertables and our subsequent Candy Scene, which you’ve undoubtedly read about and hopefully watched here on this blog. After that silly scene, Lizzie took a nap and, now inspired, I culled all the photos and video I took of our scene and made the video.

Soon it was time to get ready for dinner and the party-slash-dance. We got dressed up to the nines and had dinner at the hotel’s rather fantastic steakhouse (Lizzie can’t eat at the catered buffets due to allergies). We met Michael & Kate, Indy, Jada and others and chatted, relaxing and watching the SSNY program on stage.

Soon we were heading off to play, enjoying a really amazing scene with Michael & Kate and more implements than you could imagine. It was an arms race between Michael and I going through our toy bags and pulling out item after item after item. It got a little hilarious at one point.

After, we went to a few suite parties. Lizzie had another fantastic scene with Mr. Allen from the UK, truly one of her favorites. We hung out, played (thank you Emma!), chatted until the wee hours and then headed off to bed.
We stayed on CA time, getting another late breakfast Saturday morning. Early afternoon being a slow party time, we headed out for a walk on the Boardwalk to get souvenirs for family. I talked Craig into going into a store ominously named “Sugar” - a fantastical candy story that would make Willy Wonka envious.

When I first made the suggestion that we do a Candy Scene, Craig was dubious. But he decided it might be fun to take pictures for our blog (the logistics of doing one of our classic, long, hard scenes with candy just don’t work, but something fun worked really well).

Craig shot the video with his iPhone during the scene. It was a surprisingly hard scene, for all the implements and bindings were made of sugar, so I took a nap following the scene. Craig’s creativity sparked, he used the time to edit the pictures and video into the masterpiece you’ve seen posted here.

We got dressed up for dinner at the hotel’s steakhouse, skipping the party buffet for my safety. Friends had saved us seats at the party, so we joined them as soon as we had eaten. We passed around Craig’s iPhone, now loaded with our video, for a bit of a preview.

We skipped out of the party early for an amazing scene with an incredible couple. Craig and Michael did have something of an arms race, but Kate and I were both occupied and entertained.

We headed up to the suites again for another evening of socializing and play.
Sunday we decided to break the habit of having a late breakfast in the same hotel restaurant and walked next door to the Taj Mahal to get Starbucks and then down The Boardwalk further to a Johnny Rockets.

Later that evening it was back to a few open suites for more great socializing, casual play and hanging out. Back in our room, Lizzie and I had a wonderful scene of our own–intense and cathartic.

Before we knew it we were up Monday morning, packing our bags and heading back in the shuttle van to Philly to head home. It was a relaxing weekend. As Lizzie pointed out on the plane, “It’s a shame we have to fly all the way across the country just so the two of us can play!” True, that. We were grateful to see friends and spend quality time with them. Another enjoyable Boardwalk Badness Weekend.
We were up so late on Sunday that breakfast seemed impractical at best. Instead we went to Johnny Rockets, a favorite of mine because they actually have an easily accessible, complete list of ingredients available online. It’s a food-allergic girl’s dream. If only every restaurant actually had the list on hand...

We had dinner that night at PF Changs, another food-allergy aware place, with Jada. It’s becoming something of a tradition for us, having found a place both she and I can easily eat. And Craig discovered his new favorite cocktail - a Black Tea Gimlet.

Despite my reservations about the party, we had a really good time. Craig and I played together quite a bit, enjoying the time away from family and sound constraints. We didn’t get a chance to play with all our friends, but we were able to catch up with many of them. Overall, it was a great weekend.