Friday, October 26, 2012

It Started With...

Welcome to our new side-by-side format blog. Here you’ll always find two perspectives to everything we write about: our scenes & play, our fantasies, our philosophies, our fiction. Hopefully you’ll like this unique dual blog. We hope to hear what you think.

...An Email ...A Story
My ex and I were going to go to our first spanking party, Shadow Lane’s St. Paddle’s Day party, the last one they were going to do. I got my free membership to SL and read how to meet people. Their recommendation: post a message to their board. So I did. The one and only response I got was from Lizzie. She told me about her and her husband (now her ex). We met up at SL and tried to play, but it didn’t happen. The last night of the party we did. And there was just something about it that seemed special.

Later, at Boardwalk Badness Weekend, we went to play in one of those seedy little spanking booths they have in the next room off the ballroom. Lizzie went OTK in our little space and the spanking began. For the first time of many she reached back, placed her hand against my leg so that she was in connection with me, and our scene turned into something almost transformative. By the end we both looked each other in the eyes. We knew our play was something special.

I remember when Lizzie went to Thunder in the Mountains. She didn’t have the best of weekends, feeling out of sorts and out of place at that hardcore BDSM event. I ended up talking to her on the phone, talking her off the ledge, figuratively speaking. Being her play partner, her friend, I was happy to be there for her. And with that, we knew we could trust each other and that we were always available to help one another.

After that, I wrote her a story. And that was the start of a lot more.

I had known Craig for some time, playing at parties and exchanging frequent emails. We had great chemistry when we played and we were close friends, discussing everything about the scene, our kink, our lives. We had discussed open relationships and certainly considered ourselves to be in some kind of poly-relationship, however vaguely defined at the time.

I’ve always written stories. Lots and lots of stories, truth be told. I enjoy creating characters and telling tales. I use stories to explore ideas, relationships, kinks, everything in my life. And I devour books and stories of all sorts. I’ve collaborated on stories and had stories written for me. But nothing like this.

I had gone to Thunder in the Mountains, a huge leather event in Colorado, with a girlfriend and her (now ex-)Top. We were celebrating my girlfriend’s 50th Birthday, so I stepped out of my comfort, spanking-party, zone to attend the event with her. Thunder was a mind-blowing, eye-opening event, but an even bigger change was happening in my relationship with Craig.

He wrote me a story, describing a scene we would soon play out at Shadowlane. He had taken all my preferences, all my favorite things, and combined them with desires I wasn’t even aware of until I read the story. Reading his first chapter, I dissolved into tears. The title of his email for the second chapter was “Don’t Cry.” The thought still makes me giggle.

Even as strong as my response was to that story, I had no idea where this adventure would lead me. I found my soulmate. A man’s whose journey into and through the scene eerily tracks my own journey. Someone who support me, encourages me, and won’t let me get in my own way.

I hope that we can share some of that adventure with our readers here – the thrill of building our live together, the frank discussion of the difficulties we face, the occasional backward-looking reminisce of our lives, the incredible scenes we engage in, and, of course, the stories.