Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Holidays

Well, another Holiday Season has arrived. And with that comes shopping, errands, tasks, family, company parties and more. Around the Black & Blue Estate we do things just a little more kinkily (is that a word?). we prepare for the holidays just think about the following:

You could be stuck at the office working late, out on business trips (like me) or simply piling up emails on your Blackberry while you're stuck in snowy traffic. Here in Los Angeles, Lizzie is busy at the Black & Blue Worldwide Blog Enterprises offices answering correspondance, responding to fan email, dealing with the Christian Coalition for Inappropriate Blog Use and more.

You could be baking in the kitchen taking care of any of a dozen cooking and baking holiday-related tasks, whether it's stuffing the bird (not a euphemism) or filling pastries with cream (okay, that one is!). At the Black & Blue Test Kitchens, Lizzie keeps things interesting making her own hot treats...

Or you could be simply surfing the internet for spanking blogs. Well, Lizzie isn't going to get very far this way, but you know what? I'm certainly looking forward to unwrapping that.

From both Lizzie and I we wish all of our newfound readers, viewers and far-flung kink friends a very Happy Holiday!


  1. Happy holidays to the two of you! :-)

  2. Hope you both enjoy the holidays! Here's to a smooth 2013!

  3. Couldn't agree with you more, Lea. Happy Holidays to you too!