Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mountain Vacation

We enjoyed a much-needed weekend away at Yosemite. The hotel was amazing, but family-friendly. This put a bit of a damper on our play (hundred year old hotel plus adjoining room to strangers through thin, old door doesn’t instill one with confidence for making loud beating and slapping sounds), but we were able to work around those limitations to have several great scenes. We will the end.
Craig Lizzie
Lizzie asked me–a few times–while we were away on our weekend retreat, if I could do something to make her squirm all the way home on our six hour drive from Yosemite. So I mentally took stock of the implements I brought with me and set about doing a fairly “silent scene” (see previous blog HERE on that subject) with some of our, ahem, quieter implements.

I started with this silly plastic spoon Lizzie had at her home in Kansas. She kept her implements hidden from prying family visitors of the rugrat sort, then kept the implements she truly despised on an even higher shelf in her closet. I found those soon enough. Oddly, this spoon was there. I decided to use it as a “warm up.”

(Side Note: When I was a kid my parents and grandparents were big “Hee Haw” fans and I never understood the whole thing with Millie Pearl and her hat with the price tag on it. When I was awarded a small “travel cane” [my words, not the manufacturer’s] I kept the tag on it. My own odd nod to Minnie, I guess. Strangely, the spoon has the tag on it, too.)

At Craig’s request, I’ve been working on asking for what I want or need. With a long drive home ahead of us, I managed to tell Craig that I really wanted “to squirm all the way home” - that is, I wanted a really good caning to keep me squirming in my seat during the long drive.

Be careful what you wish least if you’re asking Craig for it.

He started with the goofy spoon you can see in the picture. A spanko-friend gave this to me as a gag-gift, knowing my love for wooden spoons. I never asked anyone to use the spoon, because it was just a silly gift - I’m not really a fan of attempting to “brand” an image on my butt and I didn’t think the spoon would work well. But it turns out, those holes in the spoon allow air through so that you get all the impact with very little noise.

(I honestly can’t say why the tag is still on the spoon. I don’t remember deciding to leave it on, but I obviously did just that.)
I made sure I’d adequately warmed her up, “filling in the blanks” on her skin where it wasn’t red with the handle of that ludicrous spoon. Once I had, it was on to other implements, including the travel cane.

I kept amping up the action, making sure to strike where I knew it would be most effective (effective for sitting down, that is). A few times I struck her inner thighs (something that truly gets to Lizzie, I know) as well as her pussy.

I’d once fucked Lizzie with the handle of my favorite flogger (appropriately condomed). It was super-hot and I’d wanted to do that again, so here we were, midday, in Yosemite and I decided to do the same, but with the cane. Again: hot.
After a good warm up with the spoon, Craig moved on to the caning I had requested. He started lightly, caning down my thighs and legs. But soon enough he stopped playing and started raising welts across my bottom.

When he started between my legs again, once again insisting that I spread my legs for him, I protested vaguely. But I did as I was told, even though I was reluctant to expose my inner thighs and pussy to his harder strikes. After a few of those, though, he did something unexpected.

I felt something slide inside of me and I knew immediately it was not Craig’s finger. He’d put the cane right into my wet pussy. He knows my body so well, he was able to bring me to orgasm quickly.
After Lizzie came I decided it was time for the big finish—to ensure she would be squirming all the way home on our long drive from the mountains back to Southern California.

I began striking harder and harder, giving her less time to breathe between strikes, narrowing the gap between welts. Then, I’d slowly rub it out, giving her a moment to catch up, then launch in again, raising welts while also trying to spread everything evenly to maximize her discomfort.

Sadistic bastard, aren’t I?
That was lovely, but he was far from finished with me. The worst part of orgasming mid-scene: I am so much more sensitive post-orgasm. Craig didn’t ease up, either.

He held me for a moment before he started to cane me again. I don’t know if it was my post-orgasm sensitivity or if he was striking harder, but each welt hurt so much more! He did slow down a bit, as he laid a few welts before changing sides. I’m sure you can see from the pictures how he evened me out.

And yes, I squirmed all the way home (which was a lovely distraction from that terrifying mountain road).

Before the play described above, we had another wonderful scene. This one isn’t for the typical spanko. If you are that, Fellow Kinkster, please don’t read on. If you’d like to read about our anal play and humiliation scene, please do proceed...

Full disclosure: Lizzie had been getting over a UTI, so before we left town for Yosemite I had to get clever: how could we have a really sex and kink filled weekend when I didn’t want to truly put her privates over the edge as she recovered from her UTI? An Anal Weekend! (See how smart and clever I am? That’s sarcasm).

Amongst other things, I told Lizzie to pack an old fashioned hot water bottle, hose and attachments. I wanted the scene to be hot, to be humiliating and to be difficult. I wanted to push her. She stood in the shower and I filled her up with the hot water bottle, having her hold her water while I forced her to orgasm and spanked her bottom. If she leaked she knew she’d have real hell to pay! To release, I forced her to squat over the tub’s drain, an embarrassment to be sure. This lasted for quite some time, each filling getting harder and harder for Lizzie to take.

In the end, it was an incredibly hot scene. I hugged and held her and told her what a good girl she was for taking my “punishment.” After, I was kind of in awe of the scene. For years I had fantasies—sick, twisted fantasies—that I’d never, ever, ever get to realize in my real life. Entering the lifestyle has afforded me some extraordinary experiences—kinky, fantasy-filled and incredibly rewarding as well. But with Lizzie I’ve met (as I’ve said before) my soulmate. Not just in terms of loving someone who loves me back but in terms of the compatibility of our kink. We both have the same sex drives, the same kinky fantasies and odd desires. It truly amazes me that we met sometimes.

All in all, an incredible weekend of relaxation, kink, sex, intense scenes, great food, wonderful wine, magnificent setting, rewarding conversation and fantastic camaraderie.
Our morning started as our vacation mornings tend to do - with wonderful, intimate sexuality. Now I had been training in preparation for our trip (because with all the craziness around here, we haven’t been able to indulge in as much anal play as we would like). Despite my efforts, I wasn’t up for as much play was either of us would have liked.

Craig took this rather personally, promising to punish me that afternoon. I got a delighted thrill from his words. The punishment he threatened was one we have wanted to try for awhile. We’ve worked up to this with earlier attempts with an “enema bulb” (google image search if you don’t know what I’m talking about here). Our exploration has taught us quite a bit about my body and our respective kinks - that is, each time we’ve played we’ve learned a little more about what works, what we need to adjust, and what we want to try next time. It’s been a really thrilling inquiry.

I had packed the enema bottle, as directed. We had a prolonged scene that I cannot adequately describe. Craig is in a far better position to tell the story of our more intense scenes - I tend to lose myself somewhere in there. And this was one of those scenes, despite a lack of heavy impact play. (Craig did include some spanking, regardless of the limitations imposed by our accommodations.)

It was a wonderfully intense scene. The elements added together perfectly - the anticipation, the power exchange of the scene, the wonder of aftercare. Craig gets me. He reads me very well. And perhaps best of all, we can talk about anything. Each discussion leads to a better scene, a more complete understanding of one another, and a fuller exploration of what we want and need.

It was a wonderful weekend away, just what we needed after all the craziness at home.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

An Amazing Speech

As you know from our previous entry, we attended BOLD 2013 a few weeks ago. Closing remarks were given by slave namaste, 2010 Southwest slave and 2010 International slave, who attended along with Master Obsidian, 2010 International Master. Regardless of what you may think of M/s or D/s, slave namaste has counseled women and taught about embracing submission for 20 years. She is founder and co-moderator of various lifestyle groups, including one geared specifically to those in TPE relationships. A gifted coach, public speaker and mentor, her talk at BOLD 2013 was articulate, interesting and thought provoking. We are reprinting it here with permission.

We hope you'll enjoy her words as much as we did. And we will focus on unpacking so that we can get back to writing soon!

“Enter as you wish to be in it, Exit as you wish to remain”

There is a strength in being a woman. We have the magical capability of creating, containing, multiplying and giving birth to that which could not had been unless it came through the chrysalis of the Feminine. There is a softness is being a woman, Master often says He does not understand how we can go through the world in such a state, so easily wounded, with tears that fall just as easily from joy as from sorrow. Emotions that rise to the surface unbidden, loving so fiercely even though it may cost us dearly.

There is a power in surrender. In recognizing and entrusting all of that strength and softness, and wild sacred beauty to reach its fulfillment at the feet of a Man. A power in owning the longing, and yearning, hungry passion and pleasure that is only met belonging to another – and in knowing the secret – that we are not lessened by that experience – no – in fact I am increased in a way that can only occur by that which enlivens in me a memory, an epiphany, a knowing that comes from seeing, embracing and making love to the woman I actually I am through the experience of being His. For this amazing gift...for the exquisite joy of this experience I am thankful. And I must give honor to whom honor is due – To Masculine Dominance – I would like to Celebrate you for a moment - from the Heart of the Surrendered, Feminine Divine.

Your masculinity is a gift. It is a gift to you and to me. I love it and I cherish it and what it brings to the Table. It is something worth protecting, honoring and affirming. As a man- You have skills and gifts that are different from mine- while I may not have always understood them – I honor them.

Our differences make us dynamic -a force to be reckoned with. It enables us to do things would could not do without you. I believe in you, I have faith in you. Your imperfection is what makes You touchable, reachable, knowable.

Thank you for Being an Alpha Male- Thank you for the rich depth of feeling, of doing, of Vision and Purpose that you possess. Thank you Owning the Power of Both your Masculinity and your Dominance. I appreciate you. Your sacrifice, your struggles and your steadfastness. I know it is not easy to walk the path you walk. To stand in the Office and Authority you do. I know sometimes you are uncertain of the Path or unknowing of the the greatness of your Power. That it is a great and awesome responsibility to Own another person. It is my hope that as I walk this path, whether my service call me to stand besides you, to stand back to back with you, or to walk behind you -that I am the living testament to this Truth: That You are worthy, You are Brilliant and your Dominance and Maleness are indeed not only to be accepted – but to be celebrated. May you find yourself well met in me.

To my sisters- may you leave this place in the Presence, and strength of knowing who you are. May every good and perfect gift come out of your service. May you share your Luminosity with the world. May you find the joy of living as you are purposed to live and the actualization that can only come from the acknowledgement of yourself as one of the wonders of the Universe.

To the Dominants and Masters- may you go forth in Focus and full of Light. May you embrace with Pride and Dignity your Alpha nature. May you with amazing power, Strength and Magnitude embody the Divine Masculine infinitely and magically. May you see your magnificence mirrored in the eyes of your woman.

The Divine in me bows in acknowledgement of the Divine in you – may you exit this place a you wish to remain.

~slave namaste

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Moving, But Not.

No, we aren't moving the site to another blogging platform, but we are moving our household. For weeks we've been sorting, weeding out, cleaning up, yard saleing, boxing and getting ready to go. Last weekend through Tuesday we physically moved. We are in, we have internet (which we did before we got gas, electric or water turned on in our names—we have our priorities straight!), and we're busy unpacking.

So...all that means is that we haven't had a spare moment to even think about the blog. But don't worry, we'll be back to normal with naughtiness, tawdry tales, kinkulture and more in no time. Bare with us, Fellow Kinksters!

—Craig & Lizzie