Thursday, January 12, 2017

Products We'd Like to See

We go to a private annual holiday party hosted by the Monarchs, an MDHL group Craig is a member of.

Our annual holiday party is a great event each year. A group of us get together to relax, enjoy food, share in the camaraderie of other like-minded people, and have fun. There is always a white elephant gift exchange, which can get competitive and...interesting.

Last year, Lizzie and I made fake consumer products, including an "Instant Littles Kit" that had Hello Kitty stuff inside. This year, we took the packaging to the next level. Not only did we do a full box top and sides, Lizzie went so far as to organize the contents to look like consumer packaging.

We had a lot of fun with the copy on the box. The top is clear to see and read, but the sides aren't.

Here's the text from the sides of her box: My First Little playset by Playlittle® is approved by the AAD (American Association of Daddies). WARNING! Cocks may cause a choking hazard. Bratting may be subject to extreme punishment. Excessive Hello Kitty may also result in punishment. Do not place bag over head unless part of scene.
We’ve enjoyed the holiday party for several years now. I have mixed feelings about the white elephant gift exchange, though. While I can see that many people love the thrill of “stealing” gifts, such an exchange can get to be a little bit too emotionally charged for an empath like myself. But I do love coming up with an interesting, inexpensive gift - especially when that gift gets a reaction from our friends.

Last year, I filled a box with Hello Kitty craft supplies that I’d purchased at Michael’s on clearance, with a coupon. And Craig made a label for my box. This year, I wanted to take that idea a step further.

I researched the packaging of children’s toys and books for ideas. Then, I got dressed up and accessorized with a few of my Littles supplies and Craig took pictures. It took us several attempts to find the best spot to take this picture, including one memorable attempt with me sprawled outside on our back deck. Craig had to do a little work to adjust the lighting, but I love the way this picture turned out!
And here's my box (no, I don't condone rape, but I do condone consensual rape in context to a scene. So, with that behind us...):

I hope you can tell we got a lot of laughs from this. Everyone was looking, reading, passing the boxes around, and shocked that the contents inside matched. It was the perfect white elephant gift for a bunch of kinksters.

Now how will we up the ante even more next year?
Last year, we put together some unused implements and Craig created a fun label for an “Instant Dom Kit”. Again, we wanted to take that idea a step further, making it look more like a real consumer product.

We didn’t take our own pictures for his box, but he used my research to make the box fit our theme. And we made the label for the (empty) bottle of “Chloroform”.

Now, we just need to start planning for next year...

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Happy Holidays: Craig Takes Over

Hi, all! Happy Holidays to you, Fellow Kinkster. As you've undoubtedly noticed, we haven't posted in a month and a half. Lizzie had finals that completely buried her because we she came with me on three separate week-long trips over the last semester plus went back to the midwest for a family medical issue—all of which put her substantially behind in the school work.

So for the time being, I'm taking over the blog. It's me, Craig. Every once in a while one of us takes and gives you a single—not two—point of view...and I'm all over it!

I know Lizzie has an amazing bottom. I noticed it the first time we played together that weekend at Shadow Lane so very long ago. Rod Stewart (showing my age) once sang, "Every Picture Tells a Story." So here are the stories that go with these delicious photos.

If you're a regular reader you know Lizzie and I travel a fair amount. One of her favorite things is to have a rather extreme scene the day before we fly anywhere so that when she sits on the plane she really feels it. Needless to say, I like this plan. Before heading out of town for Thanksgiving last week I chose to cane Lizzie with my absolutely favorite cane, dubbed Old Hickory. The results are obvious.

While in the midst of our Thanksgiving trip I decided to keep Lizzie's sore bottom sore a little longer. On many trips I take my travel cane, a short 14" cane that fits perfectly in our luggage. I hope you enjoy the ladders as much as I enjoyed making them.

Between Lizzie's classes, my work, my/our travel, and a seemingly unending cold that Lizzie's been suffering it's been difficult for us to play. So the other night I surprised Lizzie by pulling her across my lap for a little OTK. Alright, a lot of OTK. I'm very happy with how red her bottom is here and I also particularly like the angle and light on Lizzie.

So, gratuitous naughty photos and my blog take-over: done.