Friday, April 19, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy

We recently moved our family of five from Craig’s home of twelve years, so the first part of the year was all packing, home inspections, yard sales, donation trips, walk-thrus and, oh yeah, Craig’s vasectomy and subsequent recovery.

In the two weeks before the move we were both home only three full days. After only ten days to unpack and settle in, Lizzie’s parents came to visit for a week. They had no sooner left than we were off to the mountains of Yosemite . We celebrated Easter at home with our family the following weekend and we haven’t slowed down since.
The Happiest
Place on Earth
We spent the weekend after Easter in Anaheim on property at Disneyland for a work-related conference. It was neat to have the theme parks at our back door, but my schedule was such that I didn’t get much of an opportunity to enjoy it, though Lizzie did. We’d meet for lunches and dinners during the conference, even braved L.A.’s dreaded Interstate 5 Freeway to go from Anaheim to the Lair all the way north in North Hollywood on that Friday.

Fortunately, we had time for a great scene. We both felt the pressure of being in a family hotel with kidlets running up and down the hall, so once again we found ourselves in the midst of one of our Silent Scenes.

Bamboo cane, rubber rod and an occasional leather crop all were put to good use on Lizzie’s backside until she was a limp pile of limbs and flesh on the clean Disney sheets.
I was thrilled to check into our room early so that I had a place to hang out while Craig was at his meetings. But I was rather disturbed to find that our balcony overlooked a rollercoaster! Luckily, the hotel had spent good money on sound proofing, so the screams of coaster riders did not invade on our room.

Unfortunately, that sound proofing did not extend to the hallways. The pitter-patter of children up and down the hall reminded us that we were in a family hotel. Even as we enjoyed a weekend away from our collection of littles, we had to take the familiar precaution of having a Silent Scene.

Like many good scenes, I have no recollection of what Craig used on me. I only know that he used it to good effect. In a limited amount of time and with very little noise, he had me dissolved into a limp puddle of happiness.
Vancouver, eh? Are we there yet?
The following weekend we traipsed up the West Coast to Seattle, rented a car and drove to Vancouver to visit the 51st State, British Columbia. We visited Lizzie’s best friend from college and his wife, both kinky themselves. They walked us all over Vancouver’s hills to the point we were all too exhausted come Saturday night to head out to a local fetish/swingers club. Yes, I’ll admit: old and lame.

Regardless, Lizzie and I had time for a scene at our ultra-hipster hotel near the water. Same implements as Anaheim but just more noisy: lots of spanking and slapping, plus cane, crop and rubber rod.

The best part though, was at the start of the scene. I had brought a ruler Lizzie had been given at a party. I warmed her up with it, then, as she was ready for more, ramped up the strikes with that little foot long piece of plastic. Of course, I ramped it up a bit too much and snapped the thing. Since Lizzie and I have been together we have broken quite a few implements as well as pervertables. At some point we’re going to have to do a photo collage of all the crap we’ve snapped.

The rubber rod may be one of Lizzie’s most hated implements and I usually use it judiciously. But that scene I really let loose on her rear end until she was either going to jump out of her skin or completely break down.

Keeping a watchful eye on her progress as she tensed up to the point she was practically levitating off the bed like some sort of David Copperfield illusion or Linda Blair from The Exorcist and she begged for me to put an end to the torture (“Please, sir! Please! I can’t take any more!” We don’t use safe words.)
Our trip to Vancouver was a convoluted one. It’s significantly cheaper to fly to Seattle and travel to Vancouver than to fly into Vancouver, so we opted to rent a car and drive the 200 miles. But it wasn’t long into the trip before both of us were wondering why we hadn’t elected to take the train instead (Hint: I forgot to mention the train option until I was sick of being in the car. That was not much appreciated.)

We were visiting one of my best friends and his wife. These are the friends that suggested we go to see “Spank!” – the 50 Shades of Gray parody we enjoyed so much. We had talked about checking out some local clubs, but we got exhausted during our travels and exploration of the city.

Even with all the walking and other plans, we found the time and energy to have a scene in our hotel room. We stayed in a great hotel, but it was the family friendly sort of place that makes play rather difficult.

Craig used a number of implements on me, but the ruler was the most memorable. We’ve broken implements before, of course, but it’s still fun each time it happens. Craig paused the scene to set up a photo shot. As we laughed during the picture taking, we discussed a future blog about all the things Craig has broken on my backside.

We don’t use safe words per se, but Craig is very good at reading my body language and the slightest changes in my choice of words. I’ve no idea what I said, but Craig knew that I was nearing my limit. He took this scene right to that line before pulling me into a tight embrace.
Jersey Bound Away We Go!
We’re off again this weekend, heading to Boardwalk Badness Weekend in Atlantic City to meet up with friends, enjoy some spanking and sex and, frankly, get the opportunity to enjoy some intense, fucked-up and loud scenes. As we lamented as we were getting ready for bed last night, it’s a shame we have to fly all the way across the country to get our kink on. Once again, we are headed out for the weekend. This time, we are headed to Atlantic City for the fabulous SSNY party. We have a weekend of spanking and friends ahead, plus the wonderful opportunity to play in a hotel full of understanding spankos. Oh, the freedom!
Next week look for our complete side-by-side breakdown of events from SSNY’s Boardwalk Badness Weekend in Atlantic City!


  1. Seems like you are having a great time together, despite of all the stress that comes with moving home and the like. Wishing you lots of fun at the Boardwalk Badness Weekend! :-)

    1. Thanks, Kaelah.

      Hope to see you two at some point at some party this year.

    2. We do have a good time, Kaelah. It's one of the greatest things about our relationship - it's not just kinky sex and play (which is wonderful), we simply enjoy being together.

  2. Having to stay quiet is a bit of a bummer but it sounds like you two are experienced in creativity to still have a good time. Hope you both have a blast at BBW!