Thursday, April 11, 2013

Shower Scene

We took these photos a few months ago when we discovered this cool hotel we were staying in had a shower with a shared glass wall into the bedroom area. We knew somehow we’d find a way to use them. Below are two distinctly different stories created from the same imagery. [Note: For those of you interested in how we wrote this - Lizzie selected the pictures, wrote her story, and Craig wrote his story with the same pictures for inspiration.]

"Genuine" Punishment Little Tease
“You’re late,” he said as she dropped her keys in the basket by the door, flinging her purse to the tabletop in one continuous motion. “Traffic was hell,” she responded, looking over to the wet bar to see if he had poured her a drink. He had not.

“Did you get my text?” he asked. She was rummaging through the mail stacked neatly on the roll-top desk, a microcosm of office space in the kitchen nook. She had not even looked at him let alone come in to give him a kiss.

“Yes,” she replied, opening up a manila envelope with her name on it.

“What did it say, this text?” he asked. She pulled out a letter from her mother and began to skim it, looking at some old photographs that fell out. “Hmm? What did it say?” She tossed the letter aside and went through the rest of the mail.

“YOUNG LADY!” he shouted, slamming his hand so hard onto the end table next to where he sat a small framed photo clattered to the hardwood floor. She looked up for the first time and saw him.

She sighed under the stream of hot water from the rainfall showerhead. Her muscles relaxed under the massaging water, her shoulders dropping and her head falling forward. The water was a soothing balm on her sensitive skin.

She had just awoken from a long, scene-induced nap. Their early afternoon scene had left her boneless and floating. But now that she had woken, it was time to get ready for an evening out. She turned under the flow, reveling in the sensations.

Even now, the heat of the water ignited the flame in her bottom. She turned again to remove her backside from the heat. Reaching for her body wash, her bottom pressed up against the cool glass wall of the shower.
“Yes sir?” she asked, eyes wide, well aware of her distraction.

“Upstairs,” he ordered. She did as he told her and he jumped up and raced up the stairs behind her. “Undress. Now.” She did as she was told, and quickly.

“In the shower.” His voice was all gravelly menace. She jumped in, without a sound. He turned on the water. The system heated immediately, adjustable jets shooting from the walls, a shower of rain falling from the ceiling. Music from an aggressive 80s hair band played in the background. “Get against the glass,” he commanded.
Pleased by the sensation of the cold glass, she pressed her bottom fully against the coolness. She stretched her arms up, pressing her shoulders against the glass as well.

“Are you teasing me, slut?” his voice came from the other room.

“No, sir,” she responded in a sing-song voice, a silly smile pulling at her lips.

Giving in, she turned around and pressed her breasts against the glass, giving him a little show.
She did as she was told, but to be honest, she couldn’t deny that this “punishment” was exactly what she needed after a stressful day teaching at the university. The glass was cold, hardening her nipples instantly, but the steam and water filled the shower chamber and her body luxuriated in the sensation.

“You come home and get distracted. You’re more interested in the mail than me. Now you’ve earned your punishment!” He was shouting from outside the shower. Though the water was hot his voice sent a chill down her spine. She knew when he was displeased with her.
She wiggled closer to the glass, pressing her breasts firmly against the translucent division between the shower and the bedroom. Her smile grew as she played against the glass.

“Young lady!” the mock-startled exclamation came from the other room.

She knew exactly what she was doing. The foggy glass hid all but the flesh pressed hard against it. And she read his tone of voice. He was excited by the show, but it pleased him to chide her for his thrill.

“Yes, sir?” she called back.
“Open the shower door!” he yelled. She scrambled for the handle, opening it to look at him holding her favorite thick leather paddle. “Turn around!” She obeyed and he dried her wet bottom off before beginning a long and progressively harder spanking with the paddle. Soon she was moaning and whimpering and almost as soon as it started he was finished, her bottom reddening.

“Press it against the glass to cool it,” he ordered. Again, she did as she was told.

A few minutes went by and then he said to her, “Turn off the water. It’s time for the worst of your punishment! You’ve earned it!” She dreaded what came next. What did he have in store for her? A signal tail? Clothespins? Worse? She sheepishly opened the shower door. He held a glass of red wine in his hand and held it out to her.

“Here you go, young lady. I can tell you had a stressful day. You’ve earned your ‘punishment’.” The both chuckled at this and, soaking wet, she threw her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. Her master knew what was best for her, everytime.
The shower door flung open and his hand encircled her wrist. With the water still running and water still dripping from her body, he pulled her right out of the shower. She slid across the bathroom floor to the counter.

He bent her over the vanity and picked up her wooden hairbrush. In moments, he had set her bottom afire again. Water from her wet skin shot across the bathroom as he spanked her.

“Now, you have something to show me,” he said as he spun her back into the shower.

She leaned out of the shower to give him a quick kiss on the cheek before she turned back into the water. Her bottom burning, she set her mind to preparing for dinner.


  1. both amazingl hot storie...funny how two different minds can interpert the same photos :)

  2. Thanks, kiwigirliegirl. We aim to please.

  3. I loved both of the stories. A glass wall shared between the shower and the bedroom? Someone had a kinky architect, I think.

    1. It's typical in the Aloft Hotel chain. I've stayed in two different Alofts and both had the same setup. Makes it a bit awkward when you're sharing your room with a family member.